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Why Does My Cat Move Her Water Bowl?

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Want to know why does my cat move her water bowl? Read this article!

Are you tired of cleaning and soaking water spilled by your cat?

Do you want to know the root cause of it?

Do you know cats are very particular about their water level in the bowl?

So, why does my cat move her water bowl? It is because of her natural and survival instinct! They like moving water because it enhances the taste of the water. The cat moves the bowl for security purposes also!

why does my cat move her water bowl

Why Does My Cat Move Her Water Bowl?

Here we have listed five reasons to help you find out why your cat keeps knocking over the water bowl!

cat move her water bowl

1. She Likes Moving Water

Cats are good at smelling and sensing things; they can smell water too! That is, why does my cat move her water bowl! It is just her instinct.

Yes, you read it right!

When your cat moves her head down to drink water, her whiskers hit the corner of the water bowl and make her uncomfortable. Sometimes she is traumatized by looking herself in the reflection of a stainless steel bowl. Checkout how you can buy a whisker safe cat bow.

They have poor vision, and it is difficult for her to see the surface of the stagnant water. Cat moving water bowl is either because of her choice of not standing and drinking water or natural instinct.

Cats are choosy when it comes to their taste buds!

Sometimes your kitty doesn’t like the taste of the water; even though you change her water bowl, it will remain the same for her. And, your cat knocks over the water bowl to change the taste of the water.

There are many heavy cat water bowls, you can buy a heavy ceramic cat bowl to prevent the cats to move the bowl.

2. For Safety Purpose

Cat’s ancestors never drank water from a water bowl which tells us that it is in their genes to move water.

Feline ancestors don’t drink from water bowls because they don’t find it safe to drink! It is a proven fact that running water is much safer. They won’t get sick if they drink running water.

It is cat instinct that tells her that the water is contaminated and not safe to drink. That’s the reason why the cat moves the water bowls.

Running water is the best for cats! That’s the reason behind their water splashing nature!

Cats also check their water or food with the help of their paws. They want to be sure, so they move their food bowl to cross-check before eating or drinking the food.

If you own multiple cats then if the other cat has peed in the water bowl then, it might be the reason. Want to know more about the reason for cats peeing in the food bowl.

3. Location of Water Bowl

Cats are choosy; that’s the number one reason they don’t like anything you do for them. If she is not satisfied, she will move her things.

location of cat water bowl

If you have chosen a designated place for her drinking water or eating food, and if she won’t like the place, the cat keeps moving water dishes.

Mostly the cat owners keep a water dish in one corner of the room, which is not a good idea. Cat’s ancestors were wild animals; they were predator and prey both. This tells us that drinking water with the back open is against her survival instinct. Even though your cat is a domestic animal but some of her genes are still wild!

Placing water bowls in a corner may bring her to a vulnerable position. Therefore, you must offer your cat multiple locations that make her feel safe and keep it away from her litter box.

You can also try out the food dispenser for cats, these are good options to change the conventional cat food bowls.

4. To Judge the Water Level

According to a study, cats are very particular about their water level in the bowl. It is because they don’t want themselves to fall into the water accidentally.

Cat knocking over the water bowl is because of a purpose.

Cat spills water intentionally. So, that she can drink water from the floor, which is shallow and safe, she might also spill because she is trying to level down the water according to her comfort.

Know how you can select the best gravity water bowl for cats.

5. Playing With Water

Cat plays with water bowl; they love to play games and splash water.

Your cat moving her water bowl is also because he loves playing with everything. It is her nature. It is more fun for her.

You can get the best stainless steel cat dish to make a difficult task for your cat to move the cat bowl.

What Should You Do About It?

If cats move their water more often and unusually, then you must look into the matter.

stop your cat moving her bowl

Sometimes it is related to their health condition too! And, must contact your veterinarian and check for the underlying reason and treatments.

Cat in stress can lead to abnormal behavior. Her stress management may become tricky. If you overlook the exact reason them, you must seek professionals help.

You can try changing her water one time a day. Add a few ice cubes to make it cool; however, few cats might play with cubes assuming it to be a toy.

Use non-spill water bottles or get a water fountain for her. Cats prefer moving water, and a fountain-type water bowl will keep water fresh and ease your cleaning floor pain.

Here you go check out the best nonslip food bowls, to stop your cat from pushing the bowl here & there, There are different types of best cat food dishes.

Well, That’s a Wrap

The cat might feel unsafe while drinking or eating from the food bowl. They keep moving their water bowls for a purpose.

She may not like her designated water spot, or she wants to enhance water taste. Cats spilling water can also be because she likes playing with the water.

Moving their water gives her judgment of water level! There are several reasons related to it, but if you want to know, why does my cat move her water bowl? Read the above-mentioned list. It has all the details.

Also, you can give your view on this by commenting down below!

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