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Cat Fangs: Why Do Some Cats Have Long Fangs?

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Know all about Cat fangs here!

Fangs in animals are transformed teeth that aids in tearing flesh and offer better grip while holding animals. It is developed over time as a fearsome weapon that they employ to assert dominance and hunt prey.

Like snakes, sharks felines also have cat fangs. They also use that for the same purpose, but sometimes cats with long fangs may bother most cat owners, and they may be concerned about it.

If you are also one of them, then this article is for you. In this, we have covered why cats have long fangs and how to help a cat with long fangs.

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Why Do Some Cats Have Long Fangs?

Before we proceed to know why cats have long fangs, you should know a few things related to cat canine tooth structure. It will help you to understand things much better.

So, let’s get started. Generally, an ordinary cat’s fangs occur first in her mouth other than tiny front teeth. They use their sharp-pointed canines to kill the prey. It helps them to hold the prey tightly and cut and bring blood out of their body.

cat with long fangs

Normally cats’ fangs may not be visible as they are tiny, and you could possibly see those when she yawns. It is important that her canines are strong and away from all dental problems. Because if she feels any sought or pain in her fangs, she won’t be able to kill the fleshy animals. So, make sure to take care of her fangs and oral care.

Ideally, cat fangs stop developing at a specific age, but if you see cats with long fangs, this could be because of a malformation.

Cat’s Teeth Malformation

The sole reason for cats with long fangs is because of lack of formation in cat teeth. This may pass because of the cat’s ancestors. It can be a genetic issue. As you know, cat’s ancestors were wilds, and they hunt food to fill their hunger, and as a result, they had long fangs. And due to this, some cats may have longs fangs.

Cats get their longs fangs as a gift from their ancestor’s genes.

Don’t worry; you have domesticated cats with long fangs. You can adjust her fangs with braces; it will adjust her teeth. Basically, it helps to adjust her longer canines to remain in the right shape and size.

And, in case your vampire cats’ fangs fall out, there is no harm. She can still manage to eat her food with the rest of her teeth. Obviously, that doesn’t mean we should not take her of fangs right!

If the overall behavior of cats with fangs is normal, then it won’t be a matter of concern, but in case her canines fall out before a certain period, then you must take care. You can visit a veterinarian if you are concern about your big cat’s teeth situation.

How to Help Cats With Long Fangs?

Sometimes a cat with fangs may face dental problems, and some feel uncomfortable, so to make your cat with long teeth feel comfy, use the listed below things.

chew toys for cat with fangs

1. Feed Her Wet Cat Food

If a cat canine teeth too long, and she finds it difficult to consume her food. Then you have to switch to the right kind of cat food.

A cat with long fangs may be fine if she lives in the forest, but for a pet cat eating kibbles will be difficult. So, you have to make her feed wet food. It will help her to eat her food without hurting herself.

2. Buy Chew Toys

Cat, when playing with chew toys, it helps them to keep cat fangs strong. This is because a chew toy will be softer and don’t put a lot of tension on cat fangs.

3. Clean Cat Fangs Daily

Because longer cat fangs are out of their mouth, it has a higher chance of getting dental problems. It can damage their teeth and trap bacteria; as a result, you should brush your cat’s teeth and take care of dental hygiene.

Use an enzymatic cat-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning all germs and bacteria causing dental problems. It will aid to keep cat fangs stay healthy for a long time.

4. Try Scratch Post

A cat scratching post helps your cat to keep her itchiness in control. It is an itchy spot relief. You know cats not just use claws but also mouth things to a lot of stuff. So, if they do mouthing against a less hard surface, it will not let her teeth fall apart. Ropes are softer, and when a cat bites against a soft surface while playing, it will not break her fangs.


Why do my cat fangs stick out?

If your cat’s fangs stick out, it is because of a malformation of the teeth. There is nothing odd and wrong with it.

The majority of the time, cats’ fangs cease growing after a certain age, but if they have grown longer, it is primarily due to genetic abnormalities. And, your vet may advise you to use braces to adjust the fangs of your cat.

Why do some cats have fangs?

Most people think cats are omnivorous animals, but no, they are not. Cats are full-fledged carnivorous. They survive on meat. This means they need flesh to eat all time; therefore, they hunt to keep their hunger away.

Cat fangs come into use when they go hunting prey. They need those sharp needle-like teeth to kill the prey immediately and to get the grip for holding.

Do cats have fangs?

Yes, cats do have fangs which are called canines, located right in front of feline’s mouths. They use those to cut flesh and kill their prey. It aids in killing them on the spot and gives her a grip to hold the prey.

Do cats lose their fangs?

Few kitties don’t lose their milk teeth, and this condition is called retained deciduous teeth. It affects the cat’s canines, also known as cat fangs. And, after some time cat will have two fangs. If not taken care they can lose their fangs due to injury or dental problems.

Which cat breed has vampire cat fangs?

A black cat with long fangs may resemble you as a vampire. Well, most black feline friends with Asian heritage have longer fangs.

The Nebelung cat breed has vampire fangs. They have a long body, green-green eyes, and thick and long fur.

At what age do felines lose their fangs?

Generally, the average cat loses their first set of teeth when they are nearly around 4 or 7 months old. A kitten may lose teeth while playing or while eating her meal. You may see a tooth fallen out on your floor. Sometimes they even gulp down their teeth while eating.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

It may bother you if you have cats with long fangs. But let me tell you there is nothing odd and wrong, you should not be worried about. Cat fangs are part of their body system. It grows just like milk and permanent teeth. In case you have a cat with long fangs, it determines malformation.

This malformation is the main reason why do cats have long fangs, which is due to genetic problems. Along with that, we have also discussed, how to help cats with long fangs, why do they have fangs, and do fangs remain for a lifetime or not.


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