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Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Her Bed?

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Happened to purchase a cute bed for your kitty but she refuses to use it? We can help you with several reasons as to why won’t your cat sleep in her bed? 

Your cat won’t sleep in her bed designated for her? Is it so that your cat feels uncomfortable or is having sleepless nights?

If your cat avoids sleeping in her bed most of the time, then she is surely having trouble. Even the slightest discomfort they experience can cause them to switch places and not sleep in their usual spot.

Here are a few reasons that we think as to why won’t your cat sleep in her bed?

Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Her Bed?

Ideally, uncomfortable beds due to odor, location of the bed in the house, or the type of bed will lead to your cat not sleeping in her bed.

Why is My Cat Not Sleeping In Her Bed?

While your cat won’t express its displeasures of not being able to sleep in its bed, you don’t want this habit to become a nightmare for you while you find your cat sleeping anywhere on top of the television set or on your kitchen stove.

Before having to see any of such situations, it is better to be aware of the reasons as to what your cat expects from its bed, for a comfortable sleep. Make sure that you get the best cat bed for your feline.

Maybe It’s The Odor

Cat does not like the odor of the bed

Cats are very sensitive to smell and odor. Just the way we have a favorite odor or a peculiar smell coming from our clothes and belongings, similarly cats prefer a peculiar odor.

Maybe it does not like the smell of the bed, the cushion, or the mattress, or maybe the cover smells different than usual.

If you have washed the cover wth a fragrant detergent or soap, cats usually deter from such smells and choose to stay away.

If the bed is new, it must be smelling like polish, paint, or the factory or shop where it was stored. These smells are not what cats usually prefer.

PRO TIP: When it comes to choosing smells and odors, cats like to get personal. A way to get them to sleep on the bed is to place their favorite toys or treat on the bed.

You can also place their favorite blanket or your t-shirt which smells like you. That would give them a sense of closeness to their bed and make them snuggle and sleep in it.

Location Of The Bed

Not all cats are the same. Some like sleeping in warm areas, some prefer staying cool, some like soft areas but usually they need to sleep in quiet zones which has a minimal crowd and less hustle and bustle.

If you have changed the location of her bed from her usual spot where she likes to sleep, then she will certainly find it difficult to adjust to new surroundings and look out for places outside her bed.

PRO TIP: Usually, cats prefer sleeping in warmer areas at a heightened surface because they like to keep a watch around the neighborhood while they sleep.

Make sure to place the bed accordingly in their favorite heightened spots. This again is subject to variate as per each cat’s likes and dislikes but choose a location that they prefer.

Too Comfortable

When it comes to choosing a bed for a human, it’s far easier as we are always hunting for the coziest, comfortable bed. But that is certainly not the case with our beloved feline friends as ‘too comfortable of a bed’ is not what they are looking for.

Cat beds that are too cozy are not preferred by cats

This again depends on kitty to kitty and that is for the cat parent to understand whether your feline beauty likes it soft or hard.

PRO TIP: Usually cats are more about the surface than the fabric of the bed. While their paws are sharp and pointed, made for climbing and other activities, most cats like a hard surface, and not something where their paws just sink in.

If your cat likes hard and raised surfaces, consider getting her a raised woven bed. But if your cat is someone who snuggles into your cozy bed, maybe your cat is more of a fabric lover than being all about the surface.

If your cat likes hiding inside surfaces, then an igloo bed would be the best choice for her. Else a hanging bed which gives her a good spot to hide as well as offers a great elevation is a great choice.

Looks Unfamiliar or New

Cats are very peculiar about accepting new or unfamiliar things, be it a member in the house, a guest, or their own bed. Cats get rustic when it comes to choosing their belongings and thereby form a habit to old things, so much so, they are ‘NOT OK’ accepting new things immediately.

If you change the color of their bedsheet or mattress, or their bed cover, they would find it odd and not want to go near the bed.

PRO TIP: Here is what you can do. Try luring them to their bed with their favorite toy or treat if they are reluctant to step on it.

This gradually reduces the distance between your cat and their bed making them more habituated to visiting the bed and eventually making it a part of their lives.

Too Hot to Sleep

Oh Yes, the temperature does matter! If your cat’s bed is too stuffed up or not kept in a suitable location that should be airy or ventilated, she would definitely prefer staying away from the place and sleep somewhere soothing.

