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The Best Cat Litter Boxes for Any Type of Budget

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Looking for the recommendations for the best litter box? We got your back.

Find the most suitable litter box as per your budget from the list that I have curated after testing these litter boxes and getting feedback & opinion from other pet parents.

The Best Cat Litter Boxes for Any Type of Budget

A Glance of Our Favorites in 2022

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner
Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

  • Carbon Impregnated Filter
  • Built-in Bag Anchor
  • Catit Ammonia Buster


Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place
Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

  • Advance Carbon filter
  • Odor tracking option
  • Monitor & control via app


Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place
Van Ness Cat Pan

Van Ness Cat Pan

  • Odor & stain Resistant
  • Easy Entry & Exit
  • High Polished Finish


The 10 Best Litter Boxes of 2020 (Reviews & Top Features)

1. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

 Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan is an excellent choice, with an enclosed design that’s portable it really affordable.

The catit jumbo hooded cat litter pan is weighing on the lower side which allows you to carry it easily. You can easily lift the hood to clean & it when it’s time to switch out the bags. If your pet prefers an open cat litter pan then it is a convertible, you can remove the hood with the help of a locking slider without any hassle.

This cat litter pan is made up of BPA-free materials, which ensures that it will not harm your felines. Having a humongous size, and reliable design ensures that it is worth every penny. Moreover, it comes in two different sizes regular, & jumbo, you can buy as per your requirement.

Features List

  • Integrated Odor Filter
  • Built-in Bag Anchor
  • Clever design with raised back
  • The built-in overlap mechanism prevents leaks
  • Features carrying handle
  • Easy locking slider locks
  • Size 22.44 x 19.69 x 18.31 inches
  • Weighs 1.68 Pounds (0.76KG).

It also has the built-in bag anchor which helps to keep the bag open & gives your access to keep your hands free for scoping. The carbon impregnated filter effectively entraps and reduces the odor in the room. Also, you can buy the Catit Ammonia Buster to absorb or retain the 80% of hazardous ammonia gases

To conclude, we think this is the overall best cat litter box for any type of budget.


  • Large Opening easy access door
  • Paw-safe front door
  • Raised back and overlap mechanism prevent urine leaks
  • Active carbon filter for odor control
  • Made of BPA-free materials


  • You have to open the Hood to clean the litter pan

Read more to get an idea about litter

2. Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

 Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Are you finding the best automatic litter box then your search ends here, I have researched the best automatic cat litter box in the market? Here you go check out the Litter robot self-cleaning cat litter box. I agree it is on the expensive side but with the features it offers, you won’t find all these features in one litter box in the market.

The litter robot III comes with a robust design that offers reliable performance. You never have to scoop again Litter-Robot 3 automatic self-cleaning cat litter box. This litter robot automatically separates the waste with the help of the sifting process. however, you just have to remove the waste bag from the drawers once a day or when it’s full.

Features List

  • Monitor & control via app
  • Odor tracking option
  • Carbon filters
  • Textured ramp surface
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Size 24 x 24 x 34 inches
  • Weighs around 28 Pounds (12.7 KG)

You can monitor & control the litter robot III with the help of an app. It is a WiFi-enabled sifting litter box, you directly get the notifications on the phone when the waste drawer is full. Moreover, the app provides your the access to monitoring your cat’s health & habits.


  • Reduces litter box odor
  • you can control it via the app
  • It comes with carbon filters
  • Automatically separate the wastes
  • Notifies you when the drawer is full
  • The 8-hour sleep mode work during the night


  • Weigh on the heavier side

3. Van Ness Cat Pan – Medium

Van Ness Cat Pan

If you are finding the classic cat litter box then here you go check this Van ness cat pan, it is the best affordable litter pan available on our list. If you are on a budget buy then you should go with this litter pan. The best conventional cat litter pan available.

You can also refer to our article based on the best cheap cat litter available on the market for better knowledge.

If you have a kitten & want to provide the litter training, then this cat litter tray is beneficial for them. This tray is made with BPA-free material, which ensures that it won’t harm your feline. Moreover, this tray is easy to clean & stain resistant.


  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for kittens training
  • odor and stain resistant
  • Size 15.91 x 12.05 x 4.02 inches
  • Weighs 500 pounds (0.27 Kg)

This litter box is made with high-quality Polypropylene material, which ensures the durability of the litter box. Moreover, it comes with high edges, which helps to trap the urination on the walls of a litter box.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Odor and Stain Resistant
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Medium also feels like it’s small for many cats.

