The 10 Best Cat GPS Trackers of 2021

Do you want the best cat GPS tracker? Don’t want to pay for that monthly subscription? We reviewed lightweight, fast, precise, and reliable best cat trackers.

Technological advancements will try to get more inclusive – after smartwatch technology, Fitbit’s popularity, and the new Apple watch, pet wearables are the new buzzword.

There are so many questions in your mind: what can a cat tracker achieve? how does it work? which is the best one? what about the price? To find an answer to all of your questions, please read this post from beginning to end.

Best Cat Tracker:
Whistle 3 GPS Cat Tracker & Activity Monitor

Whistle 3 GPS Cat Tracker & Activity Monitor


According to our experts, Whistle 3 – Cat GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor is the best because it precisely tells you the cat’s location. It allows the creation of a safe zone and sends owners alerts on a dedicated smartphone app if the cat ventured out. Qualities such as water-resistance, lightweight and long battery life are further boosting the device’s popularity.

Why do you need a Cat Tracker?

Pets are part of the family and when they get lost or fall ill, it is very depressing for the entire family. Losing a pet is like losing a family treasure. It is heartbreaking when you return home and come to know that your pet has been lost or has died due to some injuries.

Apart from erecting a fence, what other precautions can we take to keep our pets safe? There is just a single step you need to take to keep a track of your pet’s activities or to locate them quickly and easily when they go missing. You simply have to use a pet tracker to know where your pet is and what is he up to, all the time.

In layman’s language, a pet tracking device is a device that is attached to the pet’s collar to track his movements or the present location. The main advantages that pet trackers have are:

  • The use of GPS pet tracker cuts the time of looking for your pet or knowing where he is. So whether the dog escapes through the fences or the cat leaves the home to roam around freely, this device can be relied on to furnish accurate information on where your pet is and what is he doing.
  • Many times you have an urgent meeting or appointment already scheduled and you cannot wait for your pet to come home and then leave. In such instances, you can just use the pet tracker app to automatically find out the location of your pet especially if they are far away from home.

Apart from finding their locations, pet trackers also keep track of pets’ fitness, their heart rate, and their activities. One of the biggest benefits of using a pet tracker is that it does not do any harm to the pet, unlike injectable trackers. Make sure that you get that best cat collar along with the best cat harness. It will ensure that your feline won’t lose that tracker.

Trackers cannot give more life to the pet but they can prevent them from meeting with accidents, getting lost, or stolen. Buying a cheap tracker may save you money but will hardly serve the purpose of keeping your pet safe.

The 10 Best Cat Trackers in 2021 (Reviews)

This section carries an overview of the best cat trackers – what each one of them can do or cannot – in order to allow you to judge whether the product would be right for you and your kitty. Please read through the entire section if you want to save time because researching and reviewing products on your own can be very time-consuming.

1. Whistle 3 GPS Cat Tracker & Activity Monitor

Whistle 3 GPS Cat Tracker & Activity Monitor


Whistle 3 is a GPS cat tracker that requires a small tracking unit to be attached to your cat’s existing collar or harness. The device actively tracks your kitty once he or she leaves the safe zone and sends location information to a dedicated smartphone app via AT&T Cellular Network.

It also uses Bluetooth technology to couple the tracking unit with your smartphone and safe zones are created using Wi-Fi technology. According to the manufacturer, the tracking unit can be safely worn by cats weighing at least 8 lbs.

The device can resist dirt and impact and can withstand immersion in water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. With good Wi-Fi and cellular coverage, the battery can last up to 7 days.

The Whistle 3 works over any distance that falls within the coverage of AT&T’s cellular services, which includes most parts of the US. It is normally accurate within 10-15 feet.

Whistle 3 offers 60-second location updates and sends notifications within 1-6 minutes. There is also the possibility to define multiple custom safe zones for your cat. Some other prominent features of the device include 24-hour location history, 24-hour activity history, low battery, and activity alerts.

There is an option available to choose whether you want to receive alerts in the form of text, email or push notifications. The cat tracker also allows you to share your cat’s location and activities with friends and family.


  • Whistle is prompt to notify you about the specific geolocation if your cat leaves the safe zone or wi-fi area
  • Whistle has affordable subscription plans
  • Whistle uses AT&T cellular connectivity, as long as you have service on your cellular device, you will be able to access the Whistle app and tracker


  • If you are in a remote area or do not have access to a remote hotspot, it would not be possible to get a GPS geolocation on your furry companion.
  • The Whistle GPS tracker is available to only pet owners who live in the US.

2. Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring for Cats

Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking & Locating System


The Marco Polo advanced pet tracking system is a combination of a tracking tag to be attached to your pet’s collar and a handheld receiver designed to allow the pet owner to keep a track of your kitty’s location 24×7. The communication between the handheld receiver and the tracking tag happens through radio frequency signals.

The pet guardian’s locator regularly sends radio signals to the tracking tag asking its location. The tag keeps responding to the requests and enables the receiver to identify the distance and direction to the pet. The cat’s location is always displayed relative to the pet owner’s location.

The device enables the pet guardian to set up a safe zone within which no active tracking is required. If your pet escapes outside the safe zone, you are notified within a minute, so that you can start actively tracking your feline companion. Location updates are received in just a few seconds.

The Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking & Locating System allows for tracking three pets with one handheld receiver. It requires no service charges because it does not use cellular networks and can even work in the remotest of locations.

Marco Polo’s communication range in flat, open terrain can be up to 2 miles. The range gets halved when the terrain is hilly or has a few obstructions. In suburban areas, the communication range can be around 2,000 feet.

The device comes with a lithium-polymer battery that can last for 45 days on a single recharge. When the device is in active tracking mode, with location information getting refreshed every few seconds, the battery can last up to 3 days.


  • Marco Polo is highly accurate and precision improves with a reduction in distance.
  •  Offers true real-time tracking
  • No monthly service charges


  • Not very rich in features
  • Not very affordable

3. DOTT The Smart Pet Tag – Bluetooth Tracker for Cats

DOTT The Smart Pet Tag - Bluetooth Tracker for Cats


The DOTT Pet Tracker has a different approach and uses mobile applications and tracker-to-phone connectivity to track your pet kitty. Although it is also possible to connect with Bluetooth based devices, their main objective is to create a friendly community through their DOTT Pet Application.

Users just have to attach the tracker to your cat’s collar and couple it with the DOTT pet mobile app, creating a virtual leash with the help of your phone. The range of the leash is 350 feet, so whenever your kitty breaks the leash, you will be alerted about its last known location.

The next step is to report a lost pet to the community through the DOTT pet app. Anybody nearby with the app would be notified with a “lost pet” poster. After reporting the lost pet, the DOTT would start sending out signals that can be sensed for around 4,000 feet.

It is possible to expand the search network by sharing the app with neighbors and friends online to speed up the process. Unlike GPS tracking devices, the battery lasts for 6-9 months for a single recharge which gives you a lot of time to track your lost pet without the fear of the battery getting discharged. It also does not entail any monthly subscription charges like in GPS tracking devices.


  • This product is very affordable compared to some other tracking devices that have extravagant pricing
  • The tracker is extremely lightweight and is suited even for tiniest of pets.
  • The tracker’s battery is long-lasting and stays charged for 6-9 months.
  • The device is waterproof
  • Because the pet tracker creates a pet-friendly community, your pet’s safety and recovery are guaranteed


  • The product and its app are still in their infancy and need to be more exposed and advertised to people for the pet tracker to grow successfully

4. Tagg Cat GPS Tracker Collar Attachment

Tagg GPS Cat Tracker Collar Attachment


TAGG GPS Cat Tracker comprises a tracking unit that is attached to your cat’s collar and a base station that works as a charger. The tracker relies on GPS for location tracking and uses Verizon’s communication network for communication between the tracker and your smartphone. There is a dedicated smartphone app to track the location and activities of your feline pal.

Like other GPS cat trackers, the device lets you set up a safe zone for your pet and receive alerts when the pet breaks free from the safe zone. It is also possible to choose between text and email alerts use the interactive map in the dedicated app to know your pet’s location and the distance between the two of you.

The tracker checks your pet’s location in the safe zone at least once every 12 minutes and the location data gets updated more frequently in the tracking mode. Tagg uses the Verizon Wireless Network but allows you to use any other network operator for your phone.

The device’s communication range is limited only by its ability to reach GPS satellites and cellular network availability. It can function over any distance within the Verizon Wireless coverage age.


  • Unlimited communication range
  • Lightweight and waterproof tracker
  • Custom-defined safe zone
  • Option to choose between text and email alerts
  • 7-day battery life


  • Only works within the US
  • In addition to the one-time cost of the device, you have to pay monthly subscription charges for a service plan
  • Not a cheap alternative

5. Findster Duo+ GPS Tracking Collar | Free of Monthly Fees

Findster Duo GPS Tracking Collar for Cats Free of Monthly Fees


Findster Duo+ is a GPS tracker for cats and has been designed with two separate modules. One module called the ‘pet module’ is attached to the pet’s collar and the other module called the ‘guardian module’ has to be kept by your side.

