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Are Heated Beds Safe for Cats?

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Want to keep your feline feeling warm and cozy during winters? How about purchasing a heating cat bed? But are heated beds safe for cats? Read on to know.

Are Heated Beds Safe for Cats

Freezing and chilly weather makes us want to snuggle to our cozy beds and blankets for warmth. But are our cats getting the luxury of staying warm and heated in the freezing weather? What if you realize that your cat fell sick due to the cold and is suffering due to stiff joints?

In order to make sure our cats remain cozy and warm, what comes to the rescue is a heated cat bed. But are heated beds safe for cats, is what many wonders.

We help you solve these concerns and tell you all that you need to know about heated cat beds to keep your cat feeling warm and safe when it’s snowy cold.

Heated Cat Beds Do Exist!

Heated beds are like normal beds that contain a heating element within them that keeps your pet warm during the most freezing temperatures.

Heated Cat Beds Do Exist

The heating element in the bed mostly runs on electricity or uses the heat from your cat’s body to keep them warm for hours. These types of beds are useful especially for areas where the winters get extreme and you don’t want your cat to become a freezing furball.

After all, your cat should not catch a cold or fall sick just because you could not provide them the warmth they deserve.

Earlier, we prepare a list of the best cat beds which cover most of the good heated beds too.

Types Of Heated Beds for Cats

The most common types of heated beds include electric and self-warming beds. These can be classified based on their source of providing heat and warmth to your cat.

While the various types can be confusing, we help you by listing the most common types of heated beds for cats.

  • Electric

If you want the cat bed to remain heated continuously for long hours, then the electric heating pad generates constant heating. The heating element runs on electricity.


Once the bed has been connected to a suitable electric source, the heating element converts the electricity into heat keeping your cat feeling warm for long hours.

  • Self Warming

Self Warming

Self-warming cat beds are usually made of multilayered thick fabric. These fabrics are radiating and help in absorbing as well as reflecting the amount of heat absorbed from your cat’s body.

These beds work naturally and do not require electricity. The heating element in the bed works through an absorbing and radiating mechanism to retain the temperature and keep your cat feeling warm and cozy.

  • Other Types

The most commonly known types of cat beds are electric and self-warming beds. Although there are other types available as per your convenience and your cat’s sleeping preferences.

  • Outdoor

If you want your cat to chill around the garden or backyard ar anywhere outdoors while also keeping her feeling warm and cozy, then you can consider the outdoor heating beds.

These are usually made of sturdy material like PVC to withstand weather conditions. At the same time, it comprises of soft fleece fabric to keep your pet warm and snuggle into the bed comfortably.

  • Heating Pads

These are not quite huge and sturdy as a heating bed. Instead, these are available as small rectangular or oval-shaped pads with a small heating element present inside.

The heating element is either dependant on electricity or your cat’s body temperature. These can be placed in any corner of the house or garden.

  • Heating Cover

The heating cover is very similar to a heating pad while being more portable and easy to keep anywhere in the house. It comes with a heating element within the cover that you can place under your pet’s favorite sitting spot.

The heating element within is very easy to remove while you can clean the cover. It not just provides heat but keeps your furniture protected from feline paws and hair.

Are Heated Beds Safe For Cats?

Heated beds for cats are designed to keep your cat’s features and requirements in mind and hence, are absolutely safe.

The manufacturers take all safety precautions into consideration before making the final bed design. The heating element is safe, and enough to keep your cat warm and not extremely hot.

In addition to that, there are certain aspects to look out for while choosing a heated bed for your cat and for their safety:

  • A heating bed with a longer cord is always an advantage as your cat stays away from the electricity outlet reducing the chances of electrical mishaps.
  • The wires and cords should be durable and chew resistant.
  • The heating bed has built-in thermostats, that are well checked and safe enough to regulate the temperature and keep your feline friend feeling sufficiently warm.
  • Choose beds that come with removable heating pads and washable covers to make it easy for you to clean the bed.

Benefits of Heated Beds for Cats

Heated beds are a great investment for your cat to keep them warm and protected during winters. Heated Beds have a lot more to offer than what it has.

