Cat Ear Language: All You Need to Know

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Cats use both vocal and visual body signs to communicate with humans, they are very expressive creatures.

However, felines hate to express their illness but apart from that, they like to share their feelings, desires with their pet parents/beloved ones.

Your kitty can express many emotions through ear position also while playing.

Or generally, you must have encountered sometimes your cat’s ears are in a flat, upward position.

All these signs indicate something, so you need to pay attention to understand what your kitty wants to communicate with you.

Once, you are able to click your cat ear language, then it will become very easy, and you will be one step closer to your kitty.

cat ear language

Various Ways Cats Communicate With Ear

Cats use a variety of ways to communicate, express their emotions, needs, desire.

Ear language is one of the body signs felines sometimes used to express themselves.

It seems that understanding their body language is a tricky part, but if one pays attention, he/she will easily click.

To help you out, we have highlighted possible reasons behind your kitty’s ear position.

Scroll down and have a look, it will surely help you in many ways.

1. Felines Twitching Their Ears

When your kitty gets excited by observing something or ready to jump on something, they twitch their ear.

It’s their way of showing excitement and kind of conveying the message that what will be her next step.

felines twitching their ears

If they made up their mind whatever they have observed, and she is ready to chase that thing, then you will notice that she will twitch her ears and gear herself to chase that particular thing.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility that your feline is indicating you she is ready to play.

So, gear up yourself for fun activities.

Make sure that you direct them to jump on toys rather than on you.

In addition, it is also possible that she doesn’t want to chase or play it’s just that something is bothering her, so check her, and if any insect is there then remove it.

However, apart from all these possible reasons, it can be that sometimes your kitty just twitches her ears while sleeping without any reason.

2. Straight up Face

This ear position normally felines do when they’re paying attention to a particular sound or observing something, that grabbed her attention.

Generally, your kitty’s ear faces forward, but when they are trying to observe or listen to something, their ear will move in that direction.

straight up face

So if you notice such a thing in your feline body language, conclude that she is up to something as trying to gather information.

Furthermore, if your kitty has ear up and forward, it also states that the cat is in alert mode, and it’s the perfect time to grab her attention for playing.

Because she will be more focused at that time. It is being observed that alert cats love to give more attention than lazy ones.

As they prefer patrolling rather than being laid back and relaxing the whole day.

3. Low and Sideways

If you notice your cat in this ear position low and sideways facing. Then get ready to observe your cat roaming in the house.

low and sideways

When felines are in this airplane’s ear position, it means they are under stress, anxiety.

Something has frightened them, like some kind of sound or presence of any stranger in the house, from whom she is getting negative vibes.

So it is quite possible that out of fear she will run into the house and try to hide under the table, bed, or any hiding zone which can protect her.

A friendly piece of advice for you if you see such behavior in your feline at that time, don’t pick her up or stop her way.

It may frighten her more, let it be herself.

So, leave her alone and give her space, once she is alright she will go back to her normal routine.

4. Neutral

The neutral ear position is the default one or in other words normal body sign of your feline.

If you see your cat’s ears in a neutral position then nothing to worry about as she is just going along with her normal mood and nothing is bothering her.

It indicates that the cat is feeling happy, and she is in a jolly mood.


When the feline is in a neutral ear position, it is also stated that she is in a relaxing mood, as she just wants to spend her time with beloved ones on the couch.

Or looking out for a place where no one can disturb her, and she can have her power nap.

It’s a great time for a cuddling session, she will love it.

5. Low and Flat Facing

Ears low and flat facing indicate that it’s time to back off or in other words, your kitty is indicating a warning sign.

low and flat facing

For instance, if you’re playing with her or cuddling.

Suddenly, after a few times, you notice that your feline expression has changed, and her ear position also changed to low and flat.

Then it means she is indicating to you that playtime or cuddling session is over, now back off, she needs her personal space.

In such cases, if you don’t listen to her, then it’s a high possibility that soon her claws will open and teeth will come out to attack out of anger.

However, this ear position you will also observe when your feline is in a fight or angry mood with another companion.

It states that she is ready to fight as another companion must have entered her territory, and she is indicating her to back off and leave her territory.

6. Low and Facing Out

This ear position is low and facing out indicates that your kitty is not well.

As you know, felines are subtle at hiding their illness they will not come forward to you and express their health issue in such a situation you have to keep an eye on your kitty.

If you observe that your kitty is moving around the house with this ear position, then immediately check on her, she might be suffering from any underlying health issue.

If you are not able to identify the cause, then it is recommended to immediately consult the vet, don’t wait for your kitty to give you any other health symptoms.

7. Ear Back and Flat Against Head

If you observe your feline with ear back and flat against the head position, it could be possible that your kitty is not in a jolly mood, in other words, she is angry and in defensive mode.

ear back and flat against head

For instance, if she had a fight with another companion, then at that time you can notice such body language where she is ready to attack that companion.

Furthermore, it’s also possible that she is scared, as she could sense the negative vibe.

So, in self-defense, she is moving around with this body language to stay alert.

If any predators try to attack her, she could save herself.


Confidently, we were able to serve you the appropriate insight information regarding cat ear language.

So far we have discussed possible answers, behind different ear positions.

Once, you are able to get used to those little things, you will notice that it will become subtle for you to understand your kitty’s body, ear language.


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