4. Petmate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Box

Petmate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Box

The petmate arm & hammer is one of the best sifting litter boxes present on my list. No need for scooping is required, you just have to lift to sift the waste. This litter box comes with 1 sifting box & 2 regular boxes.

The patented unique design of the Sifting Litter Pan allows the litter to pass through while sifting, leaving the clumps behind. Moreover, it is made with recycled material not only is it useful to your furball, but it is beneficial for the environment too.


  • Unique patented design
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Works with all the litters.
  • No more scooping
  • Lift to sift
  • Size 19 x 15 x 8 inches
  • Weighs 2.65 Pounds

This cat litter box is made with built-in Microban protection to deter the maturing of odor-causing bacteria. Moreover, this litter box can work fine with pine litter, crystal cat litter, and pellets clumping cat litter. This litter box might be very beneficial if you are giving potty training to your kitten or a pup.


  • Lift to sift
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Larger cats may find it too small and cramped

5. IRIS USA Top Entry Cat Litter Box

 IRIS USA Top Entry Cat Litter Box

The IRIS cat litter is one of the best litter boxes in the top entry category, that is the reason why it is on our top 11 list. This litter box is a perfect way to prevent litter scattering & spraying inside. It is a perfect option for young cats, cats also love to play & jump in the litter box.

This litter pan comes with a large entry & exit which gives your access for easy entry & exit. It also has a grooved lid which ensures that all the litter on your furball’s paws stays on the litter box. Having a larger hole opening on the top makes it easy to scoop off all the waste easily.


  • Size 20.75 x 16.13 x 14.63 inches
  • Weighs 4.60 lbs(2.08 KG)
  • Comes with non-skid rubber
  • Grooved lid
  • Large top entryway

Moreover, this litter box consumes very less space in your room as it has an oval shape & simply it is similar to a bin. If you are having more than one cat then for sure you should go for this litter box. As the cats have the tendency to spray the pheromone on the walls of the litter box. Having a high wall side will ensure that it will trap all the spray inside.


  • Large entry & exit
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevent litter scattering
  • included litter scoop
  • Consumes less space


  • Larger cats may find it too small and cramped
  • Hard to maneuver

You can also check our article based on best cat litter for heavy urination.

6. Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box – Regular Size

Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box

If you are having a small or medium cat then you should check out Omega Paw Roll n’ clean Litter Box. This tray is such a unique way to separate the cat waste clumps into a built-in tray. This litter box is made stronger more durable sifting grate, which ensures that it’s durable & made with high-quality material.

When it’s time to clean up then just turn it upside down & just roll back into the upright position. You will see that the waste is collected in the built-in tray. The sifting process makes things Convenient, affordable, and time-saving. It makes it easier for you to clean up solid waste without removing the lid of the litter box.


  • Easy to use
  • Cleans in seconds
  • Easy Disposal
  • Roll ‘n Clean
  • Built-in tray
  • Stronger locking clips
  • Overall stronger plastic

Having the unique design grill will sift the cat’s waste, & will collect them into a built-in tray. this litter box speeds up the cleaning process, compared to the conventional litter boxes. If you have more than one cat then this might be a saver for you.


  • Easy to clean
  • Prevent litter scattering
  • Built-in tray
  • Strong locking clips


  • Larger cats may find it cramped

7. Van Ness Enclosed Cat Pan with Odor Control Door

Van Ness Enclosed Cat Pan with Odor Control Door

Are you searching for a litter box that can control odor then, here you go check out the van ness enclosed cat pan with an odor control door. This litter box comes with an odor door & replaceable Zeolite air filters. As it is completely enclosed it eliminates the litter & urination scatters.

This Van Ness enclosed litter box provides you with good options such as removable doors, & a Removeable top. Moreover, this litter pan comes with a handle on the top, also it comes with good ventilation holes on the top.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates litter scatter
  • High polish finish
  • stain resistant plastic
  • Size 19.5 x 15.25 x 17.5 inches
  • Weighs 1.63 lbs ( 0.7 Kg)

However, this oversized design will take plenty of space, but your cat will get a perfect place where she can freely concentrate on the business. You will have to make sure you clean the litter box once a day.


  • Easy to clean
  • Eliminates litter scattering
  • Has strong locking lips
  • Strong locking clips


  • Larger cats may find it cramped
  • The quality is not much good as compared to others.

8. PetSafe Automatic Cat Litter Box System

 PetSafe Automatic Cat Litter Box System

The pet-safe cat litter is also a good option in automatic litter box systems. It comes with self-cleaning, & it has a large bin that allows you to clean the drawer in after a few weeks. this high-tech automatic cat litter system comes with sensors that detect the cat & once it leaves the litter box then it started the process.

