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Skoon Cat Litter Review – Is it Worth It in 2023?

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Tired of scooping your kitty’s litter all day? We discovered the Skoon Cat Litter that helps you manage your kitty’s litter box without the need for scooping and replacing litter frequently.

Are you tired of using cat litter that quickly becomes smelly and dirty despite regular use? Look no further because the Skoon Cat Litter is here to solve all of your problems! Not only does it offer 3 times more absorbance than clumping clay, but it also eliminates urine and fecal odors, making your litter box fresh and clean.

The diatomic pebble-like structures make it easy to discard and manage, requiring no scooping. Simply remove the solid waste and you’re done! Best of all, this pebble based litter is 100% natural and safe for your furry friend.

Don’t miss out on all of these amazing features, read our detailed analysis and reviews on the Skoon Cat Litter today!

Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon Cat Litter is the perfectly designed cat litter that offers maximum odor control and leaves no traces of dirty smell or odor. It is 100% natural, easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and does not require any clumping or scooping.

Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon is light and convenient to dispose of and its long-lasting nature makes it suitable for multi-cat households. Skoon is very different and unique than other cat litters. It promises a 100% odor-free home or offers you a moneyback guarantee. Moreover, it comes with an easy subscription without any contracts; you can cancel or subscribe anytime. Get Skoon delivered monthly without any hassle-free delivery options.

This low maintenance pebble based product by Skooon does not require you to scoop pee chunks and the highly absorbent diatoms need to be replaced once in a month.

The Skoon diatomic pebbles are large enough to form no dust and cause tracking. Skoon comes with a scooper on your first order to help you remove the solid wastes. The liquids are soaked up by the pebbles to give a clean and fresh litter box at all times.

Wonder what’s the secret behind this unique Skoon Cat Litter Formula? We help you find out.

What is Skoon Cat Litter and How Does It Work?

Skoon is a non-clumping natural cat litter that is exclusively made for long-lasting odor control. The science behind Skoon is that it is made of diatomic pebbles that are highly absorbent. Diatoms are a large group of single-celled algae that are found in oceans, soils, and marshy lands that contribute to around 20% of the oxygen on our planet.

What is Skoon Cat Litter and How Does It Work?

Skoon pebbles look like large sponge pieces and have a very porous structure. Upon magnifying the structure of each pebble, you will find pores within pores that make it super absorbent. These diatomite pebbles are broken down from larger pieces of diatomite boulders.

Diatomite boulders are compressed and concentrated forms of diatoms and fossilized algae skeletons that once produced oxygen upon decomposition. The diatomite particles are heat treated in order to obtain the structure and durability of the pebbles. They undergo a unique low-heat thermal activation process that increases its absorption capabilities.

Diatomite boulders

The sponge-like pebble particles absorb liquid by capillary force while the foul and bad odor particles get trapped and destroyed. This helps in keeping the pebbles extremely dry while you can scoop the solid wastes easily. The urine is absorbed almost immediately and with it, the strong ammonia odor is also nullified. No more funky smelling litter boxes.

The heating process increases the ionizing capacity of Skoon’s sponge-like texture. This helps the pebbles in trapping odor particles, decrease moisture concentration, and maximize absorption. Their sponge-like consistency makes them four times lighter than regular cat litter.

Skoon Cat Litter Reviews

In order to help you discover its unique properties, we have reviewed the Skoon Litter based on its features. Read below to find out.


Skoon cat litter has been made from diatoms. The large boulders are broken into smaller pebbles and the diatomic pebbles are known to have excellent absorption properties.

Skoon cat litter absorption

The medium-sized pebbles soak up the urine and moisture from your feline’s waste to ensure that her box remains clean and dry at all times. Therefore, they are known to absorb 3 times better than usual clay particles.

Odor Control

While other clay-based products eliminate the odor along with the moisture, Skoon is good at soaking moisture but not very effective in curbing strong odors.

Since the moisture gets soaked up, the odor remains in the pebbles. However, it prevents the moisture from combining with other odor-causing bacteria.

The good part is that the pebbles do not have any artificial fragrances and hence does not lead to an overwhelming smell that can irritate kitties.

