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Reasons Why Cats Sneeze? Here Is All You Need to Know

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Sneezing is caused by irritation in the nose, and it should not be troublesome. It is rarely a sign of a serious problem.

Just like humans, occasional sneezing in cats is normal. There are various reasons why cats sneeze, it can be due to allergy, viral infection, and many more other reasons.

Let’s dive in for a closer look at the various possible reasons behind your kitty’s sneezing issue. Plus, we have also covered advice for when to visit the vet and friendly tips to guide you better.

reasons why cats sneeze

Why Is Your Cat Sneezing?

An occasional sneeze is normal! No need to worry about it.

However, if you notice your kitty is sneezing continuously, then it needs to be checked on and time to pay close attention to your feline’s body language and symptoms.

For your better understanding, we have done some research and listed out the possible reasons behind your kitty’s sneezing issue.

Scroll down to know a better understanding of your cat’s health.

1. Your Kitty Is Allergic to Something

One of the obvious reasons behind your cat’s sneezing issue could be that she is allergic to something like airborne particles, dust, or even due to seasonal changes.

Just like human bodies are allergic to many stuff similarly, we know cats are very sensitive, so they are also allergic to many things.

your kitty is allergic to something

In such a situation, no need to start any medication. All you can do is observe your feline and try to understand what she is allergic to, and then take a prevention step.

2. Feeling Ticklish in Her Nose

Wondering why your cat is sneezing so often?

Well, one of the possibilities could be that something might have entered your kitty’s nostril, and it’s making her uncomfortable.

It could be anything, a bit of dust, her own fur, or any other minor particles which are causing irritation in your cat’s nose, and she may start sneezing to get rid of it.

feeling ticklish in her nose

So, there is nothing to worry about it, you may also notice your kitty’s aggressive sneezing on a loop and scratching her nose with paws because she is trying to clean her nostril.

3. Suffering From Viral Respiratory Infection

One of the possible reasons behind your kitty’s sneezing issue could be that she is suffering from a viral respiratory infection.

This is something you need to worry about it, as upper respiratory infection can lead to a major underlying health issue. Many respiratory infections lead to sneezing as the primary symptoms, so your kitty might be having a cold or sinus signs which are causing her bad nose.

suffering from viral respiratory infection

These infections can be viral in nature, and you may notice other symptoms like watery eyes, nose discharge, etc.

So in such a situation, it is advisable to take your kitty to the veterinary clinic for a check-up. They will properly examine her and then start your kitty’s medication.

4. Dental Disease

Dental disease is very common in felines. Root infection can cause irritation in the nasal lining, which causes sneezing issues in cats. In addition, the bacterial infection makes the case worse as it creates more irritation problems in the nasal lining.

If you notice any dental issue in your feline friend, in such a scenario, don’t try to resolve the problem by applying home remedies. Immediately consult the vet as the dental issue is such a thing that needs to be cured soonest before it gets worse.

dental disease

If you delay in consulting the vet, then there are high chances that it will lead to other severe underlying health issues related to the heart, kidney, or liver.

5. Due to Chemical Irritation

As you know, cats have a very strong sense of smell. Their sense of sense is fourteen times better than humans.

You may have plenty of stuff in your house whose odor is non-bearable by your kitty, and she often gets annoyed by it. Chemical substances are one of them, such as cleaners, washing liquids, wall paints, pesticides, etc.

This could be one of the possible reasons behind your kitty’s sneezing issue. She might not be liking the strong odor of these cleaning households, and it’s creating respiratory issues.

due to chemical irritation

A tip for you:- Once you identify which chemical substance/household stuff is not bearable by your feline pal, remove those items from your feline surrounding. Or you can replace it with mild odor stuff, which is bearable by your kitty.

6. Inhalation of a Foreign Object

In medical language, a foreign object is something that is stuck in the body part but doesn’t belong there.

For instance, you can encounter such issues in children under the age of five, where they accidentally swallow something and lead to blockage issues.

Although, it’s very rare in feline cases. Still, if a feline has inhaled any foreign objects that could get stuck in her nostril and block her nasal passages.

inhalation of a foreign object

If this happens to your kitty, then it is possible that she start sneezing to get rid of the foreign object. In such a scenario, it is advisable to consult the vet and immediately get rid of it.

