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Why Does My Cat Fart So Much?

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One must know why does my cat fart so much because it is more than just embarrassment!

If flatulence in a kitty occurs more than usual, and if it smells bad then it is a matter of concern.

If your cat releases miserable foul-smelling gas bombs in the air, then it is time that you must read our blog on “why does my cat fart so much“.

There are various reasons for your cat being gassy all the time, it can be due to medical problems like anal diseases or could be due to food allergies and dust, fleas too.

So, let’s know more about it!

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why does my cat fart so much

Why do Cats Fart?

Flatulence occurs when there is a gas formed inside the cat’s intestine or stomach it leads to foul smells and sounds. Well, it is normal and part of life but only if it is limited.

If she is excessively farting she must be suffering from the listed below diseases and can be due to poor regime and consuming irrelevant food.

We have listed a set of medical reasons why your cat is making bad bombs go read below and cross verify if your cat has these ailments or not!

cats farting a lot

Anal Gland Disease

If your cat is affected by an Anal sac she can fart a lot.

During this, if any of the anal becomes abscessed the area will swell up. Bacteria will build problems for her, she will find it difficult while pooping, and your cat will be constipated thus it will lead to fart and gas problems.

In case the abscess ruptures her anal will become blood red, or she will drain out a sticky discharge.

Consult your veterinarian immediately for treatment because this is an extremely painful situation.

Parasites in Stomach

Intestinal parasites in cats are very common in fact, it is as high as 45% population.

The presence of hookworms, tapeworms, stomach worms, roundworms can lead to flatulence in kitties. If your cat is showing symptoms and signs like diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting, loss of appetite, or blood in stool it means parasites are residing inside her intestine.

You must take veterinary help for this.

Check for Gastrointestinal Disease

In case, your cat is affected by any gastrointestinal disease like ulcer, inflammatory bowel disease, lack of pancreatic digestive enzymes, or a respiratory disease she will have gas problems.

check for gastrointestinal disease in cats

Blockage in Intestine

Something blocking inside your cat’s intestine will make her feel bloated, and it will be causing gas in cats.

This is because it obstructs your cat’s intestine which makes it hard for her to poop. It can happen if she ingests bones, toys, or any other hard foreign object inside the stomach.

It can be fatal and may require immediate surgery.


Cat’s have a habit of grooming themselves all day long. They want themselves to be always clean. But, during this cleaning process, they end up ingesting their own fur which is quite normal if the quantity is small.

If she doesn’t take enough fiber fur will remain inside her tummy and thus a large amount of fur in her stomach can lead to bowel disease and farting problems.

Other Reasons

Flatulence in cats can also be because of your lack of knowledge and irresponsibility. Before adopting a cat make sure that you know all problems related to cats, which food can be allergic, how much fiber should be sufficient, and what things to avoid, etc.

why does my cat fart

Have You Changed Her Food?

Change in your cat’s diet can also be one of the reasons why she is farting so much.

So, have you recently changed your cat’s food brand?

If yes, then this can be chaotic because their stomach cannot accept sudden change it can lead to stomach problems and fart of course!

So, make sure to introduce her to new food at a slow pace.

Food Sensitivities

Do you know human food and low-quality food product can cause gas in cats?

Cat’s stomach is quite sensitive and food sensitives are very common in cats. It can make their stomach upset thus lead to food allergies.

If you are feeding your cat beef, eggs, fish, or chicken you have to be very careful because these all can lead to food allergies in the cat. I know this unbelievable right. But, this is the only truth. Well, you can feed her lean meat as treats.

Not necessarily all cats may get allergies by these because each one of them has unique body resistance. Therefore, you can try and test each sample on your cat.

Eating Food Without Chewing

In case, your cat is creating a stink bomb a lot these days make sure to watch how she eats!

cat eating food without chewing

You must be wondering why isn’t it?

Well, this is because if her speed of eating food is fast she will not chew her food appropriately so a lot of air can enter her stomach.

Thus, her body needs to pass gas out, so it gathers all the odor from the digestive tract and moves out in the form of a fart. You can give your cat smaller meals or simply get those cat food that requires chewing.

Consuming Dairy Products and Contaminated Food

Cats are lactose intolerant which means they cannot consume milk, cheese, or cream made from milk.

If the cat eats dairy products she can have an upset stomach, vomiting, and excessive gas problems.

This is similar to cats eating spoiled food. When your cat is consuming foul food she can also face the same, therefore, make sure to check the expiry date of the food and always add fresh suitable food to their diet.

Fibers in a Large Amount

Fibers are an essential part of not just your diet but also in your cat’s diet too! But, everything in limit is important so as fibers too.

Fibers are good for digestion but too much of them can lead to health problems. So, if your cat is eating fibers in an inappropriate amount she can become gassy.

Allergies Due to Dust

Not just food allergies caused by pollen, dirt, fleas, and ticks can also be the cause of stomach distress and flatulence in cats.

Best Food Products for Cat With Flatulence Problems

You can pick the listed below food products for your gassy cat. These were very helpful for my cat. It will work for your cat too!

food for cat with flatulence problems

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Grain Free Diet

As we have discussed already food allergies are the reason for gas in cats but this food is made of limited ingredients which makes it perfect for your gassy cat.

It is made with dietary fibers that come from peas which means she will have healthy digestion and ideal weight.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free

Another we have blue buffalo’s limited ingredients’ cat food. It gives your cat a balanced diet without facing any gastric issues.

This cat food is suitable for all those cats who are food allergic and also who have a bad gut.

Made with selected natural ingredients, it is ideal and safe for your cat’s use.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Fart is normal and common it usually happens when a cat has gas inside her stomach. Well, it’s part of not just humans but animals life too.

But if your cat is farting too much and if the smell stinks a lot then it can be due to underline health problems. It can also be because of feeding wrong food items, bad eating habits, and many more.

We have listed several reasons and what food items can be used for gassy cats in our “why does my cat fart so much” article.

Make sure to read it and share it with other cat owners too!


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