PRO TIP: Maybe you should chuck the idea of expecting your cat to sleep in its bed during summers. Winters and monsoons are about cozying up in their beds which might be the right time to use them to the best.

What Makes A Good Cat Bed

Remember, a good cat bed is one that is of the ideal size, provides optimum comfort, and is easy to wash and maintain.

If you want your cat to use the bed you have got for her, you need to keep these certain factors in mind in order for your cat to feel comfortable in its sleeping space and use the bed.


Size of the cat bed is important while choosing a bed

It is best to consider your cat’s size before choosing to buy a sleeping space for her. If your cat is small and is yet to grow, it is practical enough to buy a big sized bed that would work in the future.

Make sure to keep it comfortable as well as cozy, neither too small nor too large. Just perfect for your cat to cave in and hide in the bed!


While most cats prefer warm environments, there are beds available that come with automated heating systems to maintain the desired temperature for your pet. Nevertheless, there is an added advantage as elderly cats with arthritis find it relieving.

Some cat beds also use and maintain your feline’s own body temperature which helps them to remain warm in extremely chilly weathers.


Make sure your cat is comfortable in its sleeping zone. Not that cats are hungry for comfort, but the bed should be a secure zone where your kitty can relax and not just a box or small containment.

Non-comfortable surfaces would only lead your cats to ‘not sleeping in their beds’ making you find them everywhere around the house.


The style of the bed matters. Open beds may not make your cat feel cozy and private whereas hooded or igloo style beds make it more secure and comforting.

Habitat is very important while buying a cat bed

Elevated beds are also a great idea as cats prefer sleeping at a height to keep an eye over their surroundings.


While cats are very peculiar about smell and odors, if they find their bed stinking too much or if its too dirty, they refrain from using it. Since it is subject to dirtying regularly, cat beds should be easily washable on a regular basis.

Make sure to get beds with removable covers and mattresses that are machine washable for the comfort of washing regularly. A clean bed will attract your cat to sleep in it often.

Your Cat Is Not Sleeping | Visit A Vet

It’s time you visit a vet if you do not find your cat sleeping enough in her bed, as cats are known to be extreme snoozers. 

Visit A Vet if your cat is not sleeping

While we mentioned the various reasons for your cat not be sleeping on her bed, there are several other underlying factors that may be keeping her away from relaxing on the bed meant for her to use.

Cats are known to sleep for 50-70% parts of the day. Adult cats are found to be snoozing almost 80% of the day.

For such snoozers, it is necessary that their bed is the best spot for them to rest. But even after getting the best surface for them to sleep, if they are still found wandering about the house, then there is something to ponder about.

If your cat behaves unusually, especially not wanting to sleep on a well-arranged comfortable bed, then she may be suffering from restlessness, insomnia, or some other underlying medical condition.

If matters are grave, then it is best to consult a veterinarian about your cat’s behavior and disturbed sleeping habits.


How do I get my cat to sleep in her bed?

Make sure to place the cat bed in a cozy corner of your room. Keep their food bowl, water bowl, toys, and litter pan accessible. You can also rub a bit of catnip on the bed to lure your feline friend towards it.

What type of beds do cats prefer?

Cats prefer cozy beds with raised sides and fabric which is in contrast to their coat color. Elevated beds with ‘not so soft’ surfaces are also preferable. Elevated bed surfaces give them a sense of security and keeps their natural hiding instincts alive.

Do cats like to sleep in cat beds?

This depends upon your cat’s preference. Certainly, your cat would love sleeping on a bed. Especially if the bed smells like its personal belongings, then they would love to sleep in it. But it all comes down to their mood and preferences.

Where should I put my cat’s bed?

A cozy corner of your room or near the bathroom is a good spot to put the bed. Cats love their privacy and prefer staying in quite corners rather than noisy places around the house.

How do I get my cat to like a new bed?

Get your cat to like a new bed by giving them treats and toys as well as playing with them while they are in their bed. This makes them habituated to using it every time and eventually, they start liking it.

Final Note

While choosing to buy a dedicated bed for your furball, it is painful to see your cat not using it and your dollars going down the drains.

Maybe, your cat doesn’t like the bed due to several reasons listed above. In the end, it all comes down to our kitty’s preferences of snoozing in its bed or choosing to sleep anywhere around the house.

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