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The Best Personalized Cat Bowls (2023 Reviews)

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We featured the best personalized cat bowls of the season. Our reviews will help you with some great gifting ideas of custom and personalized cat bowls for both cats and pet parents.

Gifts are meant to make someone happy but there is something special about personalized gifts that makes sure to touch the receiver’s heart. For pet parents and cat lovers, what could be better than personalized cat bowls?

Personalized cat bowls and pet bowls come in various designs, colors, and shapes while you can customize, modify, and add names and fonts as per choice. This makes them attractive and appealing to your cat with her name and cute designs printed on the bowl.

The 3 Best Personalized Cat Bowls of 2023

Since unique handmade or custom gifts are always a delight to have, we help you choose the best personalized cat bowls which are definitely appreciated and loved by cat parents across the town.

Susabellas Personalized Cat Bowls 1

Editor’s Pick:
Susabellas Personalized Cat Bowls

This best personalized cat bowl comes with two simple graphics, the cat face, and fishbone. It also has a sleek design with an attractive shape and premium quality.


Personalized Cat Bowls are a very special and unique gifting option amongst cat parents and cat lovers. Personalized bowls give you the option of customizing your pet’s bowls the way you or your cat would like them. This not only makes it look attractive and appealing but also helps your cat own a separate set of vessels for herself at your house.

Customized bowls also help in easily identifying a particular cat’s bowls especially if you have multiple cats. You can also label them as food and water bowls which will not allow you to mix up the two dishes and not contaminate the water bowl with food.

With so much that these bowls have to offer, we help you choose the best personalized cat bowls for your feline.

1. ScribblesAndSparkle Personalised Cat Food Bowl

The ScribblesandSparkle Personalised Cat Food Bowl is one of the best personalized cat bowls with simple and stylish handwriting and a smooth finish where you can add your cat’s name.

ScribblesAndSparkle Personalised Cat Food Bowl

The bowl has a very aesthetic appearance and is available in multiple font color options. You can choose your favorite color from the catalog provided or suggest your own choice of color. There are attractive font styles also available.


  • Size: Small (15 cm x 5.5 cm) and Large (18.5 x 8 cm)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Design: Ceramic Bowls with printed names and design
  • Color: White Bowl with various font color options (black, rose gold, grey, silver, gold, red, orange, purple, pink)
  • Dispatch Time: 2 weeks

The personalized bowl is available in 2 sizes and the manufacturer uses self-adhesive vinyl for printing the names. It is recommended to clean the bowls with your hands using water and mild soap.

  • Various font designs and colors to choose from
  • Durable and heavy cat bowls
  • Ceramic food bowls are very fragile
  • Requires careful washing and handling

2. Susabellas Personalized Cat Bowls

The Susabellas Personalized Cat Bowls are of premium quality and the best personalized cat bowls for your furball. The flat-faced bowls offer ease of drinking and are made of ceramic.

Susabellas Personalized Cat Bowls 1

The set of Personalized bowls makes for a great addition to your cat’s mealtime. You can order one bowl or a set of two bowls. Simply mention your kitty’s name in the checkout section and make sure to add the correct spelling.


  • Size: 4 3/4 ” x 2” (diameter x height)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Design: Ceramic Bowls with printed names and design
  • Colour: White with black printed design
  • Dispatch Time: 1-2 weeks

It gives you two design options that are the cat face or the fishbone along with your kitty’s name engraved on it. The flat and smooth surface allows in easy cleaning and convenience of feeding

  • Simple, Cute, and Attractive design options
  • Flat-faced bowl offers the convenience of feeding
  • Ceramic bowls are very fragile
  • The dispatch time is very high

3. Bespoke Ancol Stainless Steel Personalized Cat Bowls

The Bespoke Ancol Stainless Steel Cat Bowls are the best personalized cat bowls under a budget. You can customize it by laser engraving any design or your cat’s name on the food and water dish. It is made of durable and high-quality stainless steel.

Bespoke Ancol Stainless Steel Personalized Cat Bowls

It also has a bonded silicone base to prevent it from being pushed or dragged on the floor. There are 3 color options to choose from, pink, black, and green.


  • Size: 12 cm diameter
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Design: Stainless Steel Bowl with laser engraved design
  • Colour: Pink, Green, and Black
  • Dispatch Time: 1-3 days

You can personalize it by choosing the color and design option. You can also choose a particular type of font from the various options they offer. Enter the text you would like to be engraved on the bowl and make sure to check the spelling before ordering.

Get heated cat water bowls if you live in a region or go outdoors that has sub-freezing temperatures. This will help you provide warm and drinkable water throughout the day.

