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When to Switch From Kitten to Cat Food?

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In this article, we have covered when to switch from kitten to cat food, how long to feed kitten food, and what is the difference between adult and kitten foods.

A kitten’s nutritional requirements are different from those of an adult cat. Every cat owner should figure out how to switch from kitten to cat food. So they can up bring their cat appropriately.

Every animal has different food need at a different stage of life, so the kittens too! It’s best for the cat’s health that you fed her kitten formulated food.

when to switch from kitten to cat food

When to Switch From Kitten to Cat Food?

All Kitty should consume a well-prepared diet until they have reached around 90% of their adult mass.

Generally, baby cats turn into adult cats when they have crossed 10 to 12 months of age. But there is some expectation to it. In the case of different large breed cats, their growth pattern and diet are different. So, they grow at a slow pace.

Larger breeds of cats may take18 months to around 2 years to reach the maturity level.

Every cat’s diet is unique; therefore, ask a veterinarian how long is a cat considered a kitten and how long should cats eat kitten food.

hills cat and kitten food

Meanwhile, you can also check pet food labels and ingredients; it is also helpful. If the label indicates “all life stages,” then you can give your kitten and adult cat the same food. You can also give homemade human food foods like lean beef, raw meat, cooked chicken too!

It is recommended to feed your kitten Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food dish. It’s each bowl portion has high-quality protein, which makes stronger bones and teeth healthy. Feeding this kitty dry food promotes cognitive as well as eye development. It has essential minerals and vital vitamins; an amazing feature is that it promotes good heart health too!

How to Switch From Kitten to Adult Cat Food?

Know when it is the correct time to switch and how long to feed kitten food?

It’s important to know when your baby kittens are no longer babies so that you can determine when to switch from kitten food to cat food.

A pet’s gastrointestinal tract has millions of microorganisms that help to keep its digestive system healthy. These bacteria and yeasts boost their digestive system, keeps pathogens away, helps to produce nutrients and vitamins, and helps to promote their immunity to build stronger.

when can kittens eat cat food

Household animals pets eat the same diet every day; they are not like us. As a result, they develop microbes that help them in digesting a particular food. When their meal is changed suddenly their body goes under changes. The microbes living in their body need time to digest and adjust to the new cat food.

They have a sensitive IG track, and when the change is abrupt sometimes, they can do vomiting and may also have diarrhea and an upset stomach. To prevent this, it is imperative to know the transition from kitten food to adult food.

Follow the given below general guideline to know the transition pace from kitten to adult diet.

  • Mix 1/4 of the new diet to 3/4 of the old diet on days 1 and 2.
  • Mix 1/2 of the new food to 1/2 of the old diet on days 3 and 4.
  • 3/4 of the new diet to 1/4 of the old diet on days 5 and 6.
  • On the seventh day you cat diet will eventually be changed into full new diet!

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to switch, and you can give your pet the right meals!

Hang on! Now you know how long to feed kitten food, but do you know the difference between kitten food and adult cat food? It is important to know this as it will give your proper idea of why and when to switch from kitten to cat food.

Difference Between Kitten Food and Cat Food

There are some basic changes between kitten food and adult cat food which is important to know when to switch from kitten to cat food.

difference between kitten food and cat food

Calorie Count

To know how long should kittens eat kitten food, it is important that you know the calorie count because the calories and nutrients intake of kittens is higher as compared to adolescents mature cats.

In a cat’s life, the growing period is very important; they need more energy to develop properly during this time. They need extra calories and nutrients, and as a responsible cat owner, it is important that you take care and keep checking your cat’s weight, make her body develop, and grow properly.

Fats Energy

A kitten requires more fats. The consumption of omega3 and omega 6 should be higher. You will notice cats adult food has a lower number of omage3,6 than cat food for kittens.

Because kittens need more fatty acids to develop good vision, nervous system, and vital organs.


Minerals are an important part of animals’ life. It promotes healthy bones density, muscle growth, and fur and coat development in cats. A kitten requires abundant essential minerals. A young cat’s body will need less calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium level as compared to a growing cat. Thus, a kitten’s food is different from an adult cat’s diet!

Every cat’s health is unique; each has a different body type and growth pattern. Therefore, the diets of each will also vary from one cat to another. This is the basic general idea of how it should be and when can kittens eat cat food.

But, do visit your vet and take expert advice prior to making any changes in your furry’s diet.

I hope now you are aware of kitten food vs. cat food! And, this will help you why and when to switch kitten to cat food!

Summing It All Up!

Just like human babies, small kittens also require separate kinds of foods. Therefore, you should recognize when to switch from kitten to cat food.

When cats are growing, their body requires more nutrients and energy as compared to adult cats. It is important to determine how much food to give to your kittens.

Give your baby cat’s premium kitten formula food. Eating that will help her body to grow more and in the right direction. She will have a healthy life and always be miles away from ailments and disorders.

I hope now know how long to feed kitten food and if you have any query do leave a comment below.


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