Petsafe claims this product can control the odor 5X better than other products on the market. Moreover, it can keep 99% dust-free so there is no chance that the litter box might get dusty. However, this product comes with disposable trays, when you want to change the litter tray, just cover the old tray with the provided lid & throw it away.


  • Automatically Revoes the waste
  • Advanced odor control
  • Leak Protection
  • Monitor cat’s health
  • Easy to clean

Setting this pet-safe automatic litter box is very simple & you can do it within seconds. You have to pour the pre-portioned packet of litter into the litter tray, now place the litter tray under the litter system. The litter tray can be replaced every few weeks.


  • Easy to clean
  • Monitor Cat’s health
  • 80% odor control
  • Dust-free filters
  • 3 Layer scoop free trays


  • Works only with crystal litter

If you have a tracking issue and are fed up with the cleaning procedure. Then check out our article on the best non-tracking cat litter, it will surely help you.

9. Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Regular

Omega Paw Roll 'n Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Our next choice for the best cat litter boxes for any type of budget is Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

If you own multiple cats then you should for this self-cleaning cat litter box. It is the enclosed cat litter box & mostly works with all sizes of cats. You do not have to manually scoop the clumped waste as it uses the sifting method to collect the waste in a built-in tray.

When it’s time to clean, you can roll the litter box upside down & roll back in the straight position. Then you may find that the waste has been collected in the built-in tray, toss out the waste. This litter system is completely automatic but however, but you do not have to manually pick up the waste right.


  • Unique patented sifting grill
  • Built-in removable pull-out tray
  • Roll n’ clean
  • Made super strong & durable
  • Weighs 5.4 Pounds
  • Integrated litter step to remove the excess substrate

The unique grill insides will scoop out the cat’s waste & collect the clumped waste. The complete process can be done without removing the lid.


  • Best for large cats
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to manuevere
  • Sturdy


  • The locks are not durable
  • No, handle to pick it up

10. ARM & HAMMER Rimmed Wave Cat Litter Pan, Large

ARM & HAMMER Rimmed Wave Cat Litter Pan.

The arm & hammer rimmed cat litter box is one of the best litter boxes in the sifting category. Like most of the large sifting little boxes on the market, the Arm & hammer has a three-level design. the high rims in this litter box ensure that holds the litter liners in place & eliminate the litter scatters.

The three-layered pans come with strong plastic reinforcement in the bottom for additional stability & durability. Also, the pans are treated with microban for antimicrobial protection, which helps to control the odor inside the box & prevent the growth of bacteria.


  • Rimmed Litter Pan
  • Easy to Clean
  • The strong reinforced bottom design
  • Suitable for large cats
  • Size 18.7 x 15.5 x 10.6 inches;
  • Weighs 1.3 pounds (0.5 Kg)

At the time of cleaning you just have to lift the top pan and pour the litter through the sifter. You will get the waste clumps in the tray and toss them into the dustbin without any hassle. Many cat owners find this method is simpler and quicker than the standard scooping technique.


  • High Rimmed Edges
  • Best for large cats
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to Use


  • Cannot lift when it is filled
  • No paw mat

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best at Litter Boxes

What to Look for in a Cat Litter Box

If you are here then you might know that cat trays are essential for your cat. A cat litter tray is a plastic tray, that holds the substrate, such as Clay, Walnut, Tofu, Silica Gel, Diatomaceous Earth, Grass, Paper, and Corn.

It is the place where your cat gets in & does its business. Moreover, cats have the tendency to cover the evidence. So choosing the best cat litter box & substrate is very necessary.

Providing litter trays indoors & outdoors then it might be beneficial for your cat. However, cats are perfectionists & choosy, yes which is understandable.

In fact, we also need a good place, same as they also find a place where they can do toilet peacefully.

Moreover, some cats prefer lots of space while others like more limited areas. There are cats that love to be covered & some get nervous when they are blocked in.

Cat litter box is a specific product, but that doesn’t mean you do not have any options. There are multiple types of cat litter boxes available on the market.

However, choosing what is suitable for your cat is more challenging, Right! Don’t worry, Here I have provided the complete range of litter boxes & why you should use it. Let’s take a closer look.

The Best Cat Litter Box Gives Your Cat Space

Litter boxes are predominantly designed for human comfort. Human psychology says they find the product that provides comfort to them.

Usually, you will find that litter boxes are small and compact enough to fit in a small room. However, it should be clear to you that you should buy a litter box that is comfortable for your Furball.

As a result, you will see your cat’s head and tail over the edges. If you have a good imagination power you will feel that using a litter box & barely having any room to move around. This forces your cat to step on its own waste.

