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What Is Corn Gluten Meal in Cat Food?

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What is corn gluten meal in cat food?

Can I feed my cat corn gluten meal or not?

Can it cause health problems for my kitty?

Please hold on! Are you also thinking, why so many corny questions, right? Many pet owners are unsure whether corn gluten meal is safe to feed to cats. However, if you read this piece, all of your silly doubts will be dispelled.

In this article, we have covered what is corn gluten meal in cat food, how it is made, and should you be feeding corn gluten meal to your cat or not!

Let’s go and solve all the corny questions now!

what is corn gluten meal in cat food

What Is Corn Gluten Meal in Cat Food?

The by-product you get after processing corn is corn gluten meal!

Corn is processed and utilized to make corn syrup and sweeteners, which pet food companies use to increase the overall protein level of their products. The corn gluten meal in cat food offers protein that is made from plants. Plus, it works great to bind the kibble in shape and keep it dry.

corn gluten meal in cat food

Corn is a cheap protein source; therefore, many companies use this in dog foods and cat foods. The real fact regarding what is corn gluten meal is that it doesn’t include real gluten. It just has corn protein. Few ingredients like wheat, oats, and barley only have real gluten.

If the principal component on the product label is cornmeal, ground corn, corn bran, or corn gluten meal, then you should definitely avoid it because it lacks essential vitamins and nutrients such as taurine. These are the most important elements for a kitty’s development.

Although it is a cheap filler component in a cat’s diet food, many brands claim that it also provides amino acids or fatty acids.

Is Corn Gluten Meal Bad for Cats?

The answer to “is corn gluten meal bad for cats” the answer is simply yes because corn gluten meal doesn’t provide the adequate protein required by our felines.

We know cats are obligate carnivores animals which means they need meat to survive. Their body requires high protein, energy, and nutrients to perform an activity and stay healthy.

is corn gluten meal bad for cats

Corn gluten meal in cat food is added to the food to boost the overall protein content. However, if you feed your cat corn gluten meal over a time period, they may develop digestive and skin problems. Corn is difficult to digest, and it takes time for even humans to do so.

Corn gluten meal has a greater carbohydrate content in cat food. Because cats have a small digestive tract, they are unable to break down carbohydrates, resulting in obesity and diabetes in many of them. Nutritional shortages, stomach aches, and skin rashes are all possible side effects!

Therefore, corn gluten meal is absolutely bad for cats!

Hold on! Please don’t miss better alternatives to corn cat foods!

Cheaper and Better Cat Food Options

If you are looking for good protein source cat food that is pocket-friendly, you can consider buying Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Food. It supplies your cat with a complete set of balanced nutrients. All of the essential vitamins and minerals are included. Because this dry cat food is high in protein, your cat will have strong muscles and strong bones.

meow mix original choice dry cat food


One can also buy Iams Proactive Health Adult Dry Food. It is a good quality cat food product. There is no filler in this product because it is made using actual salmon as the first component. Maintains your cat’s heart health, and muscle strength and offers beautiful hair and skin coat.

It is balanced in omega acids, calcium, and potassium. This dry cat food is also beneficial if you wish to keep your cat’s weight in control.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Corn gluten meals are confusing when it comes to the cat food list. Most of the time, pet powers don’t know what is corn gluten meal, whether they can feed their cats corn food or not.

Pet food manufacturers use corn to increase the overall protein level of the food. It is a cheap filler used in cat and dog foods.

In this article, corn gluten meal in cat food, we have provided you with all information. You will know if corn gluten meal is safe for cats, what is corn gluten in cat food? And many more.

If you have any doubt related to this, do leave a comment!


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