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Why Are My Cat Nails Splitting? Reasons and Solutions

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Cats shed their nails naturally it’s a part of their grooming session, they shed their older layer of claws so that healthy strong and sharp nails can grow.

However, the majority of the pet parents have this concern and thought in mind, why are my cat nails splitting?

To clear the clouds of doubts, we have done some footwork regarding your concern and come up with possible reasons.

Before we share our thoughts with you, just relax and calm yourself.

Now let’s get started, as you will keep on reading this blog you not only come across the reasons point but also solutions.

So take your time and dive into this information world related to your feline’s concern.

Reasons Why Cats Nails Splitting

Reasons Behind Cat Nails Splitting

In the following paragraphs, you will get an answer to your question, why are my cat nails splitting? We have done some research regarding this splitting and covered key points that can be possible reasons behind your cat nails splitting.

Let’s dive in to know about the possible reasons and get fruitful knowledge regarding why your cat’s nails are splitting.

1. Your Cat Clippers Are Blunt

Trimming your cat’s nails on a regular basis is a very good thing as you are taking utmost care of her grooming but my friend if you’re using a blunt clipper then it will not chop your kitty’s nail properly.

It will just crush your kitty’s nail and form small splinters or breaks that lead to nail splitting issues. Blunt nail clippers lead to an untidy finish and cause discomfort to your feline while walking.

your cat clippers are blunt

So it is advisable for you to use a new and sharp pair of clippers.

2. Your Cat Is Shedding the Old Nail

On an average of every two to three months, cats shed their old/regular nails naturally, so this might be one of the reasons for your cat nail splitting.

your cat is shedding the old nail

There are high tendencies while using the scratch post your feline may shed the old outer layers of their nails, so it only looks like splitting, but generally, it’s a part of the procedure where cats shed the outer layers of nails.

3. Due to Underlying Health Condition

Your cat nail splitting is normal, but excessive splitting on regular basis is not normal, and along with splitting if you find blood then it’s a hint that you should check your feline’s health condition.

Just like in humans, nails can reveal their overall health in the same way your feline’s nail can reveal about her health condition. Whether nutrients, calcium, vitamins of the body are in right proportion or not about deficiency, etc.

due to underlying health condition

Regular nail split can be one of the causes of underlying health issues which you might encounter in your feline pal.

A tip for you if you notice, signs of ill health such as bleeding along with splitting then, immediately consult the vet and get the proper diet chart for your feline so that she can recover her ill-health issue.

4. Your Kitty Have Habit of Nail Biting

Cats chew or bite their nail to remove the dead skin and sharpen their claws, but if your feline has the habit of excessively grooming her nails, then that might lead to the splitting. So, try to remove this habit and distract her mind.

your kitty have habit of nail biting

Sometimes out of stress and anxiety also they bite their nails continuously, but that can be cured once you find out the solution to their stress.

5. Cat Has Broken Her Nails

Sometimes while playing, scratching, or cuddling there are chances that her nails catch on things like a blanket, scratching posts, and longer nails are likely to break off easily.

So broken nails lead to one of the causes of your cat’s nails splitting if any minor wound is there then it will be cured easily at home by applying the medicine.

cat has broken her nails

If in case, at the time of nail splits your feline’s quick or blood vessel is affected then immediately take your cat to the vet and start medication as your feline quick is very sensitive and if it is affected deeply then there are higher chances that it may spread infection and she might suffer from severe pain.

6. Your Feline Pal Is Getting Old

Age factor can be one of the reasons for your cat nails splitting. As your feline pal is getting older, she loses interest in grooming herself, scratching her claws, even faces difficulty in using the litter box. Older cats forget to groom their nails which leads to splitting, overgrown, and discomfort while walking.

your feline pal is getting old

With time and age, as they become older, their mental and physical health becomes weaker. So as a pet parent, it’s your call to take care of her and give attention.

Solutions to Minimum the Splitting of Your Cat’s Nail

Cats naturally shed their nails, but the excessive splitting of your cat’s nails is not acceptable. To avoid this problem we have some solutions that can help to minimize the splitting of your cat’s nail.

Just keep on reading to know better.

1. Trim Your Cat’s Nail Without Splitting

Just like trimming a small baby’s nail is difficult in the same way cat’s nail trimming is also tricky, it requires patience, time and focus. You have to go step by step without splitting her nails and hurting her, the first job is to make her feel comfortable.

So that she can keep her claws on your lap or any soft surface like a blanket, then slowly take her claws in your hand and press the cat’s paw’s pad to extend the nails.

trim your cat's nail without splitting

Gently, trim her excess nails with the cat nail clipper, and make sure you, splits to a minimum portion of their nail that too firmly so that there is a low chance of splitting of nails. Once your feline pal is comfortable with you, slowly trim off the rest of the claws.

Keeping your feline pal nail short is one of the best solutions to avoid nail splitting issues.

A tip for you when you cut your cat’s nails, don’t forget to keep treats with you, it will help to keep her distracted, and smoothly you can accomplish your trimming procedure.

2. Provide Place to Scratch Her Claws

As we know cats love to scratch it gives them happiness, it’s one of the ways of communication tactics with her pet parents but do you also know that scratching helps in sharpening their nails and allow them to remove their dead skin as well as naturally shed the nails.

provide place to scratch her claws

If you provide them with any scratching post or strong cardboard box, they will love sinking their claws on it and won’t damage your household items. So provide them a place or object in which she can scratch her claws that will help in keeping her nail short and sharp and low chances of splitting up of nails.

3. Regularly Trim Your Felines Nail

Your feline grooms their nails by chewing or biting their claws, they focus on removing the older layer so that sharp underneath claws come out. So, your kitty gives her best in maintaining herself now it’s your turn to take care of her.

Regularly timing your feline’s nails will help to reduce the risk of splitting. All you need to do is change your trimming technique, take a sharp nail cutter and carefully trim your cat’s nails, add this to your routine that every week you will trim your feline’s nail.

If in case you cannot handle it properly, or you are scared that might hurt your pal then make an appointment with the vet, they will provide grooming to your kitty’s nail.


Here we would conclude our blog on why are my cat nails splitting? A gentle reminder for you that it’s natural your feline shed nails, it’s a part of the natural process of shedding, so no need to worry.

However, we have penned down the possible reasons behind your cat nail splitting on a frequent basis, as well as also covered solutions for your future help.

Furthermore, if you observe any blood along with splitting then it is recommended to immediately consult the vet as it’s quite possible that your feline quick is affected, and it may cause other infections in the body if not cured on time.


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