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Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food?

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Well, most cat owners are bothered to know why does my cat try to bury her food. That is why we have done the complete research and wrote this blog just for you.

I have noticed these days that my cat is burying her food more often. This is sad because my cat doesn’t eat that later. I am so frustrated that I end up throwing her food in the bin most of the time.

A cat trying to bury food can be because of her survival instinct, medical condition, or possibly because you are overfeeding her. Know more reasons below!

why does my cat try to bury her food

Why Does My Cat Try to Bury Her Food?

Let’s cut the chase and know the reasons why does my cat try to bury her food now!

1. To Support Cleanliness

Cat buries food because they prefer cleanliness. You know cats are known to be the cleanest animal creatures. They want a neat and clean space.

cat trying to bury food

Therefore, to keep their surrounding territory spotless and clean cat tries to bury food!

2. Cat Trying to Bury Food to Cover Scent

To avoid drawing any predators to her space, cats try to cover the smell of the food. It is harmless behavior.

Cat’s ancestors were African wildcats who used to live in the wild, so they had to hunt for prey. When they had uneaten food with them, they knew what to do with that.

Cats are clever, and they know that predators can follow them to attack by using the odor of uneaten food. Therefore, the smart cat covers food in order to break the trail.

Therefore, a domesticated will cat tries to bury food in order to mask the smell properly, and hence they can erase their presence by doing that.

3. She Is Not Saving the Food for Later

If you are thinking that your feline is burying her food so she can eat it later, then you are wrong. Many animals do save their food so that they have something to eat when they go hungry again.

But that is not the case with cats. They aren’t scavengers. They don’t like the idea of scavenging and do not like eating stale food. But, there is an exception, of course.

When cat parents provide dry food and wet food, they tend to save dry food. So, we need to focus on what kind of food our cat is hiding. If she hides wet food, then we need to find another reason for her behavior.

Remember, If you have trained her to think that dry food is a treat, she will try to enjoy it for later. She is actually saving her treats and not food.

4. She Is Feeling Comfortable

Well, cat-covering food is a sign that confirms their natural instinctive behavior.

cat covers food

Cats bury food represents that your cat feels comfortable in your house. It is a sign of contentment. So, if you are bothered about why does my cat try to bury her food, let me tell you she is happy, and you don’t have to stress about this.

5. It Is a Ritual for Them

If you saw your cat trying to bury her food, it can be because it is a “Ritual” for her! Yes, you read that right. Even felines have rituals.

One of the many rituals of the cat is trying to bury her half-eaten food because she loved it!

Generally, a cat burying food is part of their practice. They have learned it from their mothers. When a cat trying to bury food, it determines that she likes the food.

6. Multi-Cat Household Issues

Another reason why does my cat try to bury her food is because of multicast house problems.

If you have many cats at home. You will notice your cat will bury her food in an effort to sneak her food from other cats.

It is normal and natural because cats don’t like to share their things.

Why do Cats Try to Bury Their Food Without Eating?

Know about why do cats try to cover their food without eating in this section.

1. Medical Condition Maybe?

Just like we keep our food plate aside when we feel unwell, kitty also does the same. Cats covering food are a sign that she is not feeling well.

cat buries food

When a cat undergoes a dental problem, she will avoid eating her food. Or if she doesn’t show any dental problem symptoms like loose teeth or stinky breath, there can be several medical problems then.

You can take her to the vet and get her to check whether she is suffering from a liver problem, kidney issue, or diabetes or not because these medical conditions may encourage your cat to avoid eating food.

2. Cat Trying to Bury Food When They Don’t Like That Food

Sometimes cats literally cover their food with a newspaper or towel.

Well, most of the cats are choosy eaters. They like their cat food to be nice in appearance and in smell. Well, you can make their food extra interesting if you add some tuna juice over her plate or add some chicken stock. Cat’s have a great sense of smell, so you can reheat the food to release the tasty smell.

You can also try some nice wet food or dry food too!

3. Already Enjoyed Her Meal Elsewhere

The next reason why do cats try to cover up their food without eating food can be because she is enjoying her meal elsewhere.

cats covering food

If this is the case, then it is an unhealthy habit and should absolutely correct her. Check whether she is eating her food with someone else or probably eating nearby neighborhood.

4. You Are Overfeeding Her

Have you noticed your cat trying to bury food frequently? Then she might be giving you a message that you are giving her extra food!

If she is not eating her food completely, she will cover her food to let you know that you are overfeeding her. Also, some cats don’t like eating leftover food, so they will not return and even touch the food dish till you pour fresh cat’s food into that.

How to Stop Cat Bury Food Behavior?

A cat trying to bury food can be prevented if you follow the steps listed below.

  • It’s a good idea to prevent cat burying food behavior. Offer her food in small quantities. Notice your cat’s food quantity and give her food only according to her wish.
  • When she starts doing this you can also play with her so that she is distracted.
  • When you know she is going to finish her food bowl take it away, clean the spill and give her enough fresh water.

Summing It All Up!

Cat owners often face a food burying issue. Most times, it becomes their routine, and the food they bury ends up being thrown into the bin. So much food waste, right!

Well, now you can know why does my cat try to bury her food to avoid it. We have listed various reasons along with how to prevent this behavior.

You can read above and get acknowledged; if you know another reason, then do leave a comment down below!


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