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Why Lying Cats Thump Tails? (12 Reasons)

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Do you know cats move tails while lying to express their emotions and mood? It is part of their communication.

Moving tail indicated various meanings. Do you want to know why lying cats thump tails? Let’s check out.

Generally, when cats are relaxed or chilling they wag their tail to express calmness, but not necessarily they will move their tail just to express bliss sometimes it’s also a call for bad news too like she is sick, or she is struggling to move her leg, or she is having trouble while eating basically all sort of pain.

why lying cats thump tails

Why Is My Cat Thumping Its Tail When Lying Down?

Tail wagging is the way of cat communication. A thrashing tail may tell you that she is seeking attention or wants you to just stop petting her, or maybe she is telling you to leave her alone as she is annoyed.

It is important to understand her tail movement because sometimes she could be suffering.

1. Need to See Vet, Maybe She Is Sick

The cat may wag its tail to display that she is in pain. It is their normal reflex action. Well, felines have mastery in hiding pain this is because they don’t want to show they are weak.

But, your kitty purring or wagging its tail is also a sign of pain.

need to see vet maybe she is sick
Cause of pain
She is under depression
Trying to deal with insomnia
She does not feel like eating
Feeling lethargic
Tooth pain
An arched back

If your cat is wagging tail the above listed can be a possible reason for her pain. Make sure to take her to the vet because the situation can go worse over time if not left untreated.

2. She Is Feeling Unsafe

Whenever a feline feels unsafe they wag their tails from side to side. You will notice that her ears will be standing.

she is feeling unsafe

Generally, when cats feel threatened like during games they tend to get angry and will be thumping their tail aggressively.

3. Is She Angry With You?

So, the next reason why lying cats thump tails is that you might have irritated her.

Cat tail movements can depict that she is angry with you.

is she angry with you

Have you disturbed her while sleeping? If yes, then your grumpy cat can also be annoyed due to this. There may be further reasons, so make every effort to keep her pleased.

4. She Is Overstimulated!

Next, when you continuously stroke your cat she gets overstimulated which she doesn’t like at all. So, her body moment will display that she is not liking your petting. During that time leave her alone, or she will attack you.

she is overstimulated

So, are you ready for aggressive scratches?

5.Your Cat Is an Explorer

Cats are by nature explorers. They are curious and if they find something interesting they will keep wandering to satisfy their urge.

your cat is an explorer

And, when they get excited due to curiosity they tend to thump their tails or her tail will start quivering.

6. Swishing Cat’s Tail Is a Sign of Joy

Your feline show her happiness by moving her tail. It shows that she is feeling relaxed and in a state of bliss.

swishing cat's tail is a sign of joy

For instance, if you give her favorite treat or when you take her for the walk she gets excited and happy, and to show joy cats thump their tails swiftly, and it will be slightly tilted also.

7. When She Is Thrilled

Coming up to the next reason why lying cats thump tails is that she is thrilled and excited. When your cat is enthusiastic, her pupils will enlarge and her eyes will become rounder.

when she is thrilled

Her ears will point upwards and her tail tip will twitch. This is likely to happen when they see birds (their prey) outside the window flying.

8. Call For Playtime

Feline move their tails when lying when they want to address that they feel playful.

When your cat comes to you when you get home and moves her tail then gently lean on you, no don’t get it wrong she might be showing affection but with a large pupil and making an innocent face she is actually convincing you to play.

call for play time

They will stalk you everywhere and may wiggle their butt or would pounce then get it straight that she needs playtime so, get ready with cat toys.

9. Taking Her Nap

Cat also move their tails when lying because they are either sleeping or dreaming.

Yes, it is true they obviously won’t move their tail very fast. The movement will be light which they may do when they are unconscious.

taking her nap

In case your cat falls asleep and out of the blue moves her tail, that indicates that she is dreaming while napping.

10. Just Chilling?

Yes, while chilling cats also keep wagging their tail! You must be thinking it is so strange, isn’t it?

just chilling

Well, as per the cat behaviorists your kitty moves her tail when they feel contented they are expressing that they are feeling calm and carefree.

11. It’s Part of Their Greeting Gesture

Cats greet their hooman or other cats by moving their tail. When you come to your room and your feline starts moving her tail and rubs her head against you that means she is saying “hello hooman”.

it's part of their greeting gesture

Also, when felines feel comfortable and when they’re relaxed they also flick their tail on the ground.

12. Demanding Attention

The last reason why lying cats thump tails is that she needs your attention.

Cats are very demanding. They want their owner’s attention. They cannot speak or communicate like us humans therefore they use their body language to deliver their feeling. Basically, cats wag their tails to seek attention.

demanding attention

So, when you don’t pay much attention to her for a long she will ask for it basically she will move her tail and come to you and command you that you are not spending much time with her.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion why lying cats thump tails is that cats attempt to communicate with their body language. They will express their aggression, frustration, happiness, joy, excitement, and pain in the form of tail movement.

As a responsible cat owner, you must know why is she doing this because sometimes it could make the situation worse because cats hide when something is bothering them mentally or physically.

So, next time when you observe movement in your kitty’s tail while lying it is a message for you to try to understand her message.


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