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Do Cats Teeth Grow Back?

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The basic and short answer to do cats teeth grow back is simply no! Did you know a few animals can grow their teeth back if they lose them? But, unfortunately, cats are not included in this.

Most of the cat owners don’t know do cats’ teeth grow back or not. They think they can rejuvenate, but the truth is they don’t. They get temporary teeth that later fall out and receives their permanent teeth. Cats can’t regrow their other eternal set.

Imagine a cat without teeth so horrible, right? Therefore, if you want your kitty to have a nice set of teeth, make sure you take care of her oral hygiene.

do cats teeth grow back

Do Cats Teeth Grow Back?

Throughout life, cats have 30 teeth; when they are kittens, they have 26 teeth. Well, these permanent 30 teeth, and if they lose any, they will fail to regrow it again.

So, the answer to do cats’ teeth grow back is no!

cat without teeth

And that is why it is essential that you should pay attention and take care of your cat teeth. Overall dental care is essential. You should routinely take them to the vet and should daily brush their teeth with a toothbrush and cat toothpaste.

If your kitty losses a single tooth, well, that’s okay because she can still manage to eat her food. This also includes kibble. However, if a cat loses many teeth due to tooth decay and gum problems, then it is a matter of concern.

If your cat is stubborn and won’t let you brush her teeth, then here is the solution for you, go for dental treats. They will help to keep her gum line and teeth neat.

Other than that, you can also go for healthy dental practices like adding additives in her water. You can invest in Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Care Solution Pet Water Additive. It curbs the growth of plaque and tartar. And will keep her mouth all day fresh.

You can also feed them the right cat food like kibble and take complete care of their oral hygiene, of course under veterinary guideline so that you don’t see your cat without teeth and prevent dental damages.

Can Kittens Regrow Teeth?

Felines have temporary and permanent, which means in their life they get two sets just like us. Kittens are toothless when they are born. They obtain a few baby teeth after some time that is nearly around 2-3 weeks, and all 26 teeth after four months. Their teeth are designed for a distinct function.

do cats regrow teeth

So, cutting the chase and coming straight to the point, cats don’t grow teeth. They get another set of eternal adult teeth.

You will see baby teeth fall out at your home, and sometimes they even chew the tooth. Kittens, when losing gums, get little blood. But that’s completely fine; it’s a part of a cat’s life.

Kittens, when reaching more than 12 weeks of age they get adult teeth. And, it will stay with them entire their lives. So, make sure you take care of their teeth right from the beginning.

Even though cats don’t like the process of brushing their teeth, you must routinely brush their teeth so that you can get rid of plaque, gum problems, bad breath. By doing this, you can also stop them from losing teeth. As a result, you can reduce the chances of periodontal disease.

For your information, cats keep themselves clean, but they depend on us to clean their teeth as they can’t do it. So you must take complete care of their teeth.

Clean their teeth with enzymatic cat toothpaste to help to deter tooth decay and other dental issues, and as it comes in many flavors, your cat will also the entire brushing process.

A better hygiene practice will gift you fresh and healthy cat kisses!


Why do cat teeth grow?

Cat don’t grow teeth, but when cats are born with no teeth. After 11 weeks of age, kittens start losing their temporary teeth. And they grow a new set. These teeth are eternal, but if they lose, they won’t grow teeth again.

So, basically, they don’t grow teeth; they grow adult teeth.

Can cats regrow teeth?

When you ask, do cats regrow teeth, the answer is no, they cannot.

No, cats can’t grow teeth. They get 30 white teeth in their lifetime. They use long sharp teeth for hunting prey and others for eating and removing debris from their fur.

Therefore, it is foremost important that you must take complete care of their oral hygiene. One must regularly brush their cat’s teeth either with a toothbrush or with their finger. And, make sure to use cat toothpaste. It will remove all plaque and gum problems.

Is it bad that a cat’s teeth cannot grow back?

There is nothing good or bad about cats that can’t grow their teeth back. Just like us, felines also get 2 sets of teeth in their lifetime. When a cat loses their milk teeth, they get adult teeth.

Adult teeth are forever; if they lose any, they won’t grow it back. So, it signifies that you take care of her oral hygiene.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Cat’s teeth grow in the set. First; they get temporary teeth and later adult ones. So when someone asks you do cats’ teeth grow back, the answer is no! Because if they lose their second set, they won’t be able to grow it again.

After reading this, did you also imagine a cat without teeth? Very disturbing, right! Since cats can’t regrow their second set, it is quite necessary that you must follow teeth cleaning regime. So you don’t need to see your cat without teeth ever in your life!

If you know more about do cat teeth grow back, do comment below!


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