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The 11 Best Homemade Cat Toys Your Kitty Will Love [DIY]

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Read this blog on the best homemade cat toys, we have made this DIY process after making them on our own!

Did you know that the cat in the wild use to spend 40% of their time hunting? Therefore, it is vital to give your cat toys and games to keep her entertained and busy!

The 11 Best Homemade Cat Toys Your Kitty Will Love

Cat needs different toys, and purchasing new toys can be expensive; therefore, why don’t you try making homemade cat toys?

We have listed 11 DIY cat toys, simple and budget-friendly. I promise your cat will love her time playing with these homemade cat toys.

How to Make Homemade Cat Toys?

Without wasting your time, grab some inspiration and make unique homemade cat toys for your feline friend now!

1. Homemade Cat Toys From Yarn

Yarn cat toys are the easy peasy homemade cat toys option on the list. You can curate the household items and make his cat toy easily in 30 minutes.

Homemade Cat Toys From Yarn

Check the list for making homemade cat toys.

Materials Required

  • Yard Roll of any color
  • A Pair of Scissors


First, let’s make the medium size pom poms. So, grab the yarn and wind that in your first three fingers. To make a medium size pop pomp, you have to fold the yard about 125 times.

Once done, take it out of your finger properly and cut the yarn thread. Now, you have to cut a small length of yard to secure the wrapped yarn.

Put down the wrapped yarn ball, and in the center of it, place that small piece of yarn to bundle it. Then make a knot as tight as possible. Take scissors and cut all loops, and your DIY pom-pom handmade cat toys are ready.

2. DIY Catnip Toy

Buying cat toys from the pet store can be pricey; therefore, let’s DIY cat toys at home.

Cat loves catnip so let’s make a catnip kicker for your felines. This rolling toy will keep your feline occupied.

Materials Required

  • A piece of a fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Catnip
  • Pins to tuck
  • Polyester stuffing


Take a rectangular piece of fabric of your choice, place that on an iron board and press the short ends to the wrong side a half-inch. Do this on both widths ends.

Fold the fabric lengthwise in half and pin it in place. Now, take the sewing machine and, with the straight stitch, sew the long side together using a half-inch seam allowance and back tacking at the beginning and the bottom.

While you keep sewing, make sure to remove the pins. Now, you have made a fabric tube. Turn the tube right side out. Then line up the short ends and pin them in place so that it doesn’t move.

Then stitch the edge, close to the end. Again, sew that with the machine. Stuff the fabric tube with polyester stuffing and add some dry catnip in that and again fill it.

Now, sew the edges and close the tube.

It’s done now; it is a creative catnip toy. Your kitties will love kicking, hugging, and rolling over the toy.

3. Pipe Cleaner Cat Toy

Pipe cleaner toys are the unique DIY cat toys ideas on the list.

Pipe Cleaner Cat Toy

The best part of homemade cat toys is that they are awesome and effortless and can be made from few things.

Materials Required

  • Pipe cleaners (chenille stems)
  • A pencil


Take two different color chenille stem sticks put them together, and simply twist them up from top to bottom, then simply bend both ends of the stem as it can hurt your kitty.

Now, wrap this twisted stem around the pencil. You can also your finger. And, the bouncy DIY cat toy is ready.

You can make any shape out of these. You can also make a bug shape too!

4. Cat Treat Toy

Cats love food and treat then; why don’t you try making interesting cat treat toys from household items?

This craft will keep your kitty active. Plus, this is also a kind of cat treat dispenser. So, let us make your own cat toy with minimum things.

Materials Required

  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Cutter
  • Filler


Take the plastic bottle and cut little holes in it randomly throughout the bottle.

The next step is to file down the holes with the help of filler because plastics cuts are sharp, and edges may hurt your kitty.

Add your cat’s favorite treats in the hole. And close the bottle. Give this bottle to your cat, and she will roll around play to eat her favorite treats from that hole.

5. Cardboard Cat Toys

If you have a carton box left in your storeroom, you can do fun DIY cat toys project with that.

 Cardboard Cat Toys

Grab the listed below stuff to make homemade cat toys.

Materials Required

  • Cardboard box
  • A pair of scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Knife
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Feathers
  • Duct Tape
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • A paper towel tube


Take the box and properly glue it down and make it sturdy. Then take the knife or scissors, whatever is comfortable for you. Then remove the one long side of the panels.

Create a support post from the cardboard paper towel tube. Tape it down to equal height as the box. Put the glue on both edges and keep it in the middle of the box.

Now, with the help of a knife, make the circle on the top of the box and cut it out. Make sure to avoid the support post. Take the tape and stick the ends of the bamboo skewer to make the edges smooth.

Time to use pipe cleaners. Fold them into halves. Bend the skewer to make an inch-long tip that points upward and perpendicular to it.

Encase the pipe cleaners around the bamboo skewers. Tape the ends tightly. Now, stick the feathers to the pipe cleaner in a perpendicular direction.

And, it’s ready! Now, to attract your furry friend, slide the skewer up through the openings of the box.

Don’t go! If your cat likes tricky homemade cat toys, then read ahead!