Low Tracking & No Dust

There are minimal chances of the pebbles forming dust or causing tracking. This is because the large pebbles have a high density and do not spread easily on the floor or through your cat’s paws. There can be slight amounts of dust while pouring that gets easily settled if handled carefully.

skoon cat litter
leading brand of clumping litter

Else, it forms zero dust and causes no tracking. This also makes it a good hypoallergenic product and a great alternative to clay pellets.

Multi-Cat Use

Due to its high absorption, Skoon is suitable for multiple cats in terms of soaking moisture. However, it falls short in terms of odor control that can be a turn off while using it for multiple cats.

If your kitties use the litter box frequently, then Skoon is not the best choice. Although, if using separate litter boxes, Skoon Cat Litter is worth it for multi-cat households.

Ease of Cleaning

The pebbles are highly absorbent that makes them long-lasting so that you don’t have to clean the box often. Moreover, the litter is in the form of pebbles that make them easy to clean and manage, unlike clay particles. All you need to do is, empty the litter box without any scooping.

Ease of Cleaning

Once the pebbles have dried, you can scoop the solid wastes easily and mix them to make it last longer and make the box feel fresh as new. No more hassles of dealing with dust and clay and no more scooping.


In terms of pricing, Skoon Cat Litter is costlier than most other clumping clay litter variants. If you use it for a single cat, one bag would last for 2 to 2.5 weeks and the quantity offered is around 8lbs in a single bag.

The 8 lbs bag costs around $25-$30 whereas other competitor brands offer a much greater quantity at the same price. It’s worth it if it lasts for a month offering decent levels of absorption else, it is costlier than other cat litters.

How To Use Skoon Cat Litter?

Skoon is available separately or comes in with a disposable litter box. While the pebbles are to be used just as any other clay litter, the box can be used for convenience while traveling.

Here are the steps you must follow in order to use the Skoon Cat Litter:


Fill the Skoon Litter upto 3 inches of litter box

Fill your litter box to a depth of around 2 inches. One bag of Skoon Cat Litter should last for around 2-3 weeks when used by a single cat for a standard-sized litter box.


Using The Skoon Cat Litter

Since the litter is in the form of pebbles and not small particles, it does not need scooping. You will only have to dispose of the solids with a scooper that has wide openings.

Make sure to stir the pebbles occasionally with the scooper to increase its absorption capacity and to make it last longer.


Disposing Skoon Cat Litter

Once the color of the pebbles starts fading to off white or pale yellow, it is time to dispose of and replace the litter.


Skoon is in the form of pebbles and does not appear like regular clay litter. Therefore, your feline may find it difficult to switch to this variant.

If your cat does not have any major stressors in her life, here are a few steps you can follow to help your pet transition to Skoon Cat Litter for better.

Step 1: Place the old litter box filled with litter besides the new box containing Skoon.

Step 2: Once the litter in the old box is soiled, do not replace or change it. Let the box age and remain dirty.

Step 3: Your cat may not want to use a dirty litter box and will notice the clean box lying beside that contains a new litter. Cats prefer neat and tidy boxes over dirty ones and will use the clean box.

Step 4: Transitioning to a new variant is a gradual process and each cat takes her own time. It requires patience before your cat permanently starts using the new box.

Note: If you notice your cat on the premises of the litter box, your cat might be using the litter and you may not realize it. This is because Skoon is highly absorbent and leaves no stains or traces of odor.

Other Products by Skoon Cat Litter

Apart from the miraculous pebble based litter, Skoon also offers other cat products like its Pooper Scooper and the Skoon Cat Litter Box

Pooper Scooper

The Skoon Pooper Scooper comes free with your first subscription or purchase of Skoon Cat Litter. The Pooper Scooper helps you to remove the solid wastes while the liquid gets absorbed by the pebbles.

Skoon Pooper Scooper

It also helps you to stir the pebbles occasionally to increase its absorbance and make it long-lasting. No more scooping and lifting dirt from the box. The Skoon Cat Litter with the Pooper Scooper makes it very convenient to manage your cat’s litter box.

Skoon Litter Box

If you are traveling with your feline mate and don’t want her to face inconvenience while peeing or pooping outdoors then getting the Skoon Litter Box is a great choice. All you have to do is, unpack and open the box containing the Skoon Cat Litter.

Skoon Litter Box

The container box acts like your feline’s litter box so your pet feels like home and can carry out her shedding business peacefully. Once she is done using it, scoop out the solid waste while the pebbles can be reused until it starts losing color and becomes pale.

