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Why Do Cats Put Things in the Water Bowl?

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For many days a lot of my stuff was missing. I was a little frustrated as I always put my things in place. Then, one day my cat was playing near her water bowl, and I happened to see her water bowl.

I was shocked to see that my cat is stealing things from me. But, I was wondering, Why Do Cats Put Things In the Water Bowl?

I am sure many cat owners deal with this issue daily. Initially, we don’t bother about it, but we do get irritated.

why do cats put things in the water bowl

Why Do Cats Put Things in the Water Bowl?

Let’s run to see the reasons why do cats put things in their food or water bowls.

cat put things in her water bowl

1. Cat Hides Her Prey

The theory says that the cat’s wild instinct is kicking in. They feel the urge to hide her freshly caught prey in a safer place.

They don’t have a nest, so they assume their feeding space as the important part of their territory and so they can store their food safely.

The idea seems the same as the tradition of cat prey, like the stuffed mouse thing. It is like a cat assumes everything like a toy.

Although your cat knows that mouse thing is not so real, if she gets to know it, it is not real when she chomps. Then she will quickly grasp this thing. So, that’s the reason why they don’t take anything useless to their secret space like another prey. Just to make sure her traditional nest is safe.

This is the reason why cats’ hiding behavior has kept her safe her for ages. And, keeping dead mice or food in a safe place is common behavior in many species.

They always put their things once when they’re so done with it.

In fact, did you know cat likes moving water, want to know why?

Cats also try to remove the scent!

Cats drop off their things as part of their survival to wash off the scent. They put things in the water or food bowls to hide the smell.

Now you can buy a heavy ceramic bowl for cats, generally, these ceramic bowls are scratchless this ensures that if they put anything in the bowl it won’t damage the bowl.

2. Just for Fun

Cats love playing with water. There are so many cats who love to play in the water and enjoy watching it.

Therefore, the answer to why does my cat put things in her water bowl? It could be because she is enjoying her good time. This is especially seen when she puts things in the water dish and walks away.

Most cats enjoy water floating things. They drop things in the water and play games using their paws and make things float on water.

Sometimes cats love to watch things falling in the water. But, most of the time, they try to catch those things before the fall.

Few times this behavior of her is also likely to depend on your reflex. How you react to it, they like your attention and praise. If you scold her, it might go wrong.

You should buy her a bowl that she might like, and check out the good cat food bowls that are on the market.

3. To Collect Things

Does your cat have a habit of collecting all your thing? Although wild cats don’t have a habit of collecting and gathering anything, some cats still do.

cat collects things

They gather things and objects and keep them safe in their safe location. In this article, it may be in her water bowl.

Although it is not so commonly seen in wild cats, domestic cats may gather things and objects to the extreme.

Cats get addicted collect things like buttons, pins, shiny things, coins, beads, etc. It is similar to a crow attracted to shiny objects and steal them from others. Likewise, cats also pile up things. They won’t use it or play with it but just likes to stock them up. It is like keeping or stealing things with no reason that has zero monetary value, like Kleptomania.

There is a probability that your cat collects rare things and decides to keep it at a safe location like her water bowl, maybe?

If this is the situation, then yay! You know her secret place, and you can get all your stuff which you once thought you would never get!

That’s amazing.

You can also check out the amazing water dish for cats.

4. Teach You to Hunt

This might sound funny, but there is a theory to it. As we have mentioned earlier, cats treat their feeding space as their nest. She brings her prey there as she finds that place most safe. There are many theories that suggest some cats put things in their water bowl as they are trying to teach you to hunt the prey they have gathered.

Yes, that’s right!

Mama cats bring their prey to their nest. It is her way to introduce her kittens to new food and also teach them how to kill and fill their own stomach on their own.

So, if your cat is dropping her stuff, that means she wants you to kill and eat them. They want you to hunt. It is her way of helping you.

It is like she is gifting her precious gift to you. That too, in her safest place where she knows that you will find it.

Even you can go for the stainless steel cat food dishes, if your cat puts something in the food bowl you will know by sound.

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5. For Convenience Purpose

As per some theory, it is said that the cat put things in his water bowl as per their convince.

The short answer is they do it because they are practical.

It is simply that how can he drink his water by holding things in his paw. So, the answer is obvious that they can’t, and as a result, they may drop their things off in the water bowl just for their convenience.

Maybe your cat might be hungry & she is indicating you to feed her food, if you do not have the feeding schedule then you can get a timed feeder for cats.

Is It Okay to Let Your Cat Put Things in Her Water Bowl?

Yes, it is absolutely normal for a cat to drop her things in the water bowl! They do cute little things.

cat drops things in water bowl

Cats love to splash water. They enjoy playing and watching you drop things in the water.

It is impossible to cease your feline from putting things in the water bowl as you have to give your cat water to drink. But, no worries, it is normal cat behavior.

But, things you must take care of an active cat drunker who puts anything in the water bowl is that.

First, make sure things are water-resistant.

Bear in mind that the things she puts in the water may break and become useless, especially if they are not water repellent. But, you must also know that things can become toxic after they mix with water for your kitty.

Second, she should not eat things; she dropped into the water.

It is rare, although but, accidentally, if your cat eats household things. It may lead to serious health problems and may have to go under surgery.

Well That’s a Wrap

To know Why Do Cats Put Things In the Water Bowl? You have to read the above. However, it is not that serious. But in case she eats things, it could be dangerous. Cats keep their food and water space neat and tidy.

But cats put things sometimes just for fun and sometimes due to her nature of collecting things. But, If you want to know the detailed reasons, you can read the factor listed above.

Also, if you like to give your insight, do comment down below!

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