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Cat Stung by a Scorpion, What Can You Do?

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Have you ever been concerned about what happens if the cat is stung by a Scorpion?

Well, there is a piece of good news for you there are only around 30 of the estimated 1,500 scorpion types of species that are highly venomous.

But, the bad news is that the Arizona Scorpio is one of the deadly creatures which can attack and kill your furry friend almost instantly.

Well, these were just facts if she is invaded by a black Scorpio take her to the veterinarian immediately. She will face trouble in breathing, the bite site will swell up, the venom will travel through her body and she can also drool excessively.

cat stung by a scorpion

What Happens When a Cat is Bitten by a Scorpion?

It is very occasional that Scorpios will bite your cat but if your cat is stung by a Scorpion, he won’t release venom in large quantities.

They will do pre-venom means first secrete a “transparent” version of their venom which they use for defense and won’t be very harmful. But it will irritate her skin, and it will also cause localized pain followed by licking, limping, or rubbing. It will remain at least for 24 hours.

Although it is painful still your cat can deal with it won’t be a very problematic situation. But if the quantity of venom is high it can lead to serious health problems and a lot of pain in cats.

What to know about symptoms? Scroll now!

Signs and Symptoms of Scorpio Bite in Cats

If your cat is bitten by a scorpion you can detect the following symptoms. But there are higher chances that she may not show any sign as they are experts in hiding, so you have to be very careful.

symptoms of scorpion bite in cats

Basically, the venom of the Scorpio is very painful if released in large quantities. It can directly affect her nervous system. The venom of the is also called neurotoxin.

Symptoms of Scorpio Bite
Abnormal eye movements
Pain at the site of the sting
Dilated pupils
Licking or pawing at the sting site

How to Take Care of a Scorpio Bitten Cat

If you get to know that a cat stung by a scorpion action should be taken in speed to prevent future damages. The very first step is to have patience and be calm.

how to take care of a scorpion bitten cat

Then check symptoms of the Scorpio bite which we have already discussed earlier. Normally she will show signs at the starting of 10 to 15 minutes. But in case you noticed Scorpio attacking cat try to take pictures with you as a sample to show it to your vet so that he can identify the species and give your cat the right treatment.

Then immediately take her to your vet for the right treatment. Give him the brief of symptoms you saw in your cat after the bite. So that he can diagnose her properly.

Take proper care of her give her water feed her medicine on time. And, always keep an eye on her and remember never to delay.

What Are the Treatment for Scorpion Bite in Cats

If possible try to pull out the sting from the bite site with the help of a tweezer. Make sure the cat doesn’t move a lot because then venom will circulate through her body. Then use an ice pack as it will try to control the pain caused by the sting.

Also, make sure that you speak to your vet for safety before taking any action. For treating scorpion bites your vet can recommend you give diphenhydramine which is an antihistamine, in general, it is pain relief.

He can also suggest using Intravenous fluids too.

When to See Vet?

Even though it is rare that scorpion biting can be fatal for cats but still if accidentally happens then you should not take things lightly. And, must take her to the vet as soon as possible.

scrpio bite in cat treatment

It is a myth that cats are immune to scorpion venom because, if the cat has been stung in large amounts it can cause severe health problems.

Also in case, the cat gets stung by an Arizona bark scorpion, you must bring your cat to the vet as soon as possible. This is because they are lethal and if not treated on time she may die.

She will face problems in breathing, her skin will be inflamed, she may drool excessively, and can also collapse too. So, once you notice your cat is bitten by a black scorpion make sure to take her immediately to the vet.

Thus, don’t wait and take instant action.

How to Prevent Scorpion Bite in Cats?

It will be quite difficult to completely get rid of scorpion stings if you live in an area where the population of Scorpio is high. But, still, we can try to prevent it.

First, try to keep your cat and kitten indoors, make sure that your yard is always clean, and if you take her for a walk make sure to keep an eye on her so that she may not encounter any Scorpio.

Make sure to always conceal the open area of your house. Keep windows close and do not keep your door open for long as they can easily jump inside the house.

Even though cats have quite fast reflexes they can deal with insects but in case you witness your cat playing with the scorpion immediately take her away.

Maintain cleanliness and keep her bed area clean. Also, clean all corners of the house as they can easily find their way to hide.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

When a cat is stung by a Scorpion she will feel immense pain if the venom is released in a large quantity but if the Scorpio has used pre-venom it won’t cause extreme pain but still, it can cause irritation at the bite site and pain nearby the area.

During that time you have to keep your cat calm don’t let her move their body as the venom can travel throughout her body and can lead to breathlessness, seizures, and excessive drooling.

You can use a cold compress or try to remove the stinger with a tweezer and take her to the vet as soon as possible. If you want to know about this more then scroll above now.


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