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Our 2023’s Boxiecat Cat Litter Review – Brutally Honest

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Boxiecat Cat Litter Review

Want a litter that doesn’t crumble upon clumping and scooping? We discovered the Boxiecat cat Litter for you to have less dust and odor, each time you clean and scoop your cat’s wastes.

Are you tired of constantly cleaning your cat’s pee and poop? Want to spend more quality time with your furry friend instead of their litter box? Say goodbye to clay-based litter that create dust and cause allergies, and hello to the hassle-free Boxiecat Litter.

With its hard clumping and low-tracking abilities, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to scoop and manage. Plus, the firm clumps won’t crumble, trapping odors and keeping your home smelling fresh.

And, with its flat-top clumps that won’t stick to your cat’s paws, you’ll have cleaner paws and a cleaner house in no time. Don’t waste any more time struggling with a messy litter box, try Boxiecat Litter today and experience the convenience of a hassle-free litter solution.

What is Boxiecat Cat Litter?

Boxiecat gives you the cleanest litter box experience by producing flat top clumps that help in easy scooping and forms less dust compared to other clay clumping litter particles.

Boxiecat Cat Litter Review

Veterinarians have also approved of Boxiecat and agree that this is the best performance they have seen. It is also known to offer exceptional odor control and does not cause tracking.

Boxiecat was founded in 2009 by Josh Wiesenfeld and his kitty Goldie with a mission to make cat litter better. The founder, Josh wanted to make a product that does not form crumbles upon clumping, does not create dust, and controls odor. Since he could not find the purr-fect litter himself, he decided to make one for his cat and all the felines worldwide.

Apart from cat litter, Boxiecat offers a range of other pet and litter-related products like odor removing sprays, shampoos, as well as dog-related products.

Boxiecat understands that litter is important for a cat household and it has to be of great quality in order to perform against urine smells and fecal odor. That is why it has been regarded as the best cat litter and has been given the 2018 industry recognition award by Pet Business Magazine. It has also been the Editor’s Choice in Cat Fancy Magazine, 2012.

The unique aspect of Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Litter is that it forms flat top hard clumps that do not crumble unlike in the case of other clay-based products that crumble upon scooping and form soft clumps. These can get hard to manage and form dust easily which can lead to allergies and breathing issues in your family.

Boxiecat is made in the U.S.A. and is available in two main variants, Boxiecat and BoxiePro. We have listed the types of Boxiecat and BoxiePro Litter and reviewed each one of them for you to choose the best for your kitty’s box.

What Kinds of Litter Does the Brand Offer?

Boxiecat comes in two variants: The Regular Boxiecat Litter and the Premium BoxiePro Litter. The Boxiecat Litter has scented, unscented and lightweight variants whereas the BoxiePro performs better deep cleaning action.

Read on to know which variant is best for your kitty, the Boxiecat, or the BoxiePro?

A Quick Glance at the Winners of 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Extra Strength Premium Clumping Litter

Boxiecat Extra Strength Premium Clumping Litter
  • It doesn’t include artificial scent
  • Tackle odor from cat poop
  • Forms flat clumps and dust-free

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Scent Free Cat Litter

Boxiecat Premium Clumping Scent Free Cat Litter
  • Forms hard clumping without crumbling
  • The clumps stay on the surface instead of sinking to the bottom making it easy to scoop 
  • This scent-free variant does not contain any artificial fragrances 

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

Gently Scented Cat Litter

Broxiecat Gently Scented Cat Litter
  • The scent is totally cat friendly
  • Made of natural ingredients, that are soothing
  • Helps to calm down and attract cats to the litter box

Boxiecat Cat Litter

The Boxiecat Litter brings about a noticeable difference in your kitty’s litter box. The various kinds of Boxiecat Litter are as follows:

1. Extra Strength Premium Clumping Litter

This is the most preferred type and choice of product amongst feline households. The Extra Strength Premium Clumping Litter formula stops odor before it starts by using a probiotic formula. The extra strength is indicative of providing extra odor control and offers a 100% natural solution to foul smell from your feline’s box.

Boxiecat Extra Strength Premium Clumping Cat Litter

It does not have any artificial scents and is perfect for multi-cat households as well as cats who use the litter box frequently. This litter is also known to tackle odors from cat poop that come due to an increased protein diet.

It forms flat top clumps and is 99.99% dust-free. The hard clumps aid in easy scooping so your cat’s litter box stays ultra-clean after use. The bag lasts for a good one month for a single cat.

2. Scent Free Cat Litter

The Boxiecat All Natural Scent Free Cat Litter forms hard clumps without crumbling. The clumps stay on the surface instead of sinking to the bottom making it easy to scoop and clean the box. The advanced dust suppression process helps in forming incredibly low levels of dust.

Broxiecat All Natural Scent Free Cat Litter

This scent-free variant does not contain any artificial fragrances as masking agents which makes it a great choice for sensitive and picky cats. The hypoallergenic formula contains no toxins and additives.

The low dust formula resists tracking and the pellets do not stick to your cat’s paws either. It eliminates strong ammonia odors and is suitable for single as well as multi-cat use.

3. Gently Scented Cat Litter

The Boxiecat Gently Scented variant has a mild fragrance that is not just pleasing to humans, but cats as well. The scent is totally cat friendly and is made of natural ingredients that are soothing and not overwhelming for cats. It calms them down and attracts them towards their box.

Broxiecat Gently Scented Cat Litter

The blend of natural ingredients is called Boxiecat Calm and it is a moisture activated. It releases a fragrance only when it comes in contact with urine. The product makes a great alternative to scented objects that can be irritating and overpowering to your feline’s sensitive sense of smell.

