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How to get rid of Cat Litter Box Smell?

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Are you one of them who is tired of tackling the litter box smell and don’t know how to get rid of the cat litter smell?

Then, no worries, we understand living with a cat is hard! Therefore, we have covered multiple litter box smell hacks, and we will teach you how to get rid of the pungent odor. Cat owners with multiple cats majorly face the issue of litter box smell. But our ideas are practically tested, it is completely safe for use.

The tricks in the list can beat the smell of a dirty litter box but follow them appropriately.

how to get rid of the cat litter smell

How to Get Rid Of the Cat Litter Smell?

Read our list on how to get rid of the cat litter smell. We have given the best of 8 hacks to prevent the cat litter box issues!

It won’t be that easy to stop cat litter smell, but you can still try preventing it!

So, let’s head on to know how to get rid of the cat litter smell right now!

1. Go for Regular Scooping

Bless your nose by constantly cleaning out used cat litter from the litter box!

regular scooping

Prevent smelly litter boxes by removing urine and feces out of the box regularly. The smell of cat litter will linger longer if it is not cleaned daily. Make sure to clean the used litter once a day or twice a day if possible.

Frequently wash the box it will also make your kitty happy as she likes doing her toilet business in a clean space.

You can also go for a cat litter box that is self-cleaning.

If you have many cats in your house, then constant cleaning will depend on other factors too! The number of cleaning cycles will increase as per the number of cats. But most importantly, scoop the box daily.

2. Wash the Litter Box

Scooping used litter is just enough to make odor free cat litter box!

To completely remove the litter box smell, you have to wash every part of the box thoroughly once a week at least! This means if you daily scoop the solids, then it would be much easier for you to clean the entire litter box.

Unload the tray and scrub the bottom and sides thoroughly with a cleanser and warm water to fully clean the stinking litter box. Remember to protect yourself from germs and fecal infections by wearing gloves and a mask.

Avoid using harsh and strong chemical cleaners as cats don’t like their smell. And even if the litter box is clean, she will avoid using the tray because it is unpleasant for your cat. Once you are done washing the litter box, make sure to dry it completely and then add 2-3 inches of litter in it.

REMARK: Because the cat’s claws might degrade the litter box, you should replace it once a year.

3. Consider Choosing the Right Type of Cat Litter

If you ask me how to get rid of the cat litter smell, then I would suggest you get the right litter for your kitty.

If you use clumping litter will make your cleaning process way from easy! Because it absorbs the liquids quickly and forms clumps when it comes in touch with solid and liquid waste. And, you can easily take out the old used litter.

Avoid scented litters; they use additional perfumes to hide the odor. Cat’s prefer unscented cat litters, so you must keep doing the trial and error method to get an idea of which litter your cat likes!

4. Place in Open Space

You can make a smell-proof litter box by placing the litter box in a ventilated area!

place litter tray in open space

As you know, any smell from the house can vanish if you open the door, well that’s because of air circulation. So, if your cat litter box keeps on stinking, then move the litter box position.

Place the litter box in an open space where air circulation is high. You may prefer to keep the tray in a corner or in under the stairs, but these are not ideal places. It will aid even the tiny cat litter smells to stay longer. Plus, there are higher chances of you missing cleaning the litter boxes daily as it is out of your eyesight!

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5. Keep Extra Litter Boxes

Buy an extra cat litter tray to control litter box odor!

Cats may avoid using the box if they see her litter box is used by other cats! Well, it’s true cats don’t like sharing. So, if you have multiple cats in your home, then make sure to keep one cat litter box per cat.

Every cat owner should ideally keep one spare litter box for each cat! Additionally, when purchasing a spare litter box, ensure that your cat enjoys the litter box she is currently using. It should be comfortable for her and appropriate for her size. Because if it is not, she will keep eliminating outside the box.

It should not be large enough that she can’t climb inside, and it should not be small enough that she can’t defecate peacefully.

You can also prevent litter box smell by getting cat litter liners. This is a piece of fabric that you can lay down at the bottom of the tray, and it will soak the urine. There are scented liners too available in the market that can mask the cat litter box smell. It is easy to manage and clean.

6. Observes Her Diet and Make Changes

Make odorless litter boxes by changing her diet!

The cat’s diet is important in keeping a smell-free litter box. Cats are carnivores animals, and many of us think they are omnivores animals. Most of the cheap cat foods are made of grains, poor in nutrition. They give cats digestive problems and allergies.

For keeping cat litter boxes away from the smell, they should eat raw meat diet or good quality meat-rich cat food products. You should avoid feeding them dry food. It makes the cat’s urine smell stronger, and her litter box will stink with concentrated ammonia.

So observe your cat’s diet and change according to her sensitivity level. Some cats are allergic to some food, and it can lead to foul-smelly poop. This will make the litter box stink extreme.

You can visit a vet, look for illness signs and symptoms, and can improve your cats’ diet.

7. Get the Best Litter Box Deodorizer

Don’t know how to get rid of the cat litter smell? Get a good litter box deodorizer!

best litter box deodorizer

To fight against cat litter odor, you can purchase a cat litter box odor eliminator. It will help to get rid of cat litter smell.

You can purchase Nature’s Miracle Litter Box Deodorizer; it has great litter box odor control. It is natural and has no additives—a great companion for those cat owners who have multiple cats. Plus, you can use this in the automatic and manual litter box also. The company claims complete cash back if it doesn’t work. What else do you want then, isn’t it?

So, simply put this deodorizer on every time your cat utilizes the litter box.

Well done, your job is done. Yay!

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8. Baking Soda Will Work!

If you don’t want to spend money on a cat box odor eliminator, then there is a simple life hack to control the litter box smell.

Use baking soda is one of the best ways! It is easily available in every household. It is not toxic and ideally safe to use to clean the smelly litter box.

It won’t cover up the odor, but it will help to neutralize the acidic odor of the litter box. It is also very effective at controlling the odor of cat urine.

To get rid of the smell of the litter box, simply sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of the tray before loading it with fresh litter. In the litter box room, you can even keep an open box filled with baking soda. It will aid in the absorption of the bad odor.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Want to know how to get rid of the cat litter smell?

Then read this article! We understand if you have friends who “smell cats”, it is embarrassing. Therefore, we advise you to use the best litter box smell hacks. Mostly cat litter stinks because of the dirty litter box or due to the wrong diet and location of the litter box.

I hope you have understood this article and now can beat the litter box smell easily. If you know any other tips or solutions, do let us know in the comment section below!


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