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20 Best Gifts for Cat Dads: From Mugs to T-Shirts

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A cat dad who works continuously to provide only the best for his furr baby also deserves the best; the best recognition, the best praise.

And the cat dad in your life could be anyone, your husband, friend, relative, neighbor, or even your father.

Whether it’s his birthday or Father’s Day, or you just want to celebrate his meowgnificent parenting with a beautiful gift, and we have come up with the top 20 gifts for cat dads that we think are cat dads are sure to appreciate.

Some of these gift ideas for cat dads are so cool, even feline fanatic cat moms will want to get their hands on them as well.

gifts for cat dads

1. Funny Cat Dad Mug

A creative and funny cat-themed mug gift is sure to get a laugh from any cat-loving dad. Ideal for cat dads who love coffee as much as they love their cats. Moreover, Funny Cat Dad Mug has a lot of cattitude, let the cat dad show his feisty side with it.

cat dad mug funny cat dad nutritional facts cat gifts for men cat birthday gifts gift coffee mug tea cup white

It comes in two sizes — 11 ounces and 15 ounces, with ceramic material. And the imprinted design shows on both the sides of the coffee mug as seen in the image above, and it will discontinue about 1 inch from both sides of the C-handle.

2. Necktie Gift for Cat Dads

This Fancy Men’s Necktie for Cats’ dads is chic enough for dress-up days but still funny enough to be a conversation starter in the office. Moreover, the tie includes premium branded tie lining that is seen in upscale brands.

black cat tie gift for cat dad

Put a smile on cat daddy’s face with this classy gift for cat dads. Furthermore, this tie comes in protective packaging to ensure there are no stains or damage to the tie during delivery straight to your house.

3. Real Time Location Tracker

If you are looking for a little expensive gift, then this Location Monitor would be a good choice. A perfect gift for cat dads that will allow them to track their cat when she goes outdoors.

jiobit smallest real-time gps location tracker for cats

It is tiny and comes in a waterproof design with a battery life of up to 10 days on a single charge. The location can be tracked using the dedicated Jiobit app for Android or iOS.

4. Cat Carrier Backpack

Here’s another great practical gift that will make the life of your cat dad easier when he is going on a trip with this kitty cat.

henkelion cat backpack carrier bubble bag for cats

Designed for outdoor travel, Henkelion Cat Backpack Carrier is cat-comfortable and comes with a transparent cover that will let the pet see the whole scenery outside, helping alleviate anxiety and feel more relaxed. Your cat daddy can use it to carry his fur baby for biking, hiking, camping, or outdoor walking.

5. Automatic Cat Feeder

Please your modern cat daddy by gifting him this PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder. Perfect for cat dads on the go, this feeder can feed cats with cat treats and cat food throughout the day at certain times.

petlibro automatic cat feeder gift

The automatic feeder comes in two sizes and two colors- six liters and four liters size, white and black color. Plus, your cat daddy will also be able to stay connected with his kitty using the voice calling the automatic pet feeder before meals with a ten-second voice recording clip (yes, it comes with a voice calling feature).

6. Cat Tower Furniture

If you want to splurge on a gift for cat dad, here’s an extraordinary cat tower by the Refined Feline Lotus that’s stylish, fanciful, and can be customized for your cat’s exquisite tastes.

the refined feline lotus cat tower furniture gift for cat dads

The cat tree has a scratching pad, perches, a small house for cats to relax in. It is perfect if your cat daddy has multiple kitties, as this cat tower is almost six feet tall and has multiple shelves that can hold up to 50 pounds.

7. Cat Dad Cap

A small, inexpensive, yet stylish and lovely gift for the cat daddy in your life, Hatphile Embroidery Dad Hat will look perfect when he is attending a baseball game or mowing the lawn outside on a sunny day.

hatphile 6 panel embroidery dad hat baseball cap cat gift

The cap comes in different colors and sizes. Moreover, there’s also a “Cat Mom” cap available along with a dad cap that you would make a great addition to the kind gift gesture, well, only if your cat dad has a partner though.

8. Automatic Laser Cat Toy

Add more fun to both — your cat dad’s and his cat’s life with this Inexpensive Automatic Laser cat toy. A great practical gift for cat dads that can make use of this toy, especially on busy days when he doesn’t want his cat to distract him while he’s completing his chores.

yve life cat laser automatic interactive toy for kittens

It is automatic, and it can be placed on a high surface, so it doesn’t fall down when your cat plays with the laser. The laser toy comes with two modes of power supply, you can either charge it with a USB cable or make use of four AA batteries.

Moreover, there are also fast and slow modes with five adjustable circling ranges. The “auto feature” of the laser would automatically turn off after 15 min, and automatically turn on every 3 hrs.

9. Cat Phone Case Gift for Cat Dad

A cat phone is a fancy yet practical gift for cat dad and cat lovers. There are few things in life that inspire more fun in a cat lover than a cool cat-themed gift that they will actually use and enjoy daily.

cocomong cute cat clear phone case gift compatible with iphone xr cases

If you are on a budget, Cocomong Cute Cat Clear Phone Case cat phone case can fit the bill as a decent gift for cat dads. The cat cell phone case is soft but offers good protection from drops.

