Can Cats See Ghosts, Spirits, and the Supernatural?

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On the weekend night, you are relaxing with your feline pal, enjoying a breezy night and playing with her. Showering all the love, which you cannot give her due to your work commitments.

At the very next minute, your feline is distracted by the blank wall. You also gave a look but couldn’t find anything on the wall, but on the other hand, your kitty is still gazing at the wall.

As per mythological facts, some people claim that cats can sense evil spirits.

No worry, let’s take a look at the facts regarding can cat see ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural? Let’s dive in to get insight pieces of information.

Can Cats See Ghosts Spirits Supernatural

Can Cats Really See Ghosts or Spirit?

There is no actual proof or evidence that proves the existence of ghosts and spirits. However, there are some unusual circumstances that put us in a dilemma that something is fishy.

Unfortunately, we can never come to one conclusion that whether ghosts/spirit worlds actually exist or it’s just our imagination.

can cats really see ghosts or spirit

Furthermore, we cannot deny the fact that your feline has strong senses. They can observe unseen things, and vibes that we humans cannot even imagine.

Your kitty can hear six to eight times better than we can, and she can even detect the smallest changes.

However, she can even sense when her pet owner is arriving or something bothering them.
Such telepathic traits, make it believe that she has powers to sense.

Cats Behave Strangely When They Sense Unusual Aura

If we look at it from a facts point of view. We cannot deny, your feline can sense spiritual vibes, certain vibrations. Which is not possible for any normal human to sense.

In addition, they can even sense negativity. If she is around someone and gets negative vibes. Then there are chances that your feline will prefer to stay away from that person.

cats behave strangely when they sense unusual aura

For instance, your feline can see ultraviolet light, which allows them to see things that are not detectable by humans.

However, a paranormal investigator uses ultraviolet light to detect the spirits. So, it is possible, that there is some theory behind your feline seeing through ultraviolet light.

Your feline also has the power of hearing a much higher frequency than we can.

There are chances when your kitty is cocking her head to one side, she might be trying to listen to something. Which humans cannot notice it.

Cats and Paranormal Activity

As per the survey, it has been observed that many pet parents claim that they have found their feline pal gazing on a wall or a particular object.

cats and paranormal activity

In addition, they also claim that sometimes their cat suddenly stares at stairs for long period and after that tries to fight something off their face.

Furthermore, they behave creepily or strangely when they are around a negative aura.

In such a scenario, they will just stand still and do not give any reaction. Then after a moment or two, they will go right back to licking their body.

Such traits grab pet parents’ attention, and they tend to believe their feline can sense ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural.

How to Make Your Kitty Comfortable When She Behaves Strangely?

As human beings, we understand that there is no existence of ghosts, spirits. But it is important for you to realize that your feline pal is not aware of those facts.

cats and paranormal activity

You must have noticed, that many times at night your feline pal would have stopped and stared at the wall.

To determine that whether there is someone or not are they are in danger.

In such a situation, it’s your responsibility to reassure your feline pal that nothing is there and no one will harm her. When she starts vocalizing to give you the clue, that she needs your help and rescue her from this danger.

Furthermore, you can switch on the lights to show her that no one is there, and she is safe with you. Try to sleep in the same room so that she won’t wake up again in the middle of the night.

Are Cats Afraid of Spirits?

According to the mythology facts, it has been said that felines are blessed with the power that defends against evil spirits.

are cats afraid of spirits

It has also been observed that felines behave creepily when they are surrounded by evil or negative presence.

As per studies, it states that felines can easily sense their beloved one’s feelings and can predict the future.

They can warn you if anything bad is going to happen, she may not completely protect you but can give warning signals.


Well, it’s difficult to pass a statement regarding the existence of ghosts, spirits. All we can say is that as per human’s point of view, we, generally, don’t believe in it.

But there are some unusual situations which keep us in dilemma. If we think from your feline’s perspective. We can’t deny the fact, that she has the power to see or hear things that are not possible for normal humans to sense.

She can sense negativity, and her behavior changes rapidly. When she is around such a negative aura. Hopefully, you liked reading our blog. Can cats see ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural?

Please share your experience with us. If you have also caught your feline doing unusual behavior at night.


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