The pet module is GPS compatible and sends your cat’s location details to the guardian module, which is connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth and displays your pet’s activities record and location information in the Findster app.

This GPS tracker for cats requires no monthly subscription because the two modules communicated via a special MAZE Technology and the app displays the data via Bluetooth. The battery life has an extended life of 3-5 days if live tracking is activated twice in a day for a 30-minute walk otherwise lasts 12 hours if live tracking is activated for the entire day.

The communication range for this tractive GPS is 3 miles in flat, open spaces and around 0.5 miles in urban, congested areas.


  • The modules work without cell coverage or internet requirement
  • The pet module is blue in color to complement the appearance of your pet
  • Can work anywhere on the globe
  • It is shock-resistant and water-resistant


  • Communication range can get interrupted in urban areas
  • The virtual leash radius cannot be less than 55 yards

6. Find My Pet GPS Nano GPS Cat Tracker

Find My Pet GPS Nano GPS Dog Tracker


This one is a GPS pet tracking device that also uses radio, and Wi-Fi signals if it loses contact with the satellite. As with all other GPS pet tracking devices, this one also uses existing cellular networks for sending data to the app. It provides 2-4 days of battery life and the device is small and light. SOS button helps to know the location of your pet.


  • Long battery life
  • Small and light
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible


  • GPS is not very accurate

7. Petfinder GPS Tracking Unit for Cats

Petfinder GPS Tracking Unit for Cats


This is a GPS tracker for cats that tracks your cat’s location with meticulous precision. It does not require you to subscribe to a monthly service plan. This product is only for those who use AT&T mobile network for their cellular services.

The battery can last 2-3 days depending on usage.

This one will require a SIM card, and a service plan connectivity to facilitate data to be transmitted. For as low as $5 monthly phone plan, SIM card is available free of cost.


  • Does not require you to subscribe to a monthly service plan
  • SIM card needed for data transmission is free for monthly phone plan of as low as $5


  • This product is meant only for customers of AT&T mobile network

8. D35 Waterproof GPS GSM Pet Tracker System for Cats with Free App

D35 Waterproof GPS GSM Pet Tracker System for Cats with Free App


This GPS pet tracking device that will enable you to review the location of your pet kitty on the app map with the default location getting uploaded every 10 minutes.

It allows you to call the dog through the app remote end. You can set the safe zone for the pet. If your pet breaks free from the safe zone, you will be alerted.

The pet tracking device allows you to locate all the places your pet has been in the last three months.

There is a feature of low power alarm with the mobile app showing the battery status to remind you to recharge timely.


  • Tracks geographical location of your pet accurately
  • Allows you to set a custom safe zone for the pet
  • Low power alarm will remind you to timely recharge


  • The collar is made from hard material and can be uncomfortable for the kitty to wear around the neck.

9. BARTUN GPS Locator & Real-Time Activity Monitor for Cats

BARTUN GPS Locator & Real Time Activity Monitor for Cats


This is a GPS pet tracking device that uses satellite technology to monitor and locate remote targets by way of SMS, App or, Internet, which display location information accurately.

According to your pet’s regular activity area, you can create a safe zone for your pet kitty. If your pet crossed this safe zone, owners will get an alert reminding them that their pet is no longer within the safe zone.

The tracking module is small and lightweight, which is suitable for cats. The purchase includes two collars with buyers having to choose between neck collar and leg collar.


  • Bartun tracks the location using GPS technology accurately
  • The tracking module is miniature in size, which makes it comfortable for cats to carry around
  • Collars are included in the purchase


  • You need to subscribe to a monthly subscription plan over and above one-time charges to purchase the tracking device

 10. GIBI 2nd Gen GPS Tracker Collar Attachment for Cats

GIBI 2nd Gen GPS Tracker Collar Attachment for Cats


Gibi 2nd generation is a reliable and durable GPS pet tracking device that is accurate up to 10 feet, works throughout North America, offers 30-second location updates, and allows the creation of multiple safe zones for your pet.

Gibi 2nd generation tracking device is white and cuboidal in shape. The front side of the device has a Gibi logo, an ON/OFF button and a power/battery status light. It can be easily fixed to your cat’s collar or harness using an attachment clip included with the purchase.

The device can work over any distance so long as a cellular network is available.


