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[Revealed] Cat Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

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Cat sleeping positions tell a lot about how they are feeling. Felines sleep to regulate their body temperature, conserve their energy, and feel pleasure.

It is their way of communicating with their owner. Therefore, it is pretty important that you must know some common cat sleeping positions.

If your cat curls her up with all her paws and tail moving in the center direction of the chest, it means she is regulating heat and sleeping comfortably. But, there are some positions that may make your cat feel vulnerable, so let’s read this blog to know more about this.

cat sleeping positions

Know What Does Your Cat Sleeping Positions Mean

In this post, we have covered a total of 14 cat sleeping positions. You can read and know what does all cat sleeping position determines.

1. Cat Curled up in a Ball

A cat curled up sleeping position is one of the famous cat sleeping positions. It can mean different things. Well, a cat tucks her legs and her tail inside and curls up her neck in a crescent shape to feel secure.

cat curled up

Most of the wild cats use this crescent sleeping position to protect themselves from predators. As you can see in the image, she has locked all her vital organs in this.

Not only that, but when cats curl up, they maintain their body heat. If your cat is curling up, it could signify that she is attempting to keep herself warm naturally.

2. Cat Sleeping on Back

Cat Laying down on her back may seem funny to most of us, but if she is exposing her belly up, you are honored by her.

Cat’s belly up is the most unsafe position for her. So, if your cat sleeps in this position, that means she has a great relationship with you. She feels secure and protective around you.

A cat sleeping on her back indicates that she is in a relaxed mood, and she senses protection from her surrounding area.

3. Cat Loaf Position

Cat Laying like a loaf is also known as the cat sphinx position. This is the position in which cats lie on their fronts with their front paws below them. Does this remind you of a loaf of bread? Lol, I am right?

cat loaf position

But, this loaf bread cat position means that she is awake, alert, and ready for any hunting attack. If your cat’s sleeping position is like this, she is always ready in a snooze mood, which is a sign of contentment.

This position is also like the curled position, provides warmth to your cat. When the atmosphere is frosty, she may do this more frequently. If she feels too cold, you can simply get her a wonderful heated bed.

4. Cat Sleeps With Eyes Open

Know about one eye open cat sleeping positions!

Imagine a cat sleeping with eyes open, spooky, isn’t it?

Well, it may scare you, and you may end bothering it, but it is not a major thing to worry about.

According to some research, most cats sleep partially opening their eyes; it is not strange. Most commonly found in senior cats. It is a completely normal cat’s behavior, but it can also be a sign of a medical problem a few times.

If she keeps twitching her eyes while sleeping, it’s better to visit your vet. As in some cases, it can happen when she has epilepsy.

5. Cat Tucked in Bed

The next cat sleeping positions on the list is the tuck-in bed position!

Just like we love to cover ourselves inside the blanket, cats also enjoy tucking into the bed or blanket. She perceives safety while doing this. Also, a cat laying in bed determines that she needs private time to live peacefully.

cat tucked in bed

But, if your cat doesn’t do this more often, then it can also showcase that she is feeling cold. She seeks a warm bed and a blanket to snuggle. In some cases, cat tucking in the bed can mean that she can be an introvert who loves to enjoy her time all alone.

6. Cat Sitting up Pose

In the list of cat sleeping positions, cat sitting up is one of the unique sleeping postures. Well, I have seen humans sleeping in a sitting position while watching TV, but your cat can also do that by curling her tail and paws.

As you know, cat loves sleeping. They can take a nap anywhere where they feel cozy and secure. But, in this position, she will not take a nap for a long period.

7. Cat in Superman Position

Next on the list of cat sleeping positions we have superman position!

Wow, your cat can be your superman, pun intended guys, don’t get serious!

cat lying on back

By the way, your cat can actually make superman position. Thinking how? Well, when your cat lies on her stomach and extends her paws and back legs in front, she resembles just like avengers’ superman position.

Do you know what does this cat sleeping position means? It shows that she is content and calm, and she is enjoying deep sleep in this posture.

8. Cat Laying on Side

Just like us, cats also enjoy sleeping sideways.

The most popular position for most cats is to lie on one side. She enters a profound sleep state when she sleeps on its side with its paws extended out in front of it.

It is a trusting cat sleeping posture. This indicates that she feels the vibe of tranquillity in the home. This also means the string of emotional relations of her with you is stronger, and she is not scared of things nearby her.

9. Cat Sleeping Inside the Box

Cats like boxes because it guards them against the outside world. Sleeping inside a box makes her feel less vulnerable.

cat sleeping in box

The cat can easily hide when she sleeps inside the box. Which also resembles her deep feeling of a predator attacking her is no more an issue.

You can get a cardboard box for your kitty if she enjoys sleeping inside it.

10. Eyes Half Open Position

Do you know when a cat sleeps with an eye half shut, it means her one-half of the brain is only active?

If you have recently adopted a new cat, and she sleeps with eyes half-open, this means she is not able to sleep calmly. You will also notice her ears will be stretched out while sleeping in this pose.

Cats are more engaged and ready to take action when they sleep in this manner. A cat’s eye open also determines that she has trust issues, and you need to work on that part to gain her trust and offer her a pleasing environment.

11. Contortionist Position

Welcome to one of the strangest cat sleeping positions on the list!

Close your eyes, and now imagine the strangest cat sleeping positions!

cat contortionist sleeping position

Well, were you able to imagine that? When a cat stretches her legs in all possible directions and rests her head at a weird angle, it is called contortionist position.

You must be wondering how come one can feel comfortable in such an abnormal position, right? But, without a doubt, your sleepy cat does.

If she follows this sleeping position more often, then it means she is looking for love and attention. Whenever you see her in a contortionist pose, show her your all love, tell her how much you love being around her.

12. Cat Covering Eyes

Covering the face with little paws is a common feline behavior that every cat likes to do. If you witness a cat covering her eyes with paws, it is the most adorable moment.

But what does that mean to your cat? Well, it is a signboard for you that does not disturb her while sleeping. Now, she is in the mode of deep sleep and won’t accept any disturbance.

There are several meanings attach to this cat’s sleeping position. It could also indicate that she is attempting to keep her cute tiny nose warm. Or she’s attempting to keep the light out of her eyes.

Another reason could be because she gets a sense of security out of this pose. She may perceive comfort in this. Or, when she is grooming herself, she may feel sleepy, and it feels so pleasant that she does not move her paws out of her face. And end up sleeping taking this cute sleeping position.

13. Cat Sleeping With Her Owner

Cat laying with their owners while sleeping shows they like your companionship. Isn’t it one of the cute cat sleeping positions?

cats sleeping positions

Well, it also resembles that your cat may like to spend some time with you; however, they are known to enjoy their own company. But they can also feel lows few times just like us, right?

When your cat comes to share your bed with her, it means that she likes your company, warmth and wants to spend more time of her life with you. It shows she loves you and feels secure when you are around her.

Now, you completely know all cat sleeping positions and what does it mean!

Summing It All Up!

Know various cat sleeping positions and what does that in this article. Cats love to sleep, and their sleeping body language speaks for itself.

In this blog, we have researched and come with 13 various cat sleeping positions with their meaning. You can learn them and understand what your cat is saying when she does something like this.

I hope you have understood the article very well, if you have any doubt or any suggestions or tips for us, let us know below.


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