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Why Is My Cat’s Butt So Dirty [& Can I Help]?

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Here’s the thing: we humans are extremely fortunate to be able to wipe our own bums. It’s something I believe that we all take for granted — but, what about your cats?

Maintaining your cat’s butt hair is certainly not something you considered when you first considered getting a cat. “I can’t wait to wipe off my cat’s butt one day,” no one has ever said. Isn’t it?

Even though they are the cleanest critter. Sometimes they have a dirty bum too due to anal gland, arthritis, diarrhea problem.

Well, know more reasons on why is my cat’s butt so dirty and how to clean a cat’s butt now!

why is my cats butt so dirty

Why Is My Cat’s Butt So Dirty?

If your cat’s bum is messy there can be a list of reason for it. Like stress, feline cognitive dysfunction, scooting problems.

Most adult cats face arthritis which prohibits their easy body moment and hence one more reason why are your cat’s butts always filthy. Read below things in more detail.

1. Anal Gland Problem Can Make Their Bum Dirty

Dirty cat butts can occur if your cat is suffering from an anal gland health condition. Infection in the anal can lead to swollen red glands. Due to the swollen muscle in the area, it restricts ease poop movement.

When she tries to move out the excreta, it will stick to her fur. Your feline will already face discomfort and thus won’t clean her butt.

Her butt will remain uncleared for long till it reaches the anal glands. If it persists for long, she will resist herself to clean the bottom of her own.

2. Does She Have Diarrhea?

If you wonder why my cat’s butt so dirty, then the answer can be diarrhea.

cat with diarrhea

It can mess with her bum’s fur if not cleaned from time to time. It can stick together and form a mat; thus, if you see poop on her bottom, check whether she is suffering from diarrhea or not.

3. Discomfort From Arthritis

Most cats suffer from arthritis when they are grown old. When she faces problems in moving her body, she may hinder cleaning her buttocks. This is because, for cleaning feces, she needs to move her body all the way round; thus, she will go through immense pain to reach there.

Overweight cats also find it difficult to clean their bum due to a deficiency of strength and flexibility problem. If you detect signs of arthritis or obesity, it will limit your cat from cleaning her bottom.

4. Stress Can Lead to Behavioral Changes

Tension and anxiety can lead to change in the cat’s behavior. It can limit their grooming habits. Any change in your house may affect your cat’s behavior.

cats butt so dirty

So, next time if there is a change in your cat’s behavior, now you know why is my cat’s butt so dirty.

5. Long Hair Problems

Length of the fur can also lead to problems. Clip your long-haired cat’s fur from her ass area so that the bum doesn’t get dirty.

When she defecates, poop clings on her fur. Therefore, I used scissors to trim fur length from her bottom part. You can also use a clipper if she is comfortable.

6. Litter Box is Dirty

I case your feline friend has lost her interest in keeping her buttock clean; then it can be due to “YOU.”

dirty cat litter box

Wondering how? Well, when you don’t keep her litter box clean, she will lose her interest in cleaning. Make sure to scoop out used litter out-of-the-box once a day or once in two days as she dislikes an unhygienic litter box.

Another reason If she hinders using her litter tray, she may not like the litter you are currently using. Therefore, make sure to pick litter that your cat pet likes.

The change in the type of litter can also distrust her routine; it can bother her may give her stress, thus can lead to minimum bum cleaning habits.

7. Worm in Her Intestine

Sometimes a cat’s hygiene can also be due to a worm in her intestine. Presence of parasites in her tummy cause irritation in her anus area.

Therefore, the process of cleaning her anus after defecating becomes quite a struggling task. Intestinal parasites problems with cats are more common. As per the studies is affects 45% of the total cat’s family. We may ignore them, but they should be treated immediately once it is detected.

In some cases, you can even detect worms clinging to her anal. This will gross you out and may prompt you to pull it, but you won’t ever do that as it can be hanging inside her vital organs. If you plug out forcefully, you can hurt her internal body system.