We all know that cats love to stay clean & maintain hygiene, this is a foul situation for your cat, she might avoid using the litter box.

There is a perception that you should provide a cat litter box that is at least as wide as your cat is from the nose tip to the base of their tail.

The Best Cat Litter Boxes Have High Sides

We all know cats are animals who live in their territory, right. Especially males, spray urines on the sides of the litter box.

If you get a litter box that has a low side then it’s likely that the urine will go over the edge and onto the floor.

Getting a high-side cat litter box will keep everything inside of the box. You should keep in mind that the high side cat litter box is made specifically with litter scattering in mind.

Scattering is inevitable in the low side litter box, in fact, this low side litter box has more problems than most litter boxes.

The Litter Box Must Also Be Easy for Your Cat to Access

If you are having an elder cat then you might have noticed that they have problems accessing a litter box with high sides.

You should go for the litter boxes that have a lowered entrance, which will give your cat easy access to the litter box.


There are different sizes of cat litter boxes available on the market because not all cats are the same size. If you have a large cat then you will need a large litter box, or else they will get trapped inside.

Your cat might avoid using the litter box & they will end up doing their business outside the box. You obviously don’t want that right!


You also have to check the height of the cat litter box, as it also matters as much as the size matters. buying a litter box that is having 5 to 7 inches is good.

However, considering if your cat has a bad aim then you may need to get another option with taller sides.

In fact, you can get a covered cat litter box, that might save you the hassle of cleaning up the floor.


Styling is essential for many people who prefer modern styles, as they don’t want to see the litter box.

Yes, it is obvious if you are planning to place the cat litter box in the living room of your home, then you will also seek a modern cat litter box that doesn’t ruin the ambiance of your room.

There are few litter boxes available in the market that have hidden options, which are hidden inside the side table or the furniture.


if you are buying a cat litter box then you like that it should be for a longer time right. Every cat owner knows that cats are very picky & they don’t change the places often. If you get a new litter box then it might take a few days to use the new cat litter box.

The cat litter box should be strong enough as you might lift it & move here & there. If it cannot handle the weight of the substrate then you may end up cleaning a big mess

You can also refer to our article-based best litter for multiple cats for future reference.

Litter Box Types

Uncovered Cat Litter Boxes

It has been more than 8 decades since the first cat litter box was found. There is very less or no advancement in the cat litter box. However, the plastic litter pan still reigns supreme.

The Uncovered cat litter plastic box is usually cheap & easy to find in the market. It is also known as the classic old litter box. However, it’s just & holds the cat’s litter.

Uncovered Cat Litter Boxes

In fact, this cat litter box is easy to clean and easy to access, it is one of the most popular among all the cat owners.

The uncovered cat litter is much liked by the cats as it’s open, cats inherently keep an eye out for any threats while they are doing their business.

As they for a few minutes are in a very vulnerable state, they are unable to defend themselves. The uncovered boxes give them access to supervise the surroundings.

Covered Cat Litter Boxes

Having a covered cat litter box is good, as it captures the smell inside the litter enclosure. It eventually minimizes the amount of waste odor spread all over the house.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier it will help to reduce the litter scattering all around the litter box. If you have a covered litter box then the hood disguises the functional part of the litter box.

Covered Cat Litter Boxes

The covered cat litter box is for those who want to minimize the appearance of a litter box. However, there are some misconceptions that people enjoy the people relish seclusion while using the bathrooms. So they think that cats will also want the same privacy.

If the litter box is small then it will create a very vulnerable situation for your feline, they feel they are trapped.

The covered cat litter box might be dangerous for your cat, as it traps the smell inside the small space. If your cat stays for a long time then there is a possibility that your cat might step on it.

It may spread germs on her fur & it might be dangerous for you & your furball. In fact, cats have a good sense of smell, and it makes it intolerable for your cats. If you have a cat then you might know that cats love to stay in good hygiene.

If you can clean the litter box at least once a day then you can go for the covered cat litter box. It also is an aesthetically exceptional option to the standard open litter tray (conventional plastic tray).

Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes

There are cat litter boxes available in the market that have top entry boxes.

Looking at the top entry boxes are one of the chicest styles of cat litter boxes available on the market.

Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes

This litter box is really different from the conventional litter box, they have an entrance at the front or sides of the box.

In the top entry cat litter box, the cat will drop down from the into the litter through an entrance hole on the top.

All the cats cannot access these top entry cat litter boxes, it is harder for older cats to access the litter box. It is suspected that this type of litter box may lead your cat’s joints under stress.