  • Allows for active tracking with your pet’s location getting updated every 10 minutes.
  • Allows creation of multiple safe zones in polygonal shapes without any stipulated limits with regards to the size
  • Allows you to access your pet’s past locations
  • Allows you to share alerts with family and friends


  • Gibi 2nd gen does not monitor pet activity
  • Does not provide training assistance

Our Buyers’ Guide on Cat Trackers

We hope the product reviews must have sufficiently enlightened you regarding the benefits and drawbacks of various products. We believe that it will considerably save your time needed to understand the functioning of each and every product available on the market on your own. The Buyers’ Guide will discuss the factors that need to be considered to select the right cat tracker.

What to consider when buying a Cat Tracker?

There are several factors to be considered while selecting a cat tracker. These are:

  • Technology:

a. GPS: GPS technology uses satellites to notify how close the user’s location is to a given area. The notifications regarding the location of the tracker can be received directly on your computer, smartphone or tablet in real-time. The big advantage of using GPS technology is that you don’t waste time actively searching for the location of the tag. A subscription service is necessary for active trackers and it usually covers the whole of North America.

b. Bluetooth: Bluetooth trackers are coupled with your smartphone or any other BlueTooth enabled device. Once coupled, two-way communication is possible between the two objects to locate each other. For instance, when your tagged remote gets lost between the sofa or your kid misplaces it in the refrigerator, you will be able to locate it with your phone. When you lose your phone, you can activate the tag on your remote to locate the phone. The devices can locate each other contrary to how the GPS system works.

c. Radio Frequency Trackers: Radio Frequency trackers use radio frequency (2.4 GHz) in exchanging messages between the tag and the receiver. The intensity of the signal between the tag and the handset determines the distance and direction. You can know the direction to locate and the distance that needs to be covered to reach the target. Radiofrequency trackers are cheaper and much easier to operate than GPS trackers.

d. Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi tracking technology and GPS tracking devices are a lot similar. Wi-Fi trackers can gauge their location in relation to the signal intensity of hotspots. A hotspot is a physical location, which can be identified by a MAC address, through a wireless local area network (WLAN) that uses a router connected to the internet. The tracker is using the hotspot’s geography and intensity of the signal to approximately find a location within a few meters.

  •  Battery Life

The battery life of GPS devices can last between 2-6 days after which it would require to be recharged. How long the battery will last also depends on how frequently you use it. Batteries of RF trackers, on the other hand, can last even one year depending on the usage. Once flat, it can be easily replaced with a common battery for continued functioning.

  • Price Range

One question that you need to ask of yourself is regarding the budget. You may have to spend between $75 and $200 for a good tracker. For the GPS tracker, you will also have to bear the added financial burden for internet connectivity. RF trackers will need only a one-time expense as compared to GPS trackers.


  • How does a pet tracker work?

Different pet trackers use different technologies. There are GPS trackers, Radio Frequency Trackers, Bluetooth trackers, and Wi-Fi trackers available on the market.

  • Cat Tracking Device vs Microchip, which one is best?

The primary difference between a cat microchip and a cat GPS tracker is the chance you get to actively search for your cat if she ran away or got lost. The GPS tracker is the only device that gives you this ability since it allows real-time tracking. With a microchip, the cat has to be actually rescued and brought to a vet who can then use a special scanner to read the microchip id and identify the owner.

  • How is a GPS Tracker different from Bluetooth, Wifi, or RFID Tracker?

If your sole concern is keeping track of the things that you have in the house, an RF tracking device would be right for the purpose. If you’re prone to misplacing your phone, then go for Bluetooth. When you are looking for very strong tracking over long distances opt for a device that uses GPS or Wi-Fi technology. It could possibly be a combination of both because GPS and Wi-Fi cover each other’s weaknesses rather well. When you want to keep a track of something that you really love, then you must pick a device that works on a combination of all these technologies, GPS in particular.

  • Do I need to use a SIM with the Pet Tracker?

A GPS tracker comes with a receiver to triangulate its own position from the satellite signals. For the purpose of achieving connectivity, most trackers would need a SIM card. A SIM card makes location transmission, sending audio data, receiving commands to turn on audio, and other more advanced features, possible.


If the fear of your cat going missing or some calamity befalling her because of her love for adventure is giving you sleepless nights, then invest in a good cat tracker at the earliest. We sincerely hope that you will not take the risk of not tagging your cat just because you did not have a fair idea of which device to buy. It is to this end we have reviewed cat trackers so that our readers can make this very important decision of buying one fairly easily.

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