7. Suffering From Nasal and Sinus Issue

One of the possible answers to your question, why cat sneeze?

Could be that she might be suffering from rhinitis and sinusitis (nasal and sinus) issues. Now, the question arises, how you will know that your kitty is facing a sinus issue.

suffering from nasal and sinus issue

Well, signs of nasal and sinus issues include sneezing, nasal discharge, snoring, etc. If you notice frequent sneezing that is accompanied by such symptoms in your feline pal for more than two-three days, then it is advisable to consult the vet.

She might be suffering from a sinus issue.

8. Vaccines Side Effect

If in recent times your kitty is vaccinated, then it can be one of the possible reasons behind her sneezing issue.

Just like humans encounter side effects of vaccines such as common cold, minor fever. Similarly, in felines cases, they also get side effects of the vaccine. Sneezing is one of the symptoms.

Certain vaccines, which are used to prevent respiratory infection, can lead to cold, sneezing side effects of it. However, you don’t have to worry much about it, these symptoms will resolve on their own.

vaccines side effect

A piece of advice:- Generally, vaccine side effects get resolved within two-three days, but if your kitty is still facing a sneezing issue then it is advisable to consult the vet for a speedy recovery.

9. Neoplasia

Neoplasia is the most common disease in pets. It is nasal cancer, usually found by the tumor inside the nasal cavity.

Cancer is common in feline cases, especially in aged cats. However, the nasal cancer issue is rare in felines, and it is quite painful. In addition, sneezing is one of the adverse side effects of this painful cancer.

The tumor grows inside the nasal passage and creates irritation, which leads to sneezing issues in cats. It’s not easy to detect these tumors.


By the time it is visible, cancer had already reached the advanced level and is likely to spread all over the body, including the brain.

However, if you are lucky enough to spot the tumor in the initial stage, then you can save your kitty from a painful journey by starting the medications on time.

10. Bacteria Infection

As you know, in the above paragraphs we have covered points related to nasal, sinus issues which lead to continuous sneezing problems in felines.

Apart from all this, bacteria infection is also one of the causes behind your kitty’s sneezing.

If you notice that your feline pal is suffering from a cold, and discharging yellow or green nasal mucus, then take her to the vet. As colored nasal mucus, is one of the signs of bacterial infection.

Better to start the medication on time to avoid any health consequences.

Is Cat Sneezing a Serious Issue?

Just like humans, cats also encounter an occasional sneeze, which is very normal. It could be due to dust particles or anything. However, if your cat sneezes on loop, and it doesn’t go away then you need to check as it might be due to cold, flu, or anything.

Apart from the normal cold, flu, if you notice any other severe symptoms then it is advisable to consult the veterinarian and start her treatment to avoid underlying health issues.

When to Consult the Vet?

So far, we have discussed all the possible reasons regarding cat sneezing problems. Now you can easily identify whether it’s an occasional sneezing, normal cold, flu, or severe health issue. Just by observing your kitty’s symptoms closely.

If sneezing is not accompanied by any other symptoms then no need to visit the vet, it will get resolve on its own.

However, if you notice your cat sneezing a lot, accompanied by any such symptoms listed below:-

  • Yellow or green nasal mucus discharge.
  • Facing difficulty in breathing.
  • Bad snoring, nose blockage.
  • Fever.
  • Discharge from eyes.
  • Scratching, rubbing her nose continuously.
  • Skipping meal or loss of appetite.

Then, without wasting time, consult the vet and let her examine your kitty’s health condition.


Ah! You landed on the last paragraph great.

Confidently, we were able to serve you the appropriate content for the table.

Let’s just take a quick recap on all the points which we have discussed above regarding reasons why cats sneeze.

As you know, an occasional sneeze is normal. However, if you notice that your kitty’s sneezing problem is not getting resolved within one or two days, in that situation it’s important to monitor your kitty’s body language and symptoms very closely.

As discussed, if you notice any symptoms such as nasal mucus, loss of appetite, snoring issue, etc. It is recommended to take her to the vet and start medication rather than applying your own home remedy tricks.


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