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7 Reasons Why Cats Like Boxes

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The relation between cats and boxes is very old, that’s why you won’t find it strange to hear because we all can picture cats resting peacefully in hiding boxes. Cats are naturally drawn to small, confined spaces such as baskets, boxes, nooks, and even vases.

The real question is why? While for humans small spaces can be suffocating, what makes them so desirable by cats! It is stated that being in a box can help your cat reduce stress in a stressful situation and anxiety! Lets know-how!

reasons why cats like boxes

Seven reasons why cats like boxes:

1. Boxes Are Confined, Enclosed Spaces

Cats love boxes so much that they will choose them over almost anything! There are numerous reasons why cats like boxes, but mostly because boxes provide comfort and security, confined enclosed spaces!

cats like confined and enclosed spaces

They don’t require large areas to entertain themselves, instead, they like to be In small and compact places to feel safer, warmer, and peaceful. The box gives cat concealment which they use while hunting their prey, the four enclosed walls around them give a sense of security.

2. Box Is Cozy Place to Sleep

No matter how many toys or sleeping crates you buy for your cats, they could prefer a simple box over any of them, which completely depends on their comfort. Cats sleeping in the box, everyone can picture it because it’s very common to see cats around boxes!

boxes are a cozy place to sleep for cats

Yes, one of the most common reasons why cats like boxes!

Cats love to curl up and sleep peacefully in these warm boxes, why peacefully? Because they know that they’re safe and hidden, which means better sleep.

3. Cats Hunting and Hiding Instinct Is Fulfilled

Cats are hunters, and hunters adore authentically hunting their prey! Though house cats don’t have to survive on their hunting skills, they would still crave to practice it. She likes to hide and pounce on its prey, one of the reasons why cats like boxes as it allows them to do so!

boxes fullfil cats hunting and hiding instincts

Boxes are excellent for sneak attacks on other cats and unsuspecting ankles of strangers.

4. Sense of Security

Unlike our dogs who wag their tails for every stranger, cats are quite reserved, they simply run away or hide whenever a stranger or intruder tries to contact takes quite an effort to win the trust of our cats.

boxes give a sense of security to cats

So one of the most important reasons why cats like boxes, it gives them a feeling of safety!

Cats tend to seek shelter in a place that is enclosed, warm, dark, and small, a cardboard box perfectly fits these criteria. This is not just limited to stray cats, but even house cats are more inclined towards it.

Develop conflict resolution built-in mechanisms, is something that cats don’t have. Thus, they prefer to hide in their difficult time or situation. Another reason cats appreciate cardboard boxes could be the security of a private, contained space.

5. Keep Your Cat Warm

One of the most important reasons why cats like boxes, it keeps them warm. According to the National Research Council’s book Nutrient Requirements for Dogs and Cats, 86 °F – 100.4 °F is the thermoneutral temperature in which cats are most comfortable.

boxes keep your cat warm

Average houses tend to keep the temperature of their home around, 86 degrees (F) – 100.4 degrees (F) one more reason for cats to admire being in a box as it is warmer! Gives extra heat to your cats which they are seeking. The great insulator is something that any cat, let it be a house or stray cat, all seek.

6. A Place for Cats to Be Antisocial!

Cats can be super moody at times, it’s a completely normal thing for almost every cat owner! That’s the core nature of cats. One of the most prominent reasons why cats like boxes are because they provide them a safe, enclosed space to rest.

boxes are a place for cats to be antisocial

The typical cat behavior includes hiding in a place that is enclosed, especially when she’s dealing with excessive stress or anxiety.

What else could be a better option than a box? Easily available in any house and not just domestic cats, even stray cats love to hide inside boxes.

When a cat is in a box, she can have a clear and direct field of vision of predators and no one could attack her from the back.

So the bottom line is a box helps your cat in coping mechanism of her anxiety also a close space to hide.

7. Scratching and Chewing

Cats from the very beginning of their life, love to scratch and chew whatever comes insight, your fingers must have been their favorite thing to chew on. In the same way, curtains, sofa, carpet all are places for cats to scratch. So basically, cats love to scratch and chew on different and weird surfaces.

cats like to scratch and chew boxes

The box is the best place for cats to use their claws and teeth! They will forget even the most expensive toy present in the room only to hop into a box and play with it.

In the wild, cats love to chew and tear their prey apart into a million pieces, box fulfills all such needs of your naughty cat.

How to Make a Cat-Friendly Box

Now, cats won’t understand the safety measures they need to take before selecting any box, but you do! As you don’t want them to get hurt unnecessarily. Many things could go wrong!

For example, what if your cat picks the box located on a higher location of your home, and the box is not that sturdy it can break at any time! Once you know that cats love to reside in boxes, being a responsible cat parent you need to make sure it’s cat friendly!

Here are a few steps for you to make any normal box a cat-friendly box:

  • To save your cat’s head or tail from getting stuck in the sides of the box, you need to cut the sides off!
  • Check if your box doesn’t have any staplers, if yes remove them. The second most dangerous thing any box could easily carry.
  • Make sure the box doesn’t contain any plastic, elastic bands or any type of string which can be a chocking hazard for your cat.
  • Make sure you keep the box always on floor instead of keeping it on top places.
  • You can make the box more welcoming by padding it with a soft material and keeping your cat’s favorite toys inside it.


Cats are popular for their picky nature and in spite of it, they are going gaga over boxes, it got to have something very interesting. Cats love boxes mainly because it makes them feel safe, due to their confined and enclosed spaces, and other several reasons why cats like boxes have been mentioned above for you.

Just make sure that if you have any such boxes in your home, they should be cat-friendly, or else your cat gets herself hurt!

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