6. DIY Cat Puzzle Toys

The next toy on the list of homemade cat toys is a tricky cat toy. This toy will stimulate your cat’s mind, keep her engaged.

To make these easy DIY cat toys, you will require some basic things.

Materials Required

  • Potato chips can
  • Paper sheets
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cutter


Take the can and paper sheep. Place the can on the sheet and cut the paper according to the can size so that you can cover the entire can.

Then apply some glue throughout the can. You can use extra paper to apply the glue and avoid mess. Now, take the paper sheet and cover the entire can with it.

You may mess it up and form some wrinkles but don’t worry; you can clean the creases later.

Now, let it rest and air dry for around 1 hour.

Remove the extra paper from the edges and fold and stick it inside the can. Make circular holes on the can.

You can make any size circles and 4, 5 circles on it. Mark it with a pencil and cut the holes from the can with the help of a cutter. Smooth it down with your fingers.

Hurray! It’s done. Put your pet’s favorite toy inside it. And close the cap.

7. DIY Cat Wand

Try to make your own cat toys. This toy is like the magic wand of your cat. For this, homemade cat toys will require little things.

DIY Cat Wand

Materials Required

  • Wooden dowel
  • Jingle bells
  • Fabric Scraps
  • Fabric glue
  • Bakers twin strings
  • Scissor


Cover the wooden dowel with twine and leave 10-12 inches at the end. Secure the glue and tie down the fabric scrap and bells at the end of the twine.

The adorable cat wand is ready. Wasn’t it one of the simple DIY cat toys?

8. DIY Cat Toys Toilet Paper Rolls

If your cat spends most of the time home alone, toilet paper rolls homemade cat toys are just for her. It will engage her brain and body. It will be fun and will help to reduce the anxiety and stress of your cat.

So, stop throwing your toilet paper for a while and do DIY cat toys.

Materials Required

  • Toilet Tubes
  • Glue


Collect many toilet roll tubes. Make the base of the pyramid line with the rolls and stick them together. Make the next stage of the pyramid by sticking on another line of tubes. Keep in mind that at each layer, one tube will be less.

Repeat the step till the pyramid is finished. Let it dry and stick together. When it is ready, put some treats and watch your cat having fun trying to catch the treats. Importantly it will help to build her cognitive ability.

Don’t go anywhere; super simple homemade cat toys are here.

9. DIY Mouse Cat Toy

As you know, you already feline’s favorite prey is the mice. So, why not make an interesting DIY mouse cat toy? It will keep your kitty active.

DIY Mouse Cat Toy

Materials Required

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Elastic
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissor
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Fabric


First, make a mouse on paper. Fold the paper draw a half teardrop at the corner. Measure the half teardrop circumference with a ruler. Note down it will be the length of the side piece.

Then draw half a heart on the same and cut the pattern. This will be the template that you can use later.

Keep that on the fabric and trace it down. Cut two side pieces and one bottom.

Collect all the fabric pieces and stitch them together. When sewing is done at the top, align it with the edge of the side and sew it again all the way around till one inch remains.

Then fill the stuffing inside nicely and make it fluffy. Make eyes of the mice using the same yarn and stick the fabric ears.

Stitch the elastic piece at the back of the mouse. Once it is done, stretch the elastic and watch it running.

10. Homemade Cat Toys From Soaks

Homemade cat toys made from socks are amazing and loved by most cat owners.

Materials Required

  • Shredded paper
  • Socks


Take one sock, then fill shredded paper in it completely. Make sure the sock is fully filled and it is fully outside.

Then a knot and cut the edges in the shape of a fishtail. Take a marker and draw the scale of the fish and eyes.

Additionally, you can put catnip inside if your cat likes it. Then give this toy to your cat and let her enjoy it.

Yippee! Your easy DIY cat toy is ready.

11. Homemade Cat Toys Scratching Post

Last but not least amazing cat scratching post activities are here. This tutorial will help your kitty to soothe her itchiness, and she can play along with it.

Homemade Cat Toys Scratching Post

Materials Required

  • Glass Bottle
  • Two packets of rope
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard tube
  • Rectangular wooden piece


Take the bottle and rope. On the bottle, put some glue and then wrap the glass bottle with the help of the rope. Wrap till the top, then paste the cardboard paper tube on the top of the bottle.

Similarly, wrap the tube with rope and hot glue. Fill some paper in the tube and close the end by folding and pasting the extra cardboard.

Now, place the bottle on the wooden tray and mark the bottom edges of the Bootle. Remove the bottle and apply glue in the marked area to stick the bottle properly.

Use the rope to cover the bottom of the bottle and wooden tray in a circular shape. And, it’s ready.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Many cat owners find cat toys quite expensive therefore try making homemade cat toys projects for your kitty by reading this article.

It is easy, made from household items, and saves your money! You can try any of the 11 DIY cat toys for your kitten and cats.

We have listed interesting puzzles, treats, and engaging homemade cat toys in this. Your feline will definitely relish playing with these homemade cat toys! You can also try making other types of cat products in the home, like DIY cat tents!


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