8. Cognitive Dysfunction

Feline cognitive dysfunction can cause fewer grooming habits in a cat. It is observed more in older cats.

cat not cleaning bum properly

If your cat is affected by the same, you can notice she will not take care of her fur; it will become greasy and dirty. Thus fur around her butt will remain unclean, and she can even eliminate it anywhere.

9. Cat’s Scooting Problems

Every cat owner has witnessed cat but problems. Cat scooting is widespread; they jump and wipe their butt on the carpet. We can consider it is good because it let us know that she is facing some problem.

It is an indication of allergies, worms, and diarrhea problems. So, next time you notice a cat scooting, talk to your vet.

How to Clean a Cat’s Butt?

So far you know why is your cat’s butt always filthy but do you know how to clean the cats butt in easy ways?

Wondering how?

Well, there are cat wipes to easily remove all dirt from your cat’s body. You can even use a wet cloth.

Check the rest tricks given below now!

1. Use Cat Wipes

How to clean a cat’s butt? With the help of wet wipes!

You can clean the dirty butt of your kitty with wiping sheets. Make sure it is an unscented, pet-friendly product that won’t hurt her skin. Because the skin of her butt is sensitive, so it should be chemical-free.

glandex hygienic cat butt wipes


Get Glandex Hygienic Rear Wipes. It is made with the goodness of aloe vera vitamin E; it is extra soft and can clean your cat poop’s from her butt.

2. Wet Wash Cloth or Damp Paper Towel

Use a wet cloth for cleaning their bum. Make sure to wash it instantly so it easily comes out.

Another alternative is a paper towel. This may be gross but make sure you clean it quickly. Use good quality paper towels while cleaning because if it is shred, the small particles linger on her skin and can cause irritation.

3. Bathing

The next solution on how to get dried poop off the cat is by giving her a bubble bath.

Keep her bottom part for a few minutes in the tub of warm water to loosen dried poop easily. Use cat-friendly shampoo or dish soap and use gloves for protection as pathogens can harm you.

4. Seek Professional Help

As we have already mentioned, the reason why is my cat’s butt so dirty, you know arthritis, feline cognitive dysfunction, impacted anal glands’ problem, diarrhea can cause this.

To treat these medical conditions, you must seek professional help on time. The vet will diagnose her appropriately and also guide you on how to clean the cat’s butt.

How to Prevent This Behavior of Your Cat?

You know how to clean a cat’s bottom, but it is important also to know how to prevent this behavior prior so that such a condition doesn’t arise, and you can keep the cat’s health better.

how to clean a cats butt

1. Give Proper Grooming

You can prevent it by going to a vet or groomer to trim her fur length. Long fur has a higher chance of tracking a cat’s poop. If you regularly give her proper grooming, it can reduce the chance butt being dirty.

2. Give Good Cat Food

Dirty cat butt can also be because of poor diet. If she doesn’t defecate proper stool, it can stick around her butt area. Therefore, feed her high-quality dry food, which promotes healthy poop. Give her a protein-rich diet, and if she is an indoor cat, make sure she doesn’t eat wild animals as it can upset her stomach since she is not used to it.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Cat

You can easily know why is my cat’s butt so dirty if you keep an eye on her. You check earlier signs of anal glands issue and symptoms like loss of appetites, weight loss, white flakes in poop can give you sign she is not well, and there is something related why is my cat’s butt so dirty.

4. Give More Exercise & Restricted Diet

Keep your cat healthy by keeping her physically fit. Being overweight is also one of the reasons why is my cat’s butt so dirty.

Thus, it is essential that you involve her in physical activities and restrict her diet. Feed her only the right food, which won’t cause any health problems.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

There are various reasons why is my cat’s butt so dirty. It can be due to arthritis, unhygienic litter box condition, being too obese to reach and groom their bottoms, internal parasites, lack of grooming, etc.

But, you can curb these problems by proper grooming, changing her cat food, taking her on walks, and keeping her stay healthy and stress-free.

If you are curious to know more about it then do read our article on how to clean a cat’s butt!

You will get complete guidelines in this blog.


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