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[Revealed] Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose?

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If it makes you ponder why does my cat lick my nose, we are here for you!

Is it upsetting when your cat licks your nose? And, does this behavior of your kitty confuse you?

We will explain to you why she does it. In this article, we have covered 12 reasons why she licks your nose.

Cat licking nose can be a sign of affection, or she is simply trying to taste your salty skin, or maybe she wants you to tell play with her.

Let’s cut the chase, and let’s get started!

why does my cat lick my nose

Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose?

A cat licking nose is a way of communication. She is attempting to communicate with you by licking your nose. It might show affection, demand attention, or indicate that she is tense. Therefore, read the following pointers to learn about many explanations why my cat licks my nose.

1. Cat Wants to Make Bond With You

Cat licking face or nose determines that now they can be friends with you!

Cat licking nose is a kind of social bonding. When a cat licks your face, she’s attempting to form a bond with you. Have you ever seen mother cats licking their kittens? When a cat licks another cat, it is a sign that their attachment is strong. They also pass on their scent, making them feel protected in their presence.

2. She Is Taking Care of You

A cat mother licks her kitten not just to groom her but also to nurse her, transfer her odor, and teach her. This indicates that she cares for her kittens. Likewise, kittens receive things from their mommy and follow them.

If your cat licks nose or face of yours, she is displaying her care to you. It is a message that feels you are their kitten.

3. Trying to Taste Your Skin

As you know, our skin precipitates sweat, and it has a naturally salty taste. Well, if it doesn’t gross you out, you can lick your skin and know now! Haha, it’s up to you guys.

cat licking nose

But the salty taste of your skin makes your feline go bananas! She enjoys the salty flavor of your skin and will lick you repetitively.

Think back if you have had some chicken in the lunch or have washed your face with any organic fruit face wash. If yes, then your cat licking your face or nose is quite normal. You can relax there is nothing to bother about!

4. Cat Licking Nose in Search of Attention

What does it mean when a cat licks your nose?

If you have been busy watching a movie and have not called your cat even for a single time for straight 2 hours, then your cat will lick your nose to seek attention.

Cats are smart and know if they lick your hand or other parts, you won’t pay much attention. That’s why to block your view; she will climb your body to lick your nose and asking you to cuddle her and pay some attention towards her.

5. She Wants to Keep You Tidy

My cat licks my nose most of the time because she thinks I am dirty!

Well, you may have witnessed cats grooming themselves all day long by licking from up to down. The cat licks other cats also to groom them. For her, it is her routine, and when she believes you aren’t clean enough, she will clean your body by licking it. Also, keep your nose clean by licking it.

You are now part of a cat grooming team, haha!

6. Cat Licking Nose to Show Her Love

If you wonder what does it mean when a cat licks your face. Well, that’s because cats show affection by doing this. It resembles a close connection between you are her.

cat licks nose to show love

Just like we pat them or stroke them. They express affection by using their nose to kiss us.

Cat’s don’t lick anyone they are known to enjoy their company doesn’t like to share bonds with anyone. But, if she licks your nose or you, that means your kitty loves you.

I know when a cat licks your hand or face, it’s slightly painful as her tongue feels a bit rough, but love without pain is not possible, right! I am just kidding; guys, chill.

7. Cat Licking Nose to Make Her Territory

Marking territory is a natural and common cat behavior. They mark their area to tell other cats they own this piece. As you know, cats have secret glands in their paw by which they transfer their fragrance. So, they will keep rubbing their paws against the things they own.

Similarly, cats climb on you and lick you to show that you are their hooman. This will occur more if you have many cats at home.

So, next time when your cat does this, you know the reason why do cats lick your face!

8. It Give Her Soothing Sensation

When a cat grooms herself by licking, it gives her a sense of pleasure. It is soothing for her, and that’s the reason why almost every cat groom spends most of the time grooming.

Well, this can answer why do cats lick your nose. They lick their owner because it soothes them.

9. Check Is She Hurt or Stressed?

If you find your cat compulsively licking you, then it could be a sign of trouble. Whether they are anxious or stressed, they will lick their hooman.

cat is hurt

A cat tends to lick a lot when she is in pain or tense. It is not necessary they will lick you only. When she is hurt, she will excessively lick anything, be it her toys, objects, furniture, or carpet.

They do this to release their stress and stimulate their mind. When she is in tension, she will lick her owner’s nose so that you notice her and look upon her. During this time, distract your cat, keep her happy, spend some time with her.

You can also visit your vet to look at the cause of the problem.

10. You Are Her Family

We have already told you that cats don’t bond easily. And, cat licking someone is a form of love in the cat’s language.

When your kitty licks you, it means they adore you. Cat enjoys the feeling of comfortable around you and accepts their hooman as a part of their family.

If she licks your nose, it is a big compliment from her side to you!

11. When She Feels Playful

Nose licking behavior in cats occurs more often when they are in a mood for playing.

If you think that when cats are playful, they will only jump and run, you are wrong. When a cat feels like playing, she will follow you and lick your body to indicate that she wants playtime.

They may even try different angles to lick your nose! Quite creative, isn’t it?

12. Kittens Habits

The last reason on the list why does my cat lick my nose is because of kitten habits!

Kitten gets habits from their mommy cat. As mentioned above, mommy cat licks their kitten to nurse them, groom them, show they love them by doing this.

So, when a baby cat is grown up, she develops this habit. And, to you, their family is you. Therefore, your cat’s habit of licking your nose will occur.

How to Stop Your Cat Licking Your Nose?

stop your cat licking your nose

My cats enjoy licking my nose. Most of the time, she licks my hand and face. But If you don’t like giving your nose, there are few things that can be done to distract her attention and tell her that she should stop licking your nose!

Things that you can try to stop your cat from licking the nose are mentioned below!

  • We all know that when a cat wants to play with you or is overly energetic, she will approach you and lick your nose. At that point, you may either run away or offer her with plenty of toys, so she can utilize her energy.

  • Cats love ticking our nose but if it grosses you out you can use loud noise to keep her away. Put some coin in a steel can, and you can play its sound loud whenever she tries to lick your nose.

  • Another easy way is to simply spray water on her. Cat’s hate to get wet and this can help you to keep her away from your nose.

  • Remember you don’t have to avoid her, your cat loves you and by licking your nose she is trying to pass a message to you. So, try to redirect her way of communication. When she tries to lick your nose slightly move her head and place her on the ground.

  • Never ever use rough negative reinforcement tactics like punishment or scolding. Always try positive ways. When she comes to you give her a cuddle and distract her from doing licking things. Teach her other ways to communicate with you.

Cheers! Now you completely know why does my cat lick my nose and how it can be stopped!

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Your cat licking nose is a gesture that shows she loves you, she accepts you as her family member, she is returning your favor or feels safe around you.

In this article, we have listed several reasons why does my cat lick my nose. And, some humans don’t like their cat licking the nose so, we have also mentioned how to get your cat to quit licking your nose. You can follow the tricks and divert her attention.

Well, that’s all for now. But, if you like our article, do share it with other cat owners and comment down below on your experience with your cat.


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