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Korat Cat vs Russian Blue — Who’s Better? (With Pictures)

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Are you wondering to adopt a cat for your family, and you are really confused between Korat cat and Russian?

Well, no worries with CatLovesBest you’ll get a brief idea of which cat is suitable for you. We have provided a brief on Korat cat vs Russian Blue that will help you in choosing a pet as per your requirement.

Both cats may look similar at a first glance but both of them are different. Their heights are different they have a beautiful pair of emerald green eyes and have a different life span.

One is a bit shy, the other is friendly. Korats are considered to bring good luck in Thailand. Russian cats tend to have a double coat and are social in nature.

korat cat vs russian cat

Korat Cat vs Russian Blue Comparison Chart

FactorsKorat CatRussian Blue
Lifespan10 – 15 years15-20 years
Height15-18 inches23-25 inches
Weight6-10 pounds7-12 pounds
Activity level30 mins per day30 mins per day
AffectionAffectionateCaring, neurotic, shy
VocalnessWhen necessaryFrequent
Minimal grooming
Can stay alone
Can gain weight
Minimal grooming

Main Differences Between Korat Cat and Russian Blue

korat cat vs russian blue cat

At a single glance, you may think Korats cats and Russian cats are the same. But, the fact is no, these both cat breeds are different. Russian cats are longer in height and are heavyweight if compare to Korat cats.

Russian cats don’t face separation anxiety, and they are frequently vocal. They are calm and shy and have a blue or gray color hair coat.

1. Appearance and Personality

You will see Korat cats in single blue color with silver-tipped fur. They are generally in the small size to medium size category. You won’t find them fatty and their ears are in a forward-facing direction. Their eyes are green in color.

They are known to have five hearts yes, this is because they have a heart-shaped face which is visible from front and top. They also have a heart-shaped nose and a heart shape muscular chest in between the shoulder.

Russian blue cats are generally medium in size. They tend to have a thick and short single coat which is static and gives them a large appearance which is not actually true. When you glide hands in their fur you will feel a soft and silky texture. They have a charcoal grey color coat with tips light silver in color.

They have dense coats because of their survival habitat, it helps to keep them warm on cold frosty days. They are considered hypoallergenic cats because they don’t shed much and have a low density of feline allergens.

Fun fact: Russian blue felines can change their eyes colors. This means you can see the hue, yellow, and green colors of their eyes from time to time.

Blue color eventually fades away and turns into yellow or golden color. Later when they cross four months their eyes turn in yellow color, and you will also see green rings around them.

Once they are fully grown and reach adulthood they will have green eyes. Russian blue cats’ weights typically range from 7 to 12 pounds and their height will be 10 inches.

2. Health and Grooming

Korat cats are healthy cat breeds but in rare conditions, they are likely to be affected by GM1 and GM2 gangliosidosis. The GM1 and GM2 is hereditary disorder that tends to ruin nerve cells that are neurons and the spinal cord.

These cats are delicate and cannot deal with anesthesia because of the low fats in their body. Therefore, it is mandatory to always cross-check medicine reactions on them and that’s why you must speak to the vet before any treatment.

If you are among those people who don’t have much time for grooming then Korat cats are the best choice for you. They don’t shed much so if you comb their fur one time in a week it will do. You must clean their ears and teeth regularly.

Russian blue cats are prone to suffer from obesity, therefore, you have to manage their food. You must offer them high-quality food.

They can also be affected by progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) in this they may not able to see partially in the initial stage, and later it can lead to full blindness.

Russian blue is also prone to suffer from PKD that is polycystic kidney disease. Under this condition, their kidney will have multiple cysts. These are pockets of fluids.

Russian blues felines are considered to be low-maintenance cats. They don’t shed fur a lot plus if you clean them one time a week it works.

You have to brush their fur once a week to prevent mats and must clean their eyes and ears also don’t forget to trim their nails too.

3. Temperament and Behavior

korat cat and russian blue cat breed difference

Korat cats are intelligent they can become part of your family. You will find them always calm and composed. They prefer to play and cuddle their master.

They can mingle easily with your family and if they are fond of one person they will spend most of the time with that special person. However, they might go silent in front of strangers. But, they are promising felines who will never leave you if they found you in an unsafe place.

If you have a dog pet at your home they can manage with them too but only if you have trained them earlier. They don’t like to share their things therefore, make sure you have multiple toys if you have multiple cats at home.

They can face separation anxiety issues problem if you leave them for a long period of time.

Russian blues love their master they are sweet and faithful. You may find them a bit shy only till they haven’t got mingle with you. Once they form the bond they will shower their love to you.

Unlike most cats, they won’t face an issue if you move to a new house. These felines can easily become your pet and will play with you.

They are good around kids and other pets only if they are not dominant. You will find these cats calm and composed. Moreover, they are not at all clingy. However, they don’t easily get along with strangers.

4. Diet and Activity Level of Korat Cat vs Russian Blue

You must feed Korat cats healthy and good quality cat food which is rich in omega acids, proteins, and fats. It will help to keep their coat healthy and offer a silky and soft texture.

You can take them to play for 30 minutes in a single day.

Russian blue cats are not as picky as other felines they won’t deny food that you give to them. You can feed them both dry and wet food which is rich in protein, low in fiber, and must not include grain. Make sure to offer them enough water to keep them hydrated all day long.

Always take them for walking or playing at least for 30 minutes in a day.

5. Lifespan of Korat Cat vs Russian Blue

If you compare the lifespan of Korat cats with Russian blue, Russian blue tend to live longer than Korat cats.

Korat cats have 10-15 years of life expectancy whereas Russian blue has 15-20 years. This means a long time of life commitment.

6. Costing

On average, the price range of a Russian blue will lie somewhere between $400–$600 but this can vary from region to region and from breeder to breeder.

In general, the cost of Korat cats is $500 to $800.

Which One Is the Best for You?

difference between korat cat vs russian blue

Both the cat breeds are great options but if you have to choose between Russian blue and Korat cats there are many factors that will highly depend on your requirement.

Like if you are someone who cannot spend much time with their pet, who is quite busy then adopting a Korat cat could be a difficult option for you because they can’t be left alone for long they can go through separation anxiety.

On the other Russian cats can deal easily they are okay to be alone and aloof. They can handle it for a certain time if you don’t interact with them.

Korat cats have a short lifespan than Russian Blues so if you want a long time commitment, then you can choose Russian blue over Korat cats.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion to Korat cat vs Russian Blue, both cat breeds are good, easy to groom, and can be trained easily. However, Russian blues can fairly deal alone, they can enjoy their own time if you are not there for a long period whereas Korats can’t deal with this they can easily go through separation anxiety.

Russian cats can promise to give you 20 years of life commitment that is exactly 2 decades whereas Korat cats can live approximately 10-15 years.

If you know any other difference between Korat cats and Russian blue then do comment down below. And, if you enjoyed our article do share it with other cat owners too.


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