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What to Feed a Toothless Cat?

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You must have wondered millions of times, what to feed a toothless cat if you have a cat with no teeth?

Well, most cat owners are agog to know what can I feed my toothless cat because feeding them can be sometimes tricky. As they have no teeth, eating food can be a painful task.

What to Feed a Toothless Cat

If you can’t see your cat in pain while eating, then read this blog. Under this, I have a list of food for a cat without teeth. I have even shared my cat’s favorite smoothie recipe, which is really quick and easy!

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What Do You Feed a Toothless Cat?

A cat without teeth can happily fill her stomach without facing any pain in her teeth if you follow the following things. By reading this you will know what to feed a toothless cat. I have also recommended a few cat food that toothless cats and easily consume daily.

Cats are very opinionated about food, and a lot of their food preferences are formed in the first year,” says Julie A. Churchill, DVM, PhD by Pet WebMD[1]

1. Feed Canned Food to Toothless Cat

As you know caned foods are famous and always available in the pet store. So the first item in the list of food for cats with no teeth is canned food.

Canned cat food has a wide range as chicken broth, tuna gravy, chicken chunks, lamp flakes. It doesn’t involve chewing, and it is easily lick-able cat food.

Hence, it won’t give your feline friend oral discomfort and provide the right nutrients and care.

2. Add Liquid to Dry Cat Food

You can also try soft dry food for cats with no teeth.

Add Liquid to Dry Cat Food

Dry food is quite hard and chewing that food for cats with no teeth will not be less than a task. Therefore, if you have dry cat food at your house make sure you soften it before giving it to your cat.

To make the dry food soften you can add a little warm water for a few minutes before you give her to feed. By doing this, dry kibble will become softer, and she won’t face pain while eating that.

3. Make Some Cat Smoothie at Home

Next time when you wonder what to feed a toothless cat make sure to involve smoothies in the list. Cat smoothies are fun they will love having them. You can easily make some at home.

I will share my cat’s favorite smoothie recipe here just for you.

First, collect all ingredients

  • A whole cup of grass
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • Fish oil capsules (2)

Now, take a blender and add all the ingredients in it, and yay! Cat smoothie ready to serve!

You can feed this smoothie easily to your cat. Just like this, you can easily try more DIY cat smoothie food recipes for a toothless cat. But there are some do and don’t make sure you follow those given below.

  • First, assure to involve veggies that contain low sugar.
  • Make sure the transition of new food should always be at a low pace.
  • All food items are not always safe for pets therefore before you pick anything for a smoothie confirm is it safe or not.

4. Give Her Plenty of Water

You have to make certain that your cat is drinking enough water, and she never goes dehydrated.

Give Her Plenty of Water

This is because when a cat is affected by gum problems she can easily get dehydrated. They will feel discomfort in drinking and eating food. So, she may avoid having water. Therefore, please assure that she consumes enough water.

5. Feed Her Soft Cat Treats

Treats are the favorite thing for all pets, and your cat will also love having cat treats right?

But, if your cat has no teeth she can not consume every cat treats. As most of them are hard in texture and need a lot of energy to chew. This can hurt her mouth. Therefore, for a toothless cat, you have to buy treats that are soft and easily chewable.

You can purchase Delectables Squeeze Up Wet Cat Treats you can offer these treats to all the age groups of cats. It comes in multiple flavors. It contains real chicken with no fillers. You can give this grain-free thick wet treat to your cat anytime.

Another option is Tiki Cat Stix Wet Treats it is thick creamy and contains a fair amount of moisture. This is the perfect treat for a toothless cat, offers zero gluten and a lot of tuna goodness. If you are someone who wants to offer their kitty some nutritious treats then just go for this protein-rich treat now!

6. Feed Her Homemade Food

If you get some time you can also prepare food for cats with no teeth at home. It will not just help your kitty to grow healthy but also give her the freedom to have food pain-free.

Feed Her Homemade Food

Well, that’s great right! You can add all the things which you want your cat to have simply put those ingredients in the food processor and blend it.

It is advisable that you feed cooked meat to a toothless cat it won’t hurt her.

Make sure to consult your vet before planning to make homemade food for cats with no teeth. It is essential that the meal has balanced nutrition values and the vet can help you to add the right nutrients to your recipe.

7. Blending or Mashing the Wet Food

When you blend the food and give that to a toothless cat it becomes easier for her to swallow the food. It avoids creating any sought of oral discomfort. Your cat can consume mashed food even when she has sore gums.

Mashing cat food into slush won’t cause any pain in her gum line. Now, you have your answer to the question, what to feed a toothless cat!

8. Buy Products Specially Made for Toothless Cats

Under this, we have recommended a few best varieties of food for cats with no teeth. We have listed wet food, cat treats, and pate.

Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Wet Food

Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Wet Food


If you prefer grain-free cat food products then Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse is for your cat. It is delicious and has chicken and fish in it. The concentration of moisture is also high, so make sure to give your carnivorous pet the right protein. By feeding a toothless cat this wet treat she will always thank you.

ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food

ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food


Next time if you are thinking about what to feed a toothless cat make sure to buy ZIWI Peak Wet Food for her. It has the goodness of lamp and rabbit meat. The texture of this canned food is loaf style, which won’t give your kitty dental disease or dental problems. This is again a grain-free diet and has the right protein and moisture content.

Weruva Classic Natural Wet Pate Cat Food

Weruva Classic Natural Wet Pate Cat Food


Why stick to simple wet or canned food. Try a unique diet for your toothless cat. Try this Weruva’s pate, once you feed your cat this pate she will adhere over it all the time. Plus manufacturers have used high-quality food ingredients in it. It’s all creamy and lip-smacking pate dish. This cat dinner has all the essential nutrients and protein. Simply fill this food in the bowl for a cat with no teeth, and she will enjoy having it.


What can I feed my old cat with no teeth?

If your cat is old and has no teeth you can easily make her feed mashed dry food, wet food, and even give her some wet treats. She can consume anything which is in the form of slurry and things that has no hard texture.

Can a cat eat with no teeth?

Yes, cats can totally eat food with no teeth, but it should be a little modified. Like, you can give her soft dry food (by adding water). They can also have some easy homemade chicken meats, mashed home-cooked food, some thick creamy wet food.

Basically, they can live happily even with no teeth, it is just that you have to make some changes in their diet.

What to feed a toothless cat?

There are a variety of options that you can add to a toothless cat food list, such as

– They can easily feed mashed and wet food
– You can soften dry food and give them
– Offer her canned cat food
– Make some homemade smoothies
– Try to give her juices

Can toothless cats eat dry food?

Yes, toothless cats can eat dry food, but you have to make it a bit softer before given them directly.

Add some warm water for a few minutes before you serve kibble to your kitty. The kibble will become softer, and your cat can easily eat this without hurting her mouth.

Summing It All Up!

A cat with no teeth drooling is quite normal, and if you don’t want to see your cat having trouble, make sure to know what things she can feed easily.

Basically, she can have soft food which is not hard to chew. You can give her soft treats, and canned food with delicious gravy inside also, or you can try making homemade smoothies.

If you want to know more about what to feed a toothless cat, then read above. And, if you know anything other than this, do let us know in the comment section below!


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