  • Cat heating beds do not require too much electricity. Therefore, they possess fewer chances of short circuits, catching fire, or giving electric shocks.
  • These beds adjust and adapt to the cat’s body temperature and won’t get hotter beyond a certain limit. Therefore, your cat can comfortably relax on heated beds for extended hours.
  • These beds are manufactured with extreme care and keeping all safety precautions in mind. Therefore, they are safe for your kitty as well as your home.
  • The bed gives a sense of warmth and comfort that your cat can feel in your lap. This makes them free of anxiety and stress while they relax peacefully on the soft bed.
  • Heated beds usually come with removable heating elements as well as covers that are easy to wash. This makes it very convenient to use the bed and keep it clean.
  • Heated beds help in relieving stiff joints and are a great tool for adult cats who suffer from arthritis.

Negatives of Heated Beds for Cats

The negatives of heated beds depending upon your cat’s behavior and personal preferences for beds. Some disadvantages are:

  • If your cat enjoys chewing on wires or surfaces, then an electric heating bed is not a good idea to invest in.
  • The wires attached to the heating bed may have heating elements present inside them which when ingested, can create havoc in your feline’s intestine.
  • See to it that the heating bed has a temperature regulation or a thermostat installed which adjusts the temperature according to your cat’s body temperature. If the bed gets too hot, you do not want your cat to get burns.
  • If you have multiple cats at home, they may end up entangling themselves into the wires while playing which can spoil the bed or be harmful to your cat.
  • If the heating bed is kept close to your cat’s food or water bowls, slight spillage should not cause any mishaps or accidents in the bed.

Alternatives to Heated Beds for Cats

If heated beds are not suitable for your cat, here are a few alternatives to heated beds:

  • Thermal or Self Warming Beds: Thermal blankets and self-warming beds use your cat’s body temperature and regulate the heat around them. Thermal blankets give a sense of coziness while also retaining the heat as per body temperature for a long time.
  • Radiator Mounted Cat Hammocks:  A central heating system at home is also a great alternative to a heated cat bed. You can simply hang a hammock across the heating system and let your cat bask in the warmth.
  • Heat lamps: Electric bulbs or heat lamps radiate heat, enough to keep your cat warm. Place their bed in a location where they can get sufficient warmth from the heat lamp which is a great and safe way to keep them feeling cozy.

Bottom Line

While winters call for cozying up in your blankets, your feline friends need to feel warm and comforting. This is why heated cat beds provide them with all the warmth and heat they require to balance their body temperature even in the most freezing climate.

There are various types of heating beds available but it all comes down to your cat’s preferences.

With the exclusive information we give you about heated cat beds, you can read above,  about all that you need to know before making the right choice of heated bed for your kitty.


Do cats like heated beds?

Cats like heated beds as they prefer staying in warm areas. However, it all comes down to your cat’s personal preferences as some cats like to sleep in the open, while some cats like to keep it covered. Therefore, choosing an appropriate type of heating cat bed works best.

Are heating beds good for cats with arthritis?

Heating beds are good for cats with arthritis as it relaxes and relieves your cat’s muscles which may get stiff especially during the winters or due to old age.

Which type of heated cat beds are better?

Self-warming heated cat beds are better and safer for cats. While electric cat beds warm up pretty easily, they may not be very safe to use if your cat is notorious and bad at handling wires and appliances.

Therefore, it is safe to invest in a self-warming heated cat bed that does not require electricity and uses only your cat’s body temperature to radiate heat.

Are heated cat beds washable?

Heated cat beds with a removable heating element and covers are washable and easy to clean. Before buying, it is important to read the manufacturer’s label carefully to check whether the bed can be washed and if it has removable covers.

Will using a heated cat bed push up my electricity bills?

Heated cat beds will not push up your electricity bills if used moderately. However, heated cat beds are not meant for continuous use.

If used all night, these beds can consume about 120-180 watts on average. This means it would cost you about 2-3 cents if used for the entire night.

Can I leave heated cat beds on all night?

Heated cat beds can be used for long hours but not for the entire night. If at all you need to use it, make sure it has a thermostat regulator to not heat up excessively.
Check the bed’s guidelines before purchase to determine the maximum amount of time it can be used for.

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