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How to Keep Raccoons Out of Cat Food?

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We have listed six ways by which you will learn how to keep raccoons out of cat food.

You may find it virtually impossible to stop raccoons from eating cat food. But not anymore! In this post, we have spilled the beans just for you.

Let me tell you a few things in prior keeping raccoons away won’t be that easy, but you can give it a whirl. I am sure it will happen. But, yes, it will take time, so be prepared. You have to keep experimenting and check which method will work for you.

So, Are you ready?

how to keep raccoons out of cat food

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Cat Food?

Check out our post to know step by step process of how to keep raccoons out of cat food. If a raccoon eats cat food, you can use these six good ideas to get rid of it.

1. Invest in Raccoon Proof Cat Feeders

If you ask me how to keep raccoons out of cat food, the best solution is to invest in raccoon-proof automatic cat feeders. It has two benefits, it will help to keep your cat food fresh for a longer period, and raccoons can be ejected from your home forever.

raccoon proof cat feeder
  • You can avoid raccoons eating cat food if you purchase Sureflap – SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder it can be activated with an identification microchip or even with an RFID collar. This cat feeder makes sure food is fed by the right pet. The company offers 6 months battery life too. Once you install this you can say bye-bye to raccoons.

  • We have other options too, you can also get home Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food. You can easily pour 6.5 kibbles at a single time inside this. It is sturdy, contains a self-closing feed nozzle and a snap-lock cover to keep your cat’s food safe.

  • Try using PetSafe Healthy Pet feeding station. In this, you can set your cat’s feeding time. It allows 12 meals per day. Offers slow feeding portion which will help your cat to avoid fast eating habit plus this cat feeder is convenient in cleaning which means it saves your time too. Which makes it one of the best raccoon proof feeders.

2. Buy Raccoon Proof Cat Door

Raccoons are dangerous animals, and to keep them away from your cats. You can install a raccoon-proof cat door in your home.

This door will keep raccoons and other critters away. Raccoons can use their paws to enter the door from the opening side; therefore, make sure you get the best raccoon-proof cat door.

If you plan to purchase a raccoon-proof cat door, you can definitely take Sure Flap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Door. Once you install this, you don’t have to worry about the raccoons any more. Because it is specifically designed to keep all intruders away from your house, you can install this in windows, doors, or anywhere on the wall.

Just try to place this more than 6″ of height. Because it will be difficult for raccoons to make such a long jump, whereas it’s a piece of cake for your cat to make a 6″ jump. Ensure there are no supporting poles, woods, or objects near the door that can help raccoons catch the door easily.

Raccoons and other critters can be kept out of your home with the help of fences. It won’t be costly as a cat door.

3. Change Your Feline Friends Feeding Time

There might be chances that your cat feeding time may clash with the timings of raccoons exploring food within your location. Perhaps if this happens too often, the chances of raccoons eating cat food are higher.

change cat feeding time

You have to reschedule your cat’s routine and must pick the perfect time to feed your cat. Try to feed your feral cats, especially in the morning or at the other time of the day. Mostly try to avoid feeding in the dark as it can lower the risk of a raccoon stealing cat food.

4. Keep Food on Elevated Place

Raccoons can’t jump higher, but our cats can. So, why don’t we take advantage of our cat’s strength to deter raccoons from eating cat food?

Raccoons eating cat food from higher heights is impossible; therefore, you can keep your cat’s food bowl in an elevated space. But make sure the food place is safe. The location should be enclosed so she doesn’t fall from there.

Raccoon eating cat food can also be prevented if you purchase raccoon bait that cats won’t eat.

5. Feed Her Inside the House

Raccoons eating cat food is common. They will eat your cat food easily if it is in their access range. That is why you should feed your feline inside the house. These creatures stay outdoor, and if you feed cats outside, there are higher chances of a raccoon stealing cat food.

keep raccoons out of cat food

Feeding felines indoors may take time, but gradually they will learn soon to eat inside. Remember to cleanly remove all traces of your cat food from outside to avoid raccoons taking cat food.

6. Keep Leftovers Sealed

Raccoons love food, be it your cat food or human food; they are ready to dine in when they smell food. They can even open trash bags in search of food. Therefore, it is important that you seal all your leftovers in the bin safely.

The best is to minimize your leftover, and you can decide the quantity to feed your cat. But, if you can’t! Then you can lock the leftover and keep these little goons out of your house range.

Use an extra plastic garbage box with a lid on it. It won’t spread the smell of food outside. And, this will help you keep raccoons out of your range.

Why to Keep Raccoons Away From Cat’s Food?

You must keep raccoons away from your cat’s food because they are full of germs, and when they eat your cat’s food, they can spread germs everywhere. Well, it is not just limited to her food, but it can also spread germs all over your house.

raccoon stealing cat food

Raccoons are deadly animals that carry a variety of diseases, including rabies, which is one of them. Rabies is more likely to infect your cat if it has not been vaccinated.

Well, I have read somewhere that raccoons can attack and eat cats, and raccoons wandering nearby your house can be a threat to your pet cat.

Most of the raccoons come in search of eating cat food, and sometimes they can eat your cat too! Therefore, to prevent such accidents, you must know how to keep raccoons out of cat food.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

No one wants the presence of raccoons near their home. But, when you are a pet owner of cats and dogs, there are chances of raccoons may visit your house to check their food or to threaten them.

To avoid such mishappens, you must know how to keep raccoons out of cat food so that you can disinvite raccoons from your house.

Raccoons eating cat food can be prevented if you follow the above-listed methods. So, do give it a read. And, if you know any other tricks and tips, then do leave a comment below!


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