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How to Tell if a Bengal Cat Is a MIX?

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Wondering whether your kitty is a Bengal mix? She is highly active? Have a glorious coat with spots? She is a good climber?

All these questions are often encountered by many parents when they start noticing their kitty has a different personality touch. Especially when they are adopted from the streets or don’t know which exact breed they are parenting.

Well, your search brought you to the right place.

In this blog, you will get all the insight information regarding the Bengals’ cat mix and clear your doubt regarding how to tell if a Bengal cat is a mix.

We have done thorough footwork and here sharing our knowledge with you to help you out in identifying your kitty’s exact breed type.

how to tell if a bengal cat is a mix

What Is So Special About a Bengal Cat?

The Bengal cat breeds are gorgeous and have a lean body structure with mesmerizing eyes. It can be said that they have an attractive look and stands different from other feline breeds.

They have wild coat touch just like an Asian Leopard, elegant face with an erect ear look.

tell if bengal cat is a mix

Bengal cat breeds are highly active ones, they like playing outdoor games, jumping, running, or going out for a walk or adventurous activity with their pet parents. They will easily get jell up with other pet animals and family members.

Apart from great personality and energy level, Bengal breeds are considered one of the healthy cat breeds. As they don’t give any allergies to other members of the family and don’t shed their fur too often. So, this means no skin problems, they only require minimum grooming time.

All these traits make them special and stand different from the rest of the felines breeds, Que.

How to Identify Your Feline Is a Bengal MIX?

As we discussed in the above paragraph, that Bengal cats are a bit different from other feline breeds. However, only having a spot on your Kitty’s coat doesn’t resemble her to the Bengal cat breed family.

Here, are some tricks and techniques, how to tell if a Bengal cat is a mix.

Scroll down, to update your knowledge regarding the Bengal breed concept.

1. Check Out Their Bellies Structure

Bengal cat breeds have spotted bellies, a bit different from other feline breeds. However, there is an exceptional case, tabbies also have the same typical spotted bellies.

Well, it will be wrong to pass a statement that just notices your kitty’s bellies structure and from that, you will be able to find out that whether she is a Bengal mix or not.

check out the structure of the belly of your bengal cat

Yet, one distinguishing characteristic which can help you out is that the Bengal cat breed doesn’t have white on her body. In simpler words, they only have marking on their chin, belly, and whisker pad area.

Observe your kitty’s bellies closely, and if you find any similarities, then it is possible that your furry pal is a Bengal mix breed.

2. Look at Your Feline’s Coat Type

One of the ways, you can identify your feline is a Bengal mix breed or not, i.e. by observing her color coat type.

It’s a myth, that the Bengal cat breed has only a brown shade color coat. However, they have various color coat types. Let’s have a look at the coat types that are recognized by “The International Cat Association (TICA).”

look at the coat type of your bengal cat
  • Snow Bengal cats: Also known as seal lynx point, they have the coolest warm snow colors. In simpler language, they have three shades of warm white colors, which gives them the snow mammal look. The Bengal cat breed is rare and expensive, they have gorgeous blue eyes and some also have green or aqua color eyes.
  • Brown Bengal Cats: They are very common Bengal cat breed, have shades between brown and dark brown color spots with green eyes.
  • Silver Bengal Cats: They come in various color shade type ranging from dark steel to white shades. The Bengal cat breed have dark markings spots, and it gives them a contrasting and attractive look as compared to other breed coat type.

As per the survey, it has been noticed that Bengal cat breeds also have Blue, Black, Charcoal, cinnamon, torbie color coat types. However, these are not yet been recognized by “The Cat Associations.”

If you notice any color coat similarities in your feline pal. Well, then, my friend, it’s quite possible that your kitty is a Bengal mix.

3. Observe Your Kitty’s Personality

Bengal cat breeds are categorized as wild, but by nature, they are very caring and sweet felines.

observe your bengal cat's personality

As per the survey, it has been concluded that just like dogs, the Bengal breeds are very loyal towards their pet parents.

Furthermore, they are also known as athletic cats, because of their energetic nature and athletic build. The Bengal cat breeds like to jump and run, for no appropriate reason. It can be said that Bengal cats are more curious and alert as compared to other feline breed categories.

Bengal cat breeds are great climbers, they like to chase heightened objects like window ledge, trees, etc. She can jump up to seven times its height.

As said before, Bengal cat breeds are energetic, unlike other lethargic felines. They like to play outdoor games and can also join you for adventurous activities.

Apart from active nature, Bengal cat breeds easily get jell up with humans and especially with kids. In addition, they are water babies, like to play and splash water.

So, observe your feline pal very closely, and if you notice any of the above behavior, action in them. It can be said that your kitty is a Bengal cat mix breed.

4. Study Body Structure and Size

One of the strategies you can opt to determine if your cat is a Bengal cat or not is by studying her body structure and body weight/size.

study the body structure and size of your bengal cat

A Bengal cat’s body structure is a bit different from another feline breed. However, there is an exceptional case, their structure is somewhat similar to the tabby cats.