10. Cat Wine Bottle Holder

You cannot suggest wine gifts to cat lovers without this cute cat wine holder. After all, there aren’t many fun things better than cuddling up with your cat and drinking while watching a movie together.

decorative tabby kitty cat wine bottle holder sculpture for whimsical tabletop wine racks gift

If you want to gift a cat dad who also loves wine as much as he adores his kitty, this Decorative Tabby Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder will surely be the focus of attention at the next get-together or party, and he’ll love you for this.

11. Cat Front Door Mat

The moment guests walk up to the front door, you do all to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

mr fantasy cat front door mat indoor outdoor welcome mat mud absorbent doormat gift

MR Fantasy Cat Front Door Mat can be a perfect way for the best cat dad in your life to show his friends, family, neighbors just how much of a big cat lover he is. Moreover, the backing of this doormat is made of top-quality natural rubber, scratches the floor closely, and prevents slipping.

12. Pet Sensitivity & Intolerance Test Kit

Here’s one more practical gift for cat dads that comes at an affordable price. A pet sensitivity and intolerance testing kit for cats can help your cat dad gain some insights into his fur baby’s wellness effortlessly.

ucari pet sensitivity & intolerance test kit for cat

UCARI Pet Sensitivity & Intolerance Test Kit for Cats functions by identifying beef, shellfish, or gluten intolerance, and sensitivities to grass, pollen, or fabric, and determining any nutritional imbalances in felines.

13. Cat Spectacle Holder Stand

If your cat dad wears spectacles, here’s a cat spectacle holder stand that would be a great addition to his home decor.

vipbuy handmade wood carving eyeglasses spectacle holder stand gift for cat dads

VIPbuy Handmade Wood Carving Eyeglasses Spectacle Holder is uniquely hand-carved and painted with natural solid wood, making a suitable gift for cat dads.

14. Antique Cat Fan Gift for Cat Dad

Perfect for a desk, as a bathroom decor, or in a bedroom, Deco Breeze Figurine Fan can add a personalized touch to your cat lover’s house.

figurine fan from cat collection gift for cat dads

Being more than 11 inches tall, this brushed silver cat fan will lend a unique and one-of-a-kind look that will surely be a great conversation starter.

15. Kit Cat Clock

Here’s another electric device, featuring the famous rolling eyes, wagging tail, and a wide smile, your cat dad is sure to appreciate this piece of gift.

kit cat klock gentlemen the original gift for cat dads

Kit Cat Klock has been manufactured ever since 1932 in the United States of America. Moreover, the clock is lightweight, weighing only 0.59 pounds. It comes in a multitude of colors, including black, green, and orange.

16. Hiss Cat T-Shirt Gift for Cat Dad

Maybe a T-shirt will do it? If we are not being biased, we think cat dads are awesome.

hiss funny cats kittens rock rockin t shirt gift for cat dad

If he’s one of the sportiest cat lovers, a total rocky who’s never afraid to tell you what’s up, treat him with this cool Hiss screen-print cotton cat T-shirt. It comes in five colors — black, navy, royal blue, dark heather, and heather blue.

17. Cat Butt Magnets

Multi-functional, decorative, and most of all — funny, gift your cat dad these amusing conversation starters.

evelots refrigerator magnets cat butts funny gift for cat dad

Evelots Refrigerator Magnets-Cat Butts are perfect for pinning up reminders on the refrigerator. In the end, their fluffy tails are cute and funny, a perfect gift for a cat dad who has a wicked sense of humor.

18. Cat Paw Candle Gift for Cat Dad

Candles make a great gift, no matter what occasion. Candles come with a beautiful aroma that is sure to spur up a great mood.

cat paw sandalwood jasmine scented candle gift for cat dad

This Cat Paw Sandalwood Jasmine Scented Candle comes with a high-intensity, deeply concentrated fragrance with pure vegetable wax. The pink variant looks lovely with a wooden lid that helps keep the candle fresh.

19. Cat Pillow & Duvet Cover Set

Gifting a comfortable sleeping place is one of the nicest gifts for a cat dad. Reversible Bed Children Duvet Cover Set Twin Cat Bedding features two pillowcases and one duvet cover that comes with a minimalistic cat design. The material is cotton and the covers are removable with a hidden zipper.

Reversible Bed Children Duvet Cover Set Twin Cat Bedding

This cat dad gift celebrates the love for cats, and it does in a simple and chic way. For an amazing gift that is sure to be used, these bedding covers are just great for any cat-loving dad.

20. Cute Cat Shower Curtain

This gift can add a pop of colors to the bathroom; a shower curtain with an HD print of colorful cats that can perfectly decorate your cat dad’s bathroom. The material is eco-friendly waterproof polyester fabric, and water glides off and dries quickly. Moreover, the curtain also comes with 12 hooks for easy installation.

mitovilla cute cat shower curtain cat dad gift

At last, if you were looking for a gift that would give a cat-themed bathroom makeover, start with this shower curtain for a sweet gesture.

Bottom Line

And there you have it, folks! Those were the top 20 gifts for cat dads, from mugs to tees, there are so many items you can gift the cat dad in your life.

Get him an inexpensive gift such as a mug or get him an expensive one like cat tower furniture, or even a practical one like a pet sensitivity & intolerance test kit, your cat dad will truly appreciate this sweet gesture.

And if we showed you the perfect gift for your cat dad, please let us know in the comments below!

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