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12 Cats That Look Like Leopards (With Pictures)

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Are you a fan of kitty cats with a wild appearance?

If yes, then we have enlisted 12 cats that look like leopards!

Yes, these cats may look like wild animals but aren’t wild or aggressive in nature. They are faithful towards their human and love to play with toys.

Some of them are very costly but don’t worry we have a moderate price range of leopard-like cats too on the list! Cats like Serval, Savannah, Ocicat, Pixie-bob, and Toyger are moderate prized cats.

cats that look like leopards

Domestic Cat That Looks Like a Leopard

We have enlisted 12 cats that look like leopards. They have friendly temperaments, are loyal to their master, and can share a house with cats.

1. Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian has ticked tabby print cats whose thick spots may give them a leopard-like look. They have slim bodies and are medium-sized felines who have pointed ears and eyes like almonds.

Their legs are graceful long and oval paws and long tails. Abyssinians are ancient and antique breeds who belong 4000 years back from Egypt civilization.

house cat with spots like leopards

You will find them under the extrovert category who are ready to play all time. They need interaction otherwise they can go under stress.

These breeds are smart along with curious. Popularly known as the “clown of the cat kingdom”. They are comfortable around humans and can become a good companion.

The average price range of Abyssinian kittens will cost you $1,000 to $2,500.

2. American Bobtail

American bobtails are cats that look like leopards they have small tails and broad chests. They have large round feet. When you closely look at them, you will notice concave curves starting from their nose to brows.

They have wide base ears and eyes made of an almond shape. Their eye color changes from the color of the coat. These breeds may look wild like leopards but are kind at heart.

house cat that looks like a leopard

They are highly social and comparatively energetic. Due to their sweet and affectionate nature, they are also known as “golden retrievers” in the cat breed category. They can easily cope with any environment, and as a result, they are also considered to be great travel partners.

On average the price of these cat breeds ranges from $600 to more than $1200.

3. Bengal Cats

Bengal cats may look like a mini version of Asian leopard cats. They are an active cat breed that weighs 8-15 pounds.

They are known for their rich dense short coat and have diverse patterns in shades of brown, snow, and silver. When you stroke their fur you will feel like bunny hair.

domestic cat that looks like a leopard

The color of their eyes is in a brown shade, orange shade, green shade, and yellow shade. Their wild looks may scare you, but they aren’t wild as they look in fact they are very sweet to others and are friendly with people. If you have a kid at home they can share a great bond too. But, only if you expose them at the early stage.

They are a phenomenal hunter and has a lovely personality. It will cost you $1,500 to $3,000.

4. Cheetoh Cat

leopard looking cats

If you look at Cheetoh cats from far away you may misunderstand them for wild cats. These cats have strong muscular body can weigh up to 15-23 pounds. They have a velvety thick coat which can have spots and rosettes or both. They are less likely to shed their fur.

When Bengal cats are bred with Ocicat you will get Cheetoh cats. You will be amazed to know that they are extremely smart and can quickly grasp things you teach them. They are active and sweet in nature.

They are rare cats and therefore may cost you from $1,000 to 1,500.

5. Egyptian Mau

Mau in Egypt means cat. Egyptian Mau has a remarkable spotted coat that may look like Ocicats. They have an athletic build, have strong muscles.

Egyptian Mau’s are phenomenal jumpers, and they are considered to be the fastest amongst all other cat breeds.

leopard looking domestic cat

You may find them in six varieties of colors silver, smokey, bronze shade, deep black, caramel, and blue color. They have an “M” mark on their forehead especially found on Northern American Mau’s. They have shine in their eyes shaped like almonds and colored green.

These smart cats are very faithful to their master. They form a close bond with whom they are very close. If a stranger comes up they may take time to adjust, but later they can quickly cope.

If you love to bring them home they will cost you from $1000 to $1200.

6. Mokave Jag Cat

They are also known as Jag cats. They are a recent cat breed that was officially registered in 2005. Jag cats are developed by cross-breeding Bobcat, Jungle cats, and Asian leopard cats.

They are leopard-like cats with wild faces. Can weigh up to more than 20 pounds. They are sociable and intelligent felines.

domestic leopard looking cat

The single breeder of Jag Cats, on the other hand, carefully picks parent cats to ensure that her babies are evolved wonderful and become amazing pet cats!

They will cost you $5000 for a baby kitten and for a senior Jag cat you have to pay up to $15000, yeah, they are quite expensive.

7. Ocicat Cats

Cats that look like leopards on our list are Ocicat. They have a spectacular type of coat and a strong muscular body which can easily fit in the athletic cat’s category.

They are large in size and have a body weight of 195 pounds. Quite heavy, yeah! Their ears are triangular in shape and have oval-shaped big paws.

leopard looking cat breeds

They are found in various color ranges like cinnamon shade, pleasing lavender, chocolatey, fawn, tawny and shimmery silver.

They can easily bond with other people and can be your great companion. Ocicats are faithful to their master and if you teach them they can learn quickly. Basically, they are easy to train and are smart cats who will never deny your command.

The average price of Ocicat is $800 – $1200.

8. Pixie-Bob

They are a loyal cat breed whose chin and eyes are covered with white fur and have a pear shape. They have small to long hair coats.

They have a thick double coat that will give you a feel of wool. They may remind you of a North American Bobcat. Pixie-bob has colors like orange, fawn, and light grey.

leopard print house cat

They can be your best travel companion, have sweet nature, and can adjust with dogs too.

They will cost you from $1000 to $2500.

9. Savannah

Cats that look like leopards are Savannah. These domestic cats are a mix of Domestic cats and African Serval. They like to play in the water, which is unusual in cats. They have a unique appearance and are easy to train.

cat with leopard print

They can become 17 inches tall, and they have mixed personalities like both dogs and felines.

The cost of these cats will start from $1000 to more than $1200 it really varies from one breeder to another.

10. Serengeti

They have large eyes and raised ears their walk will remind you of a wild leopard. They are a hybrid of Bengal cat and Oriental shorthair.

leopard print cats

They are said to be related to Savannah cats but there is no DNA proof for it. They are quite friendly and less aggressive. You can interact with them, and they can share their bond with other pets too.

If you want to buy these cat breeds then it will cost you $600 – $3,500.

11. Serval Cat

Next on our list of cats that look like leopards are Serval cats. They have long legs and black spots like leopards. They were illegally traded, due to which now they are under endangered species.

cats with leopard spots

People who desire to breed leopard domestic cats should look to the endangered Serval as an example. These adorable little wildcats have large, close-set ears that make them stand out.

They aren’t very friendly but highly playful. And, have medium vocal with low shedding personality.

You have to pay $1700- $2800 for a medium-sized Serval.

12. Toyger

The last cat on our list of cats that looks like leopards is Toyger cats. They have both tiger and leopard features. Have a fierce color and bold print marking on their body.

leopard like cats

They are quite entertaining and enjoy playing with toys and at the same time love laying on the couch. They are the breeding output of Shorthair Tabby.

Depending on the quality of the breeder the price can vary from $1000 to $3500.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

We have made a list of 2 cats that look like leopards. Some cats can share space with dogs specifically if you introduce them at a stage when they are kittens.

However, some of them can’t be left alone for long, so they may need interaction. Cats like Toyer, Bengal cats, and Savannah may look like miniature versions of leopards.

Some of them are very expensive, some of them aren’t. Almost all 12 cats are friendly and can easily share bonds with humans.


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