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How to Litter Train a Cat?

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Litter training a cat is not that simple; you must know how to litter train a cat right from the beginning.

As you know, cats are the cleanest animals on this planet. But do you know they keep their toilet business quite private?

How to Litter Train a Cat

Early-stage teaching will help you if you don’t know how to get your cat to use the litter box properly. No worries, we are right here for you!

In this article, we have covered all the step-by-step processes just for you. And, this will make your training period much easier.

So, let’s run and read tips on cat toilet training

How to Litter Train a Cat?

To know how to train kittens to use litter box you can read the list provided below.

This will take some time, and it might become a hectic task too, but positive reinforcement and a handful of patience can make you cat things learn easily.

Find a Perfect Litter Box for the Cat

If you have doubt on how to choose the right size litter box for your kitty, then the thumb rules say the size of the litter box grows with your cat’s size!

Find a Perfect Litter Box for the Cat

If you have adult cats, you should acquire a large litter box to excrete comfortably. If your cat is small, however, you should choose the small litter box.

It is advised that the litter tray should be around thirteen to nineteen inches.

It should be approx one and half times bigger than their length.

So, if you are purchasing a litter box to train your cat, then what are you waiting for? Get the measuring tape to start measuring your cat now!

When housebreaking a cat, you should provide her with multiple litter boxes. Obtaining a backup litter box is beneficial in teaching her how to use the litter box.

If you wonder whether to get an uncovered litter box or covered well, then it is your cat’s choice. Cat’s don’t like to keep their poop uncovered as we know cat relatives belong to the wild animal family. And, they always keep their litter covered because they don’t want their predators to trace them so that they don’t get trapped.

But not all domestic cats are the same, right! A few cats may like to do their toilet business in an open space. In contrast, another may not like that!

So, you can give your little kitten choice right from the start to check what they prefer more.

Want to check the multi-cat litter box here you go check the top best multi cat litter.

Finding the best large litter box for multiple cats, here you go check this detailed article on the best multi cat litter available on the market.

What Type of Litter Should You Get?

So, once you are done with the litter box preference, it is time to pick the perfect litter for her.

the right cat litter

According to studies, it is found that cats like soft litter; you can get fine grain litter for them.

Whether it should be clumping litter or non-clumping again depends on the cat’s choice. Bear in mind that it should be safe for your young kittens.

Although we humans like clumping litter more as it is easy to clean and saves our time. You can get what suits you and your cat the best!

There are many types of litter in the market; you can get clay litter for your cat. It is soft and the best. It is recommended that you should not go for litter that is made of corn and wheat material as your cat might feel that it is food.

Also, go for unscented cat litter. Cats who are hyper allergic to chemicals may discourage eliminating the scented litter as it can trigger her health.

Want to know cat litter 101, here you go types of kitty litter, check the complete blog to learn more

Look For a Suitable Area

If you question how to litter box train a cat?

Then before you start kitten litter box training, it is important that you choose a suitable comfortable place for the cat business. It is an important factor in how to potty train a cat.

Keep the litter box in a peaceful area where there is no traffic will relieve her stress. If you have multiple floor houses, then you can also put a litter box on each floor.

If your cat gets litter everywhere, then you should check out the possible solution in the dedicated article.

Say No to Negative Reinforcement

Do you know the most important point of how to potty train your cat? Well, It’s not to use negative reinforcement tricks

The best way to litter train a kitten is by keeping a small amount of solid or liquid waste. Only use it during the first several weeks. It serves as a gentle reminder to her.

Generally, cats will eliminate either early in the morning or after having their food. So, you can fix a schedule for her as it will help you also.

You can play for a while with your cat and then teach her what to do. Carry her to the litter box when she is about to eliminate, then train her to dig the litter. You can show her how to bury using your finger.

This will take time, so you better be fully charged with a pack full of patience.

If you scold or punish your cat for her inappropriate elimination, it may make things worse for you. Negative reinforcement is never a good idea. Especially when you potty train a kitten, it may trigger her, and later it can lead to medical problems that will cause more accidents in the future.

Therefore, use positive reinterment technique; you can use a treat when she is eliminating appropriately. Praise her for the right behavior.

Maintain and Clean Her Litter Box

It’s not easy to potty train kittens. You should be aware of the appropriate amount of litter to utilize. If the litter box is large, it can mess up because some cat litter falls out as she covers her waste.

Maintain and Clean Her Litter Box

And, if the litter is not sufficient in the box, then it can spread unpleasant smells all around your room. And, you may have to spend more time cleaning the litter boxes.

According to experts, it is advisable that your litter should be two inches from the litter box.

A few experts say you can go for four inches too. It helps her to dig and bury her poop appropriately.

You can first fill the litter box to two inches, but when you find your cat is not satisfied, you can add more till four inches too!

You should always keep the litter boxes clean as it can affect her urinary tract. You should scoop out the clump and liquid waste daily. Wash box once a week with warm water and cleaner. Don’t use harsh chemicals detergent; it is harmful to your cat.

And once the cleaning is done, rinse it well, and refill the litter again after drying. This will bring your kitty back when she needs in the urge to use the bathroom.

If you are suffering from asthma, then you have to change the cat litter. Check out the best cat litter for asthmatic owners.

Keep a Check on Her

One more important point in cat litter training is to keep a check on her!

After training and maintaining the litter box, it is important that you keep checking on her irregular elimination.

Look around your home; where is she eliminating then. It is vital that she removes waste; if not, then she can suffer from urethral obstruction. In such a case, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Check if there is any change in your cat’s behavior. Is she vomiting or suffering from diarrhea or any loss of appetite or any other sign?

Your vet will mostly ask for fecal examination, radiography, or ultrasound to know the exact root cause. He may recommend you change her diet and get hypoallergenic cat food as it is rich n fiber and contains low or zero fat. Most importantly, it is healthy for your cat.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

If you don’t know how to litter train a cat, you can read the things given above. We have covered all the steps that will make you easily train your feline friend.

It all begins with selecting the proper litter box, followed by determining which litter is safe for your cat and where she should eliminate it.

Read the entire post on how to litter train a cat above and learn the step-by-step method. Know what to do and what to avoid.

If you know any other tricks and tips on how to potty train cats, then do let us know in the comment section below.


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