Just like the other variants, the gently scented variant shows all the features like forming flat top clumps and causing minimal dust and tracking. It is suitable for multiple cats and offers a long-lasting effect.

4. Lightweight Cat Litter

The Boxiecat Lightweight Cat Litter is featherlike in terms of weight and consistency but is not light when it comes to performing against litter box odors and offering moisture absorbance. The AirTight clumps lock the odor, forms firm clumps that do not crumble, and traps the ammonia smell as well as bacteria that cause odor.

Boxiecat Lightweight Cat Litter

The Lightweight formula not only traps the odor but also helps in inhibiting and spreading increased litter box odors due to high protein diets in cats. It is not clay-based and has a natural aroma since it is made of plant-based materials.

It is 60% lighter than clay making it easy to sift, pour, and clean. It offers probiotic odor control and targets foul odors even before they start. In spite of being light in weight, it forms no dust clouds.

The lightweight variant is available in the extra-strength formula, scent-free, and mildly scented formula as well.

BoxiePro Cat Litter

BoxiePro Cat Litter is known to perform deep cleaning and better action on the dirtiest and toughest of litters.

1. BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter

Clean Paws means a cleaner home due to less tracking and low dust. This makes the BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter safe for your cat and your household.

BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter

The boosted blend of probiotics in BoxiePro keeps your feline’s box clean from the root level and performs deep cleaning action on her litter box. After all, you don’t want your cat to spread unseen and unwanted waste.

BoxiePro forms flat-top clumps that trap the dirt and ammonia odors. This helps to keep your cat’s box-fresh and odor-free. A packet of BoxiePro lasts for one month and is absolutely scent-free to not irritate your picky cat.

2. Lightweight Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter

The BoxiePro Lightweight Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter is the same boosted blend of probiotics as the original deep clean formula with the basic difference that it is light in weight.

BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Lightweight Cat Litter

BoxiePro is 60% lighter than regular clay litters. The AirTight clumps lock the moisture as well as the strong odor associated with urine. The clumps don’t crumble which helps in easy scooping while the AirTight technology locks and seals the smell making your cat’s litter box fresh as new.

BoxiePro Lightweight Cat Litter cleans the litter from the microscopic level so your cat does not spread any unwanted and unknown pathogens and waste. BoxiePro Air does not track keeping your cat’s paws and thereby, your house clean.

Boxiecat Cat Litter Reviews

After testing the product ourselves and asking several users, we have reviewed the Boxiecat Litter based on various general features to help you make a better choice for your pet.


The Boxiecat and BoxiePro Litter are fairly decent in terms of absorption. It soaks enough moisture to form clumps but reaches its saturation soon enough and is not very long-lasting. Moreover, it takes time to absorb the moisture and form clumps whereas other competitive brands have a quick clumping action in comparison to Boxiecat Litter.

As many cat owners have doubts that can you use litter for multiple cats? Yeah of course you can use it for multiple cats, know how to use it in detail.

Clumping Action

Clumping is one of the best features of the Boxiecat and BoxiePro Litter. It forms hard clumps at the top of the box so that you do not have to sink in your scoop deep enough to look out for waste. Moreover, the particles do not crumble upon lifting or scooping which makes it convenient to scoop.

Boxiecat Clumping Action

The granules clump in the form of hard cakes that dry out almost quickly. They also use less quantity of litter for clumping so that nothing extra is used nor wasted. All the Boxiecat and BoxiePro Litter variants perform excellent clumping action.

The time taken for clumping is comparatively more than other competitive cat litters like Purina Tidy Cats and Dr. Elsley Premium Clumping Cat Litters. However, the hard and firm clumps formed makes it easy to manage your feline’s box.

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Odor Control

In terms of odor control, most users say that the Boxiecat and BoxiePro offer amazing odor control properties. Be it the extra strength formula or the mildly scented to even the unscented variant, they are designed to control strong ammonia as well as fecal odor.

The BoxiePro formula is also capable of killing and eliminating the bacteria that causes the foul smell. This prevents the dirty odor from spreading across your house as well as your feline’s litter box.

The mildly scented formula has natural plant-based ingredients and the blend is called BoxieCalm that attracts your cat towards her box and soothes their senses.

The scented Boxiecat and BoxiePro variant is not overwhelming and controls odor effectively. It does not mask the foul smell temporarily and offers long-lasting fresh action. Since it is natural and plant-based, it is not allergic to your sensitive cat and is a good choice for even the pickiest kitty.

Felines who are on a protein-based diet tend to excrete solid wastes that smell awful. The Boxiecat and BoxiePro litters are capable of eliminating the strongest of odors that can come from a protein-based diet.

Non-Tracking & Low Dust

The Boxiecat and BoxiePro litter are 99% dust-free. This gives it clearance for being a hypoallergenic and safe cat litter. The litter does not stick to your cat’s paws.

Broxiecat Non-Tracking and Low Dust

In fact, the BoxiePro Cat Litter even claims that their litter helps to keep your kitty’s paws clean which leads to a clean house. Boxiecat and BoxiePro Litter do not form any dust clouds upon pouring which makes it safe from causing allergies.

It causes zero trackings and the granular litter is not sticky making it suitable for long-haired cats. Since it is almost dust-free, it is safe for feline households prone to allergies. It would also not cause any skin allergies or rashes to your cat and is meant for felines prone to skin diseases.

Ease of Cleaning

Since the litter makes hard clumps that are firm and do not crumble easily, Boxiecat and BoxiePro are very easy to clean and manage. Most feline parents are skeptical about the convenience of cleaning and managing the cat’s litter box. Boxiecat and BoxiePro make sure that it is easy for you to handle the clumps and clean her box effectively.

Ease of Cleaning

The best part is that BoxiePro forms flat-top clumps that allow you to remove