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Can Cats Eat Cucumber? Read Before You Feed!

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Can cats eat cucumbers?

Can my cat die if I give cucumbers to her?

Just like many pet owners are also in the same dilemma?

Let’s cut the chase down – yes, cats can eat cucumber! Some diced cucumbers can become a great treat for your cat. It can offer your cat molybdenum, vitamin K, C, fibers for healthy digestion, and many more.

Not just that, it prohibits blood clotting, offers good bones, and liver. It even helps to absorb iron from her body. But, too much of it can lead to diarrhea.

can cats eat cucumbers

Can Cats have Cucumbers?

The short answer is yes, cats can safely eat cucumbers. Technically, it keeps her hydrated, offers stronger bones and cartilage, provides essential vitamins and nutrients. But, it won’t harm your kitty only if you feed her in small quantities.

Like everything in the limit is good. Similarly, if she takes a bite, it is all okay! Therefore, avoid giving her cucumber in large quantities.

cat eating cucumber

Did you know cucumber contains 95% water inside?

Cucumber can be a tasty snack, and it aids in keeping her body hydrated as it contains high water content. As a result, it quenches your cat’s thirst too! But, you should not just stick to this method to keep your cat stay hydrated!

One important thing that you must not ignore is that cats are not herbivorous, so the number of vegetables, including cucumber, should be less in her diet plan. That means don’t just give her a wholesome cucumber salad meal as you have it in your lunchtime. Getting it right?

However, you can give her in the form of treats as it contains meager calories. In this way, you can feed your cat cucumber in the right amount, and you can healthily satisfy her treats needs!

Things that happen after feeding your cat cucumber:
1. Reduce cardiovascular problem
2. Inhibits inflammatory ailments, feline cancer, blood clotting
3. It offers stronger bones and healthy liver
4. Promotes good digestive system

I hope now you perfectly know can cat eats cucumber or not!

Is Cucumber Safe for Kittens?

If you ask me, can kittens eat cucumber? I will answer maybe!

is cucumber safe for kittens

The answer will vary because, initially, kittens are habitual of consuming only their mom’s milk. During this time, they have an exclusive nutritional diet that includes wet and dry cat food. And, at this stage, they should not be intertwined with new foods.

You can consult your vet for expert knowledge and safe side at what time period you can feed your cats veggies, chicken, and fruits.

If he permits you, then the foremost important thing before serving cucumber to kittens is to chop them in pieces finely so there is no chance of choking.

Is There Any Benefit of Feeding Cat Cucumber?

There are many health benefits of a cat eating cucumber! It serves as a great hydrating tool during summer. Plus, it includes fiber that will encourage the cat’s metabolism.

There are only 8 calories in half a bowl of cucumber. If we break it down in more detail, you will get to know that it contains 6% fat, 86% carbs, 8% protein. This means it is not just healthy for you but your cat too!

Cucumber is safe and super healthy as it includes multiple nutrients. It’s a great source of beta-carotene copper, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and includes a great source of vitamin C too!

cucumber nutritional chart for cats

This hydrating green vegetable has 14% to 19% of the vitamin K that curbs blood clotting problems and promotes a healthy liver.

It also has a lot of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, which prohibit cat cancer, many inflammatory ailments, and cardiovascular problem (health disease related to cat’s heart).

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Is There Any Side Effects if You Give Cucumber to Your Cat?

Side effects of cucumber will only occur if your furry friend keeps on eating too many slices.

can cats have cucumbers

If she eats many slices of cucumber, her body will be filled with a surplus amount of water, and this can lead to diarrhea in felines.

Making your cat feed new food is always challenging because if she is sensitive, it can cause problems like allergic reactions, skin irritation, and vomit problems. Therefore, when you make your cat eat cucumber, make sure to notice such symptoms in the prior.

As you know already that cucumber contains potassium, and if a cat with a kidney problem eats it, her kidney won’t be able to filter out potassium, thus causing hyperkalemia in cats.

Safe Way to Feed Cucumbers to Cats

So far, you know, can cats eat cucumber or not, right! But, do you know how to safely give cucumber to her?

Well, we can feed her in small amounts and offer her occasional treats. But don’t involve in her daily meal. Consider a moderate amount of cucumber slices and ensure to wash the cucumber before feeding it to your cat.

One or two slices in a week are perfect for your cat. Before serving to her, peel the cucumber skin as it contains toxic chemicals (pesticides), plus it will become difficult for your cat to digest the skin.

This is the standard way to give your cat cucumber safely. Ideally, it is not recommended to give your cats cucumbers, but if you want, you can also ask your vet how much amount of cucumber is enough for your feline friend.

It’s important that you must know feeding cat seasoned cucumber or pickled cucumber can have adverse effects. Because it is poisonous for her. Therefore, giving a small quantity of fresh diced cucumber is safe for cats!

But Wait! Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Cucumbers terrify cats because they resemble snakes. If you keep cucumber near them all of a sudden cats will be afraid.

As her animal behaviorist, it is said it can trigger your cat as she can get traumatized physically and mentally. And this can lead to a severe change in her behavior too.

Cats With Cucumber Video

Well, That’s a Wrap

While chopping cucumber, if you have wondered can cats eat cucumber, then the answer is yes. You can feed your cat cucumbers in a moderate amount because larger amounts can cause diarrhea, hyperkalemia.

Well, sometimes cats get afraid of cucumbers because they think it is any critter, which may change their behavior. But it has many health benefits. It keeps the cat’s metabolism better, offers healthy liver and bones, inhibits cat cancer, and she can have a good gut!

Happy Cucumber Feed time with your cat!

Approved by Veterinary – Anthony Brooks, DVM!

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