Let’s look at the body features of the Bengal cat:-

  • They have a lean, muscular body, a bit different from that of other breeds.
  • Bengal’s felines have long tail, their hind limbs are larger than the front limbs which gives them different personality look.
  • You will notice that these Bengal felines are never overweight, because of their active nature.
  • One more thing to observe is that they have rounded eyes, unlike other normal breeds. As well as their ears are more round as compare to normal breeds.
  • They have “M” shape on their forehead, which you will also get to notice in the tabby’s breed forehead.

5. Look at Her Coat Colors

A Bengal cat coat is a bit different from other cat breeds. They have unique coat strips, one similar to Asian Leopard cats. Moreover, apart from strips marking, they have a polished coat, soft just like rabbits.

look at the coat color of your bengal cat

Overall, they have a striking appearance, one of the significant marks that the majority of Bengal felines have strips across the legs.

Let’s discuss this more in-depth. There are varieties of coat types of this breed:-

  • Rosetted – As the name implies, it forms a triangular arrowhead strip from tip to tail. In other words, all over the body. In addition, it spots with two colors, also includes donut and paw prints.
  • Spotted – This one doesn’t include variation, it comes in various sizes and monotonous one spot print all over the body.
  • Sparbled – It is a mixture of swirls and spot, found only near the leg or tail area of the feline. This one also doesn’t have various coat print, simple and available in one pattern.
  • Marble – This coat patterns is printed all over the feline body from tip to tail and has a marbled rock design.

So, if you are confused about whether your feline is a Bengal mix or not. You can clarify your doubts by checking the coat type and if she has one of those types then it’s clear your kitty belongs to the Bengal mix breed family.

6. Observe Your Kitty’s Activities to Determine Is She Is a Bengal MIX

Generally, indoor cats like to relax and stay within their territory. Apart from her, beloved ones, felines will not easily communicate with other companions or human beings.

observe your bengal cat's activities to see if she is a mix

On the other hand, Bengal cats are energetic breeds, they like to step out, play games, do fun activities with pet parents.

For instance, if you have any other pets apart from cats, she will jell up with them. Even, communicate with other members of the family. They are more like, “Happy go kitty”.

By observing all these signs, you can identify whether your furry pal is a Bengal mix.

7. Listen Your Kitty’s Vocal Sound

The Bengal cats have a variety of sounds, they use different types of sounds to communicate with their pet parents or to grab their attention.

listening to your bengal cat's vocal sounds

Like, “Hey, I want to play” sound is different from” Feed me it’s my mealtime”, etc.

In addition, they use the chirp sound to call birds, and when they want to communicate with their fellow companion they will simply use the sound” yowl or howl”.

So, focus on your kitty’s vocal sound, if she only meows and never chirps. Or, your kitty likes to stay quiet, then my pal she is definitely not a Bengal mix breed.

8. Check Your Feline’s Body Temperature

Bengal cats prefer warm places to chill out. This is the reason, you will notice Bengal felines taking a sunbath, rather than taking nap on their comfortable bed.

check your cat's body temperature

In addition, Bengal felines, are super active and always ready to play or take part in fun activities. Their body temperature ranges between 65-75 Fahrenheit.

So, if you want to know whether your kitty is a Bengal cat mix, check her body temperature. If your kitty likes to sit more under the sun rather than chilling on her bed.

It can be said that she is a mixed breed.

9. Consult Your Kitty’s Vet for Better Knowledge

After examining all the possible signs, you are still confused about whether your kitty is a Bengal mix or not?

consult your vet for better knowledge

You can reach out to your kitty’s vet, to get better knowledge. She will help you out in clearing your confusion regarding your kitty’s breed type.

She will take some tests of your feline, and eventually, you will get all your answers. Like her genetics, breed type, and if you want to go in-depth. Then, from a DNA test, your kitty’s vet will be able to clear your clouds of doubts related to her genetics queries.

10. Reach Out to Cat Associations

Last but not the least, you can reach out to the cat association group or Bengal cat breeder to gain better knowledge regarding Bengal cat breed.

reach out to cat associations

If you don’t have direct contact access, you can follow them on social media and drop your queries over there. However, you will not get a direct reply but still, it will help you out. Like, you can skim the comment and other people’s suggestions and queries.

From the available breadcrumbs’ information, you can identify whether your kitty is a Bengal mix.


Confidently, our blog on, how to tell if a Bengal cat is a mix? It will help you out in identifying your kitty’s breed type if you have confusion about whether she is a Bengal mix or not.

As we have discussed in detail and covered fact points like coat type, color, activity level, vocal sounds, etc. Observe these points in your kitty and if you find any similarities then it’s pretty much clear that she is a Bengal mix.

Furthermore, if after examine still you are not clear or have any doubts. You can reach out to your kitty’s vet or cat association group. They will guide you in better ways and clear your clouds of doubts regarding the Bengal cat mix.


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