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Can Cats Eat Bugs? Quench Your Curiosity Now!

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Can cats eat bugs? Can cats die because of that?

Do you get triggered by such a question? Many cat owners face similar issues on a regular basis, which is why CatLovesBest is always here to answer your pet-related questions.

Generally, cats can eat insects but not every insect. Some are deadly, venomous, and create health problems in cats. Critters like ants and houseflies are okay to eat but Scorpio, centipedes, mosquitoes aren’t safe to eat.

can cats eat bugs

Can Cats Have Bugs?

The short answer is yes, cats can safely cat bugs. In fact, cats eat a lot of them. Houseflies, ants, grasshoppers, roaches, moths are partially okay to eat. However, they can also cause digestive tract issues and oral problems like diarrhea, vomiting, and gastric issues.

Not all types of insects can be safely eaten because they might have poisonous pesticides or may contain venom which can cause allergic reactions and tummy problems in cats.

Well, cats chase insects and bugs not just because they are aroused by them, but it is also because cats love protein. As they are obligated carnivores they are allured by animal protein.

Do you want to know more about can cats eat bugs and which are safe and which are toxic then keep reading!

1. House Bugs

Generally, if your domestic cats ingest an insect found in your house it is not that harmful. But, it doesn’t justify that they can eat it because sometimes eating those house bugs can lead to gastrointestinal upset problems in felines.

house bugs

2. Moth and Butterflies

Generally, it won’t cause any damage to your cat’s body. In case a caterpillar bites your cat it won’t be able to cause any major harm. However, big exotic caterpillars are naturally toxic. It may hurt your kitty.

Also, mothballs and garden tiger moths both are highly poisonous if she baits and ingests it can make your cat sick and ill.

moth and butterflies

In the case of garden tiger moths, there is not any deep study found but in mothballs cases, the reason for toxicity in cats is that they are full of insecticides so when your cat eats that it causes medical problems like trouble breathing, weakness, seizures.

So, to prevent it you can use cedar chips!

3. Roaches

Normally, if your cat ingests roaches it is not toxic but still, it can cause a little problem. This is because their body is made of the external skeleton which causes oral problems like vomiting, and gastric issues in felines.


Also, there are higher chances that it can carry parasites that can trouble your cat. Therefore, it is vital that you always keep de-worming products for your kitty.

4. Ants

Typically, ants are not that harmful if eaten by your cat pet. Their little bite will not hurt her. Also, we are talking about large black ants here. But, if a single fire ant bites your kitty it can create damage.

They have venom which is quite uncomfortable and can give your cat skin allergies moreover the bad news is that it can cause anaphylaxis (fatal allergic reaction).


Also, ant repellents sprays are extremely poisonous so when cats ingested ants it can also cause problems in their tummy.

5. Beetles

Just like Roaches, Beetles are also non-toxic but their body structure can create oral issues in felines. Due to the presence of the exoskeleton, your feline will feel like vomiting after eating it.


6. Crickets and Grasshoppers

Crickets and grasshoppers both have an exoskeleton. These are also nontoxic to cats, but just like beetles and roaches, they can cause a little problem in their tummy and mouth.

crickets and grasshoppers

7. Houseflies

If we talk about houseflies cats love to stalk them. Even if you fully feed them the cat food they will still play and chase them because of animal protein.

Typically, cats can even eat them however it can make their stomach irritated and can cause problems like loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea.


Houseflies are very filthy they keep wandering around contaminated areas. And, the bacteria can transfer to your cat too if she eats it.

8. Cockroaches

These red bugs may appetize your cat and your feline friend may hunt their prey and gulp them down. Generally, it won’t cause any problem but just like Grasshoppers and Roaches cockroaches also have external skeletons that can give your cat gastric problems.


9. Stingers

Stinging bugs like wasps, honey bees are quite tempting for your cats. It entices them and always arouses their attention, but they are harmful to them. It can cause pain and can lead to allergic reactions. Just like us, humans face allergies if the cat is severely bitten by stringers it can also lead to anaphylaxis.

The fact is the bite site will cause irritation and to soothe the painful bites they will excessively lick. As a result, they can face severe allergies.


Make sure to take her to the veterinarian he or she will recommend you to give diphenhydramine to your kitty to reverse the effect.

10. Spiders

Next in the list of can cats eat bugs we have spooky spiders.

The three types of spiders are extremely poisonous.

  • Hobo Spider
  • Brown Recluse
  • Black Window

Their venom can lead to diarrhea, muscles tremors, vomiting, paralysis, and in some severe conditions it can cause death too.

There are also some spiders that are less dangerous may only cause a normal reaction.

11. Scorpio

Scorpions are also toxic for kitties their sting can make them breathless and can create hypertensive effects and abnormal behavior.


So, if you encountered that your cat is fighting with Scorpio, and she is bitten by it then immediately take her to the vet and if possible take a picture of it as a sample so that vet can easily identify the breed and can give her the right treatment.

12. Centipedes

If you think your cat can take care of your house and can prevent centipedes then you are partially right. Well, this is quite true that centipedes aren’t toxic to cats, but they can still create irritation problems. Also, there are many types of them that are highly toxic.

The small centipedes may not create a lot of trouble for your cat but the large ones can.


Especially Giant redhead and Texas redhead are the hazardous and deadly types of centipedes for cats.

13. Mosquitos

Coming on the next name on the can cats eat bugs list is Mosquitos. These annoying little creatures can give you pain. They are toxic and contain heartworms which is a blood-borne parasite.


Basically, when a feline ingests a mosquito the larva gets to her blood, and then it is dumped to her right area of the heart and pulmonary arteries. Your cat may face escalated breathing problem or may suffer from cough, but it is not certain. Because it can be due to other diseases also there are no exact clinical signs for that.

14. Fleas and Ticks

There are higher chances of cats eating fleas and ticks while in their grooming session because they can easily crawl and live on their fur. And, they are dangerous because if they ingest fleas and tick their tummy will have parasites like tapeworms or white worms.

fleas and ticks

And, these are extremely harmful can cause infection in their tummy. Flea sucks blood due to which they can also suffer from anemia. Therefore, it is vital to control them on time.

Can Kitten Eat Bugs?

A kitten can eat bugs but all bugs and insects are not completely edible some contain venom which can be deadly can cause health problems like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and gastric issues.

Some insects may be safely eaten but as they may carry pesticides and chemicals ingesting chemical bugs can cause oral problems and upset stomach problems in cats.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion to can cats eat bugs is that yes, cats can eat it but not every insect is edible. Bugs like houseflies, ants, grasshoppers can be consumed but as houseflies carry bacteria from feces and organisms living on garbage which can cause trouble to the kitty.

Similarly, in the case of roaches, cockroaches it can be eaten, but it can give them stomach problems this is because they have exoskeletons that create oral issues in cats.

However, there are a few critters that are extremely venomous like scorpions, spiders, centipedes, mosquitoes, and mothballs.


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