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Do Cats Lose Teeth? Is It Normal?

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Read our article on do cats lose teeth!

As per research and studies, almost 85 percent of cats tend to face dental problems over 6 years.

Most of the cat owners are not aware of the cat’s teeth problems. They don’t know why do cats lose teeth. A cat losing a tooth is normal only at the right age. But, if she loses it before time, then it can be because of some serious reason.

To avoid such circumstances in the coming future, we have discussed when cats lose teeth, is it normal or not, when to see a veterinarian, and how to prevent it.

do cats lose teeth

Do Cats Lose Teeth? Is It Normal?

When you ask me do cats lose teeth, the answer is yes! And, you should completely be okay with this as it is normal for cats to lose teeth but only at the right age.

The very first thing is that cats are born toothless. They grow their milk teeth (deciduous) after 2-3 weeks. They get sharp and translucent teeth which are temporary.

Felines have 26 teeth when they are kittens, and later when they turn into adults, they get 30 adult teeth. If she doesn’t face oral problems in the future, kitty chewing into old age won’t be an issue.

Feline has pretty canines, which they use to kill the prey, incisors for nibbling, and molars and premolars to churn the food.

Cats do lose their teeth as we humans do. And, a cat losing a tooth is only normal if they lose it at the right age. It is common in every feline life.

However, if they lose their other permanent set, then this is a matter of concern. It can be because of poor dental care, and at that time, you should immediately seek veterinary help.

When Do Cats Lose Their Teeth?

It is normal if kittens lose teeth when they reach 3 months of age. But, like every cat has a different body and health condition, it can vary from each individual cat. This is pretty similar to humans, isn’t it?

cat losing a tooth

Generally, if estimates and average cats lose their baby teeth when they are 6-9 months of age, you will notice your kitten will have 30 permanent adult teeth. And her baby teeth will be displaced by the adult ones.

During this time, they won’t face any sort of complications. You may see kittens’ teeth falling out on the floor of your house.

Why Do Cats Lose Teeth?

A cat losing teeth can be due to various reasons. The first cause can be dental disease, the second due to injury or infection, and the third important reason can be because of diet.

Yes, cats suffer from periodontal diseases like poor gum problems, odontoclastic resorptive, gingivitis, tooth decay, bad breath, formation of tartar and plaque. And, gum disease is one of the common feline dental ailments.

Generally, adult cats build up more plaque and tartar. If not curbed at the right time, it can lead to gum diseases lesions can lead to tooth loss.

We are listing a few symptoms that can help you know she is suffering from oral disease and avoid cat loose teeth.

  • Avoid eating
  • Bad breath (also signifies the presence of abscessed tooth)
  • Drooling excessively
  • Weight loss
  • Won’t open and close his mouth
  • Sore gums
  • Gum bleeding

If you delay these signs, it can lead to severe conditions, and in serious cases, a vet may ask for extraction of a broken or abscessed tooth which is immensely painful. Sometimes this can also cause your feline friend heart disease.

Therefore, as per the saying, prevention is better than cure! Make sure you follow that same for your kitty and give her relief.

If your cat loses teeth read the next section on how to get rid of cats’ teeth fall out!

How to Prevent Cat From Losing Teeth?

cats teeth falling out

If your cats teeth falling out, you can prevent it by following measures.

  • Go for professional teeth cleaning
  • Make her feed kibble/dry food it removes all bacterial plaque and assist to keep her gums healthy (However most people believe that it doesn’t clean a cat’s teeth)
  • A vet may suggest using cat toothpaste and brush and use day to day (Tip: Never ever use human toothpaste on cats’ teeth)
  • It is better you start cleaning feline teeth right from the beginning

Use the above measure and take care to avoid the chances of your cat losing a tooth! Hence, follow this regime for betterment.

When to Meet the Vet?

Ideally, almost all cats suffer from dental problems when they reach after 3 years. It might be tricky to detect feline tooth problems because they don’t express their dental ailments, and they lose a tooth due to this.

Also, their teeth don’t get spoil from the top of the teeth. It starts to rot from the neck of the gum line, so it may become quite difficult to know the inflammation of the gums.

So, before the kitten loses teeth keep an overall check on her dental hygiene. If she is licking unreasonably, drooling, or if she is unable to close her mouth and jaw is hanging all the time, or you see discolored teeth, then you must immediately take her to a feline health center or your vet because there are high chances of your cat losing tooth there.

Summing It All Up!

A cat losing a tooth may seem normal to a lot of pet owners, but it is not if she loses her milk teeth before age. There are many reasons for a cat losing a tooth such as dental disease, periodontal diseases, or tartar/plague build-up.

In this article, do cats lose teeth, we have curated how to prevent a cat from losing a tooth, when and why do cats lose teeth.

If you love our article, so pin it and share it with other cat owners. Also, if you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comment section below.


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