Automatic or Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

the automatic cat litter boxes are one of the latest advancements in the litter boxes after 8 decades. This is for people who do not have time to clean the litter box manually.

In fact, if your furball goes to litter multiple times a day, then this litter box is very beneficial. Although, If you hate cleaning the cat litter box manually, then you can go for the automatic cat litter box.

Automatic or Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

The automatic cat litter box has a sensor that detects the presence of a cat. Once the cat uses the litter box & comes out the ranking mechanism automatically separates the dirty litter from the substrate.

the mechanism will push the litter into the storage drawer, where it will be stored until you will discard it from there.

If most of the time you stay outside the house then you can buy this automatic litter box. You also have to keep in mind that it is on the costly side, you will have to spend some more bucks compared to the conventional litter box.

The advanced technologies come with many risks such as malfunctions, however, investing in the automatic cat litter box is worth it.

Sifting Cat Litter Boxes

sifting a cat litter box is a better option compared to the conventional cat litter box. It does not have advanced technology but however, but it will help you make the work easier.

Although, this will not automatically clean the litter box the automatic litter box, however, it will eliminate the need for scooping.

Sifting Cat Litter Boxes

This litter box works well in clumping the litter since it comes with a clump separator, it separates the clumps & cleans the granules.

With this type of litter box, there are a few granules that you can use such as pine pellets. These pine pellets will break down in sawdust as it comes in contact with moisture.

Why Am I Finding Urine on Vertical Surfaces?

Whenever you see the spray on the walls, then let me tell you that it is not actually urination. The spray is called marking & it is actually pheromones. Cats do this because they live in territory & marking their own borders is very important.

It also conveys the messages to other cats & animals about their current situation. However, you should clean this if you see it on a wall, bookcase, sofa, or other location.

What If My Cat Is on a Litter Box Strike?

If your cat is not using the litter box, and see your cat pooping outside the litter box, then you may have to consider all the factors surrounding their behavior.

The primary one can be the litter box if you have changed the litter box or you have changed the placement of the litter box.

Your cat will prevent using the litter box, you should place it back in its previous place. You can also get the same litter box that you had before the new, same color & size, it might help you.


What’s the best cat litter box for odor control?

If your cat litter box has an odor problem, then you should change the clean schedule first. Mostly all the cat owners should clean the litter box once a week to avoid odor problems.

If still, you are facing these issues then you should change the litter box. You should get a well-ventilated cat litter box for your home.

There are litter boxes in the market that have non-stick and antimicrobial coatings that help to minimize the amount of waste that might stick inside the box.

This coating will reduce the number of bacteria in the cat litter box that causes the odor. You can also get the cat litter box that has carbon filters, this will capture the odors before they enter the room.

What’s the best cat litter box for large cats?

If you own a Maine Coon, massive Chausie, or any other oversized cat. Then it would be difficult for them to adequate the litter box.

Generally, you will find the cat litter boxes are undersized for all the regular cats, so you can imagine then it would be more difficult for you o find a litter box for a large cat.

If you are thinking to get the covered litter box then it would not be adequate. If you go for the small uncovered litter box, then it won’t allow your cat to complete the business. Your cat might feel trapped & it will end up avoiding the litter boxes.

You should find a litter box that is big & uncovered cat litter box. These litter boxes are rare, so many cat owners make their own litter boxes using plastic containers.

How Do You Stop Cat Litter from Smelling?

If you have a cat litter box in your room then you will experience some of the odor. There are ways to remove the odor smell. The first thing is that you will have to clean the litter box once a day. You should place the litter box in a well-ventilated area & consider adding baking soda to the litter, this helps to neutralize the smells.

Final Verdict

Let’s wrap this review article here. I hope you got the best cat litter box on your budget.

After reading my reviews, you are aware that there are lots of options available in the market. The top picks are one of the best in their categories, for their unique & attractive design. Here you can check out the best product in their categories. #1

However, getting the best cat litter box can help you to prevent the bad odor & may enhance the room ambiance. Moreover, it also ensures that your furball is having a good time doing its business.

You should use our review to find out the best cat litter that suits your feline(Queen). This review article will help you make the final decisions.

You can choose to minimize the workload but you will have to pay a premium for the convenience. In fact, you can choose the old classic version of the plastic tray, which would be the most affordable box on the list.

The choice must be yours, look for your affordability & your cat’s comfortability, combining those two will get you a perfect cat litter box.

If you have any doubts related to choosing the best cat litter box, then do let me know in the comment section below.

If you have bought the best cat litter box after reading this article then leave us your experience. I would love to hear your appreciation.

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