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25 Fun Things to Do With Your Cat

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Are you and your cat bored at home? Don’t know what to do together? Well, here are 25 amazing fun things to do with your cat.

Play with your cat is the viral aspect of their care, similar to keeping them well-fed and providing a comfortable place to sleep.

Without play and engagement, your cat may suffer from stress and anxiety. Additionally, we suggest that you schedule games and ensure to follow daily.

You can use a cardboard box to make a maze, simply watch YouTube videos, or play a fetch and chase game.

25 fun things to do with cats

What Fun Activities You Can Do With Indoor Cats?

We have listed the amazing 18 fun things to do with your cat indoors. You can dance with her, brush her fur, play with a ball, and give her cat toys.

Build a house for her to have sunbathed, you can make some healthy homemade treats with her, and most interesting use an app that translates human language to your cat.

1. Don’t Throw Cardboard Boxes!

Something as simple as an empty card box can be one of the best games to entertain your cat and kittens at home. Within heights endless possibilities you can leave it within their reach for them to decide when to go inside and okay alternatively leave toys or treats inside to encourage them.

And associate the box with positive stimuli. If you want to make it entertaining and fun then you can use multiple boxes and make a maze for her. Do it by creating different openings and joining boxes between them. Don’t miss adding treats in the maze to guide them and motivate them to move inside.

2. Get a Kong Toy

The next fun thing to do with cats is to make a Kong toy.

The famous Kong toy is a food dispenser that is used to entertain our animals when we are not around. It is very effective in treating separation anxiety.

All we need to do is to put dry cat food inside the hole design and give it to your kitty. In this way, we can keep them happy as well as stimulate their cognition as they try to get what’s inside. Isn’t it an interesting way of feeding your cat?

3. Let’s Play Hunting Game

Cats’ ancestors belong to the wilds they were predators, so they love hunting, and chasing prey.

So, we need to address this need if we want to reduce the chances of chasing prey at home. We can find a toy called a fishing rod which has various colors and accessories often with feathers toys mice or other lures on the end.

These lures act like prey and capture the cat’s attention. So, get one for your feline and enjoy bonding with them as you play together. Remember to let them capture that every once in a while, so they do not get frustrated.

4. Get Scratcher With Several Layers and Toys

activities for indoor cats

We know how much your cat loves to scratch right! So, a scratcher can do this and offer fun. A traditional one-sided scratcher will provide much engagement. But, a multi-leveled scratcher with various toys attached can keep the cat entertained for hours.

5. Find the Ball Game

Searching and fetching a ball is not just a dog game. Cats can also enjoy it if you teach them. Just throw her favorite ball and says search to associate the act of searching with the order and reward it when they get it. Keep repeating and then later you can stop rewards.

6. Check Cat App Game, It Works Great

There are many apps on the play store that are specially made for cats. They have made cat games. Games like Friskies CatFishing 2, Paint For Cats, and Cat Alone are specially built for your feline friend.

They cannot play it alone of course they do need your support. However, also make sure that you speak to your vet before playing as phone brightness may harm a pet’s eyes.

7. Go Natural Use Catnip

Catnip is a herb that has benefits it helps to soothe your cat. It is cat friendly she can even consume it but in small quantities.

fun activities to do with cats

It is effective your cat will spring into action. You can buy catnip toys and make some stuffed catnip treats too!

8. DIY Cat Tree

Another fun thing to do with the cats is to make your own cat tree.

Cats love jumping from heights they love climbing, rolling, and playing. So, you can buy a cat tree or simply make a tree at home for them to play and roll.

9. Play With Laser Pointer Toy

Toy shaped in paw with pointed LED lights. The light sensor moves and your cat will be allured by it and will run after it. It’s super fun!

She will try to catch the light remember to allow your cat to catch that red dot otherwise she will feel aggressive and frustrated.

10. Surprise Her With New Cat Friend

things to do with cats

You can bring a cat pet for your cat to get her company. She can play with her and become a family.

11. Play Hide and Seek

Your cat will surely love playing the peekaboo game with you. All you have to do is try to hide in front of her and when she catches you say peekaboo. It will entice her and figure out how to play this.

12. Sleep With Her

Cat enjoys sleeping they sleep 16 hours in general. You can increase your bond and sometimes can sleep with your cat.

13. Make Her Viral

Cat videos are the most searched video on the internet. People enjoy watching online cat reels and cat memes.

You can also try making some Instagram reel for your feline friend and if you get viral you can earn from that too!

14. Hang Her Toys on Door Handle

Your little jumping queen will love playing if you put her toy on the door handle. You can engage her even if you are not at home.

15. Train Her to Give a High-Five to You

Fun things to do with your cats is to teach your feline friend to give you a high-five.

16. Groom Your Cat

Give your a cat grooming session. Pamper her, clean her teeth, trim her nails and give her a bubble bath.

fun cat activities

17. Give Party to Your Cat

You can throw a party and invite her feline friends to your place. Make some amazing meat dishes, and fish meals for your kitty and her friends.

18. Dance With Your Cat

Play some music on Alexa and enjoy a dancing session with your cat. You can even vlog her dancing activity.

What Playful Activities You Can Do With Outdoor Cats?

Here are some fun things to do with your cat outdoors. You can train her how to walk on a leash, blow bubbles made of catnip, plan some catnip in your garden, or teach her tricks with the help of a clicker.

1. Train Her to Walk On Leash

Use positive reinforcement tricks to make them learn how to walk on a leash.

2. Use Clicker

Safely teach some tricks with the help of a clicker to bring some change in her behavior. You can teach them commands like up, down, sit, stay with a clicker.

3. Plan a Road Trip

Make your cat travel partner. Take her on trips and hit the roadways. But, if your cat has travel anxiety then maybe you should simply skip this plan!

4. Build a Cat House

Why not do some DIY and make a cat house where she can sunbathe and play inside. Isn’t it a good idea right?

5. Grow Cat-Friendly Garden

Instead of purchasing catnip why not try planting some of them in your own backyard area? Your cat will go nuts.

6. Blow Bubbles Infused With Catnip

Bubbles infused with catnip are mind-blowing, it helps your cat calm down. Catnip has nepetalactone which acts as a natural sedative for felines.

amazing things to do with cats

You can use catnip-infused bubbles for an amazing and interactive play session. It boosts her mood and curbs all stress and anxiety.

7. Play Pin Pongs Games

One of the fun things to do with your cats is to get a ping pong ball.

Pin pongs are thrilling. When you give your cat a jumping ping pong she will surely enjoy playing with it.


We have curated 24 amazing fun things to do with your cat. It will help to make your cat and your relationship stronger.

If you are single and cannot spend major time with your cat don’t worry we have added games and activities which won’t require your presence too.

You can build a cat tent with an old tee or teach your cat housebreaking training, plan a bubble bath and make her do exercise.

You can get a food puzzle to hide treats, it will entice them and give them satisfaction. If you loved our article make sure to share it with other cat owners too!


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