  • Various fonts and designs to choose from
  • Simple and basic design
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • The delivery charges for different countries are quite high

Buyer’s Guide

Personalized Cat Bowls are stylish, attractive and a great option for gifting to cat parents as well as your own cat. While there are so many styles and designs for customizing the popular cat bowls, we help you choose an ideal personalized and customized bowl for your kitty.

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How to Choose the Best Personalized Cat Bowls?

Here are a few steps that you must consider before choosing the best personalized cat bowls:


Size is a primary feature as you need to have a fair idea of your cat’s dimensions before choosing the right-sized bowl for her to use.

Ideally, the size of the bowl is one to two times larger than your cat’s size. Make sure to check your cat’s age and adult size before getting the right personalized bowl for her.

Do you know why your cat splashes water out of bowl? No! check out the complete detailed blog and know more about why your furball does this.


The material of the bowl should be lightweight, strong as well as durable. Cat parents usually prefer stainless steel bowls as they are easy to clean and long-lasting with antimicrobial properties.

Cat bowls made of ceramic and glass, on the other hand, look very attractive upon personalizing but are also very fragile and heavy.


Personalized cat bowls can be customized and designed as per your will and your cat’s preference. This includes engraving names, designs, choosing paints, shades, patterns, etc. to make it attractive and give it a personal touch.

The bowls are also structured differently for the convenience of using and keeping your house and floorings clean.

Some of the best elevated cat bowls come with a stand that can also be personalized with your pet’s name on it. This makes it look like a personal food and water station exclusively for your cat.

Set of Bowls

2 is better than one they say! Keeping a set of bowls handy is always better than having one single bowl.

You can always personalize them with your cat’s name and assign them as separate cat bowls for water and food. This helps in keeping both the bowls clean and contamination-free.

Easy to Clean

Bowls that are easy to clean and dishwasher safe are more preferred by feline parents as it provides hassle-free cleaning options.

Make sure that the paint or color used for personalization should not wear off while washing and should not harm your cat in any way.

Don’t forget to check out how often should you clean your cat’s water bowl, to learn more about cleaning the bowl & maintaining hygiene.

If you are finding difficulties in feeding and cleaning the cat bowl, then Let me help you! Do check out Automatic Cat Feeders these feeders might be very helpful to you. It will dispense the food at a scheduled time, & a select quantity. Never keep your furball hungry!


  1. Why do you need a personalized cat bowl?

    Personalized cat bowls make a perfect gift for cat owners, for your kitty’s birthday or for special moments related to your pet.

    A personalized bowl is also suitable for multi-pet households which helps you to easily identify your cat’s food and water bowls.

    The attractive designs and labels attract your pet to the bowl and encourage habitual eating and drinking from the bowl.

  2. Do cats like personalized bowls?

    Ideally, cats may not realize that a bowl is customized and personalized for them. However, if the bowl features an attractive design or pattern that amuses your cat, then she may definitely like to use the personalized bowl.

  3. Are personalized cat bowls safe?

    Personalized cat bowls are safe as long as the manufacturers don’t use harmful chemicals and paint in designing the bowl. If your cat ingests the harmful chemicals, it can cause various health issues.

  4. How much do personalized cat bowls cost?

    Personalized cat bowls can cost anywhere between $10-$40 depending upon the material, design, and the number of bowls per set.

    For a range of customized stainless steel cat bowls under a budget, you can opt for the Bespoke Ancol Stainless Steel Personalized Cat Bowls which costs around $11-$15.

    For a premium quality cat dish with customizations and color options, you can opt for the Susabellas Personalized Cat Bowls which costs around $30-$35.

    The best personalized cat bowl is the ScribblesandSparkle Personalised Cat Food Bowl which costs around $10-$15.

  5. What is the best personalized cat bowl?

    According to us, the best personalized cat bowl would be the ScribblesandSparkle Personalised Cat Food Bowl which offers various font and color customizations to choose from along with a sleek finish.

    A premium quality cat food bowl would be the Susabellas Personalized Cat Bowls which comes with a flat shape and basic yet attractive design options.

    For a budget-quality cat bowl, you can opt for the Bespoke Ancol Stainless Steel Personalized Cat Bowls which are durable and of good quality at a great price.

Final Note

Personalized cat bowls are a perfect gift material for various pet parents and cat owners. Not only as gifts but these bowls can also be personalized and labeled with your cat’s names especially if you have multiple cats in your house. This helps avoid confusion and allows your cat to have her own personal dishes and bowls.

Whether it’s your cat’s birthday or you are hosting a cat party or simply love collecting personalized accessories for your pet, our reviews on the best personalized cat bowls will help you choose the perfect gift for your feline as well as for feline lovers.