Skoon Cat Litter Subscription

Skoon can be purchased individually or is available on a subscription basis. The subscription plans fall fairly cheaper if choosing to buy for multiple cats rather than purchasing individual packs for each cat.

Choose How you Skoon while we show you how to subscribe to Skoon Cat Litter.

Step 1: Presentation

How to subscribe to Skoon Cat Litter
Select Skoon Cat Litter

Choose the product you want to opt for. If you prefer the convenience of a disposable litter box, then choose the Skoon Litter Box else, you can opt for the Skoon Litter Pack if you have your own box.

Step 2: Quantity

Skoon Cat Litter Quantity

The next step of purchase is to choose the subscription pack based on the number of cats in your house. More the number of cats, cheaper is the purchase if you order in bulk. The subscription pack helps you decide on the number of packs based on single or multiple cat needs and give you a rough estimate of the price.

Step 3: Choose your Plan

Choose your Plan

Based on a single pet, you can choose the subscription plan. You can opt for the one month supply wherein you will receive 1 bag every 4 weeks. The 3 month supply option will give you 3 bags in every 12 weeks with free shipping as well as $5 off on your first order.

You can cancel or change the frequency of the plan as you wish without any hassles or cancellation fees.

Step 4: Checkout

The checkout summarizes your order details and the frequency of shipping your packets of litter. You will also receive a scooper free on your first order.

The subscription plan shows the renewal date during checkout and also notifies you so that you can choose to renew the plan or cancel the subscription if you wish to. You can customize your subscription plan anytime by simply logging in to your account.


Based on its performance and various features, here are our ratings on the Skoon Cat Litter:

  • Absorbance: 5/5
  • Odor Control: 3/5
  • Low Tracking/Non-Dust: 4/5
  • Multi-Cat Use: 4/5
  • Price: 3/5

Overall Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

FAQs for Skoon Cat Litter

  1. Is Skoon Cat Litter safe?

    Yes! Skoon has been certified as healthy, non-toxic, and safe as well as hypoallergenic making it safe for you and your cat.

    The large-sized pebbles are dense structures that do not cause any dust or tracking. There are no chances of respiratory hazards or breathing disorders as well as skin diseases due to Skoon Cat Litter.

  2. What if my cats ingests Skoon Cat Litter?

    If your cat accidentally swallows Skoon Cat Litter, it will not cause any digestive issues unless the litter is infected with microbes from urine and feces.

    Just like any other solid, Skoon is 100% non-toxic and will pass through the digestive tract without swelling up inside your kitty.

  3. Is Skoon Cat Litter flushable?

    No! Skoon is not flushable as it can lead to plumbing issues, blocked sewers, and clogged toilets. It is usually recommended to not flush used or clumped cat litter.

  4. Where to buy Skoon Cat Litter?

    Skoon Cat Litter is available for purchase on the product’s official website or can be purchased through Amazon.

Is Skoon Cat Litter Worth It?

After some detailed analysis and based on user preferences, we came to the conclusion that Skoon is definitely worth it.

The most unique aspect of Skoon Cat Litter is its design and texture. The sponge-like diatoms are highly absorbent and soak up the moisture and urine. Skoon undergoes through the unique Ink Stink Test that helps in determining its absorbance and makes the pebbles feel fresh and new each time your cat uses it.

The Skoon Cat Litter absorbs 3 times better than clay and clumping products. Moreover, high absorbance also offers a decent amount of odor control. Since the pebbles are large in size, it forms less dust and causes no tracking.

It is safe for households prone to allergies and also for the environment. The highly absorptive features make it last for one month and does not require frequent replacement. The pellets are 100% natural, easy to maintain, and very light in weight, it is as light as a sponge.

The only disadvantage of the Skoon Litter is its odor control capacity and the price. After a point, its odor-absorbing capacity reduces and the pebbles start getting saturated easily upon use.

Moreover, it is priced high as compared to other competitive brands and is costlier if purchased separately. However, you can choose to opt for subscriptions to avail it at a cheaper price. It is conveniently delivered to your doorstep for free.

No cat litter is perfect but we think that Skoon Cat Litter has nailed it in terms of absorption and no dust as well as safety. Skoon takes care of most litter related issues and leaves no fine print.

You are either satisfied or you get your money back and that’s the Skoon Promise!!


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