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Why Is My Cat Peeing in Her Food Bowl?

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Many pet parents have complained about their cat peeing in her food bowl. Some say it is gross, while some are worried to the core!

Well, a slight change in their life can make them go bananas! Also, cats hate sharing their things and the playtime they spend with their pet parents. So, if another cat is stealing their playtime away, they know it well to trouble their feline-friend, ah I mean feline-enemy! (Got’em!)

I have listed all the reasons why cats pees in their bowl and how you can stop them!

cat peeing in her food bowl

Why Is My Cat Peeing in Her Food Bowl?

There could be 2 reasons for your cat peeing in her food bowl. Either she has a medical problem, or she has some behavioral issues. We have narrowed down all the possible reasons why a cat pees in the water bowl.

1. Urinary Tract Problem!

Urinary tract problem is a medical problem found in cats. It is the most serious reason of all and needs immediate attention. In FLUTD, your cat’s urethra and bladder get affected, causing pain to her while urinating.

urinary tract problem in cat

If you see that your cat strains while peeing, there is blood in her pee, or has suddenly started urinating in odd locations, it is a sign that she is suffering from Urinary Tract Disease. Your cat might even start licking her groin area. If you see such signs in your cat, consult your Vet immediately.

2. Did You Just Welcome a New Cat?

If you brought a new feline into your place, it could be a reason for your cat peeing in her food bowl. Cats are prone to not like if you add a new pet in the family. They feel their love and attention are going to be divided.

It’s nothing but plain jealousy. To cope up with that jealousy, cats do such things to get your attention.

You may see the difference in the behavior like cats scratching food bowls, dive in & know more about why they do it.

3. The Fuss Is From the Stress!

Any stress in your cat can result in such behavioral issues. Even a small change in your furniture or litter box can lead to stress in cats. And to deal with that stress, they start doing some weird things like peeing in a bowl.

One reason might be the feeding schedule, if you are not feeding your cat on time then they might get stressed in hungry. You can use the automatic cat food feeder to solve the issue, perfect feeding timing & accurate quantity.

4. Do You Have a Non-Neutered Cat?

A non-neutered cat is mostly like to show behavioral issues like these. A non-neutered cat is prone to mark all her territory. They will do almost anything to mark their territory, even if they have to pee in their own food bowl.

5. Differences Between Two Cats!

If you are a parent to more than one cat, you should consider this reason behind your cat peeing in her food bowl. If there is a difference between two of your cats, there are chances that one of the fighting felines is trying to trouble the other one by peeing in the bowl.

cats fight

Well, even cats know to take revenge! (LOL!)

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6. Do You Own a Wild Cat?

Wild cat species who live near water are known to urinate in the water to hide the foul smell of their urine. If your feline has hybrid, Bengal, or wild ancestry, you must know that cat is peeing in her water bowl just because it is in her genes.

If you are having a wild cat you may have noticed that they do not chew the food, want to know why to check out “how to make cat chew food“.

7. She Might Have Problem With Litter Box!

This one is simple!

If your feline friend does not like her litter or litter box, she will find a new place to pee. She might be loving her food bowl and thus uses it as a substitute for her litter box.

It could be even because you have placed her litter box and food bowl in close proximity.

Stop Your Cat Peeing in Her Food Bowl

There is no problem in the world that can’t be solved. There are few things you can do to stop your cat to pee in the bowl. The solutions are listed right below!

stop your cat peeing in her water bowl
  • If you own more than one cat, you will first need to find out which cat is peeing in her food bowl, and to do so; you can install a webcam or a remote camera to keep an eye on them (secretly)!
  • If you have changed her litter for any reason, you need to slow down the transition speed or go back to the previous litter. Changing her litter altogether will disturb her. A slow transition will help solve the problem.
  • Try using a raised feeder and see if the action stops!
  • Always keep her litter box clean. A dirty litter box will provoke her to find a new place to pee.
  • If you see any signs of FLUTD in your furry friend, promptly take her to your Vet.
  • If there are differences between two cats, make sure you give them different toys, food bowls, litter boxes, and enough of your attention to both of them. Or if you’ve got a new cat at home, spend some extra time with your old mate and make her feel loved a little extra.

If you want to know how to select the perfect cat food bowl then know more. Also, make sure that you are providing fresh water to your cat, want to know how you can get a fresh water bowl for cats.

Well, That’s a Wrap

Once you know the reason why is your cat peeing in her food bowl, you will easily be able to solve the problem by using our tips. To begin with, you should always rule out any possibilities of medical conditions in your cat so that your cat’s life is not at any risk.

That’s it from my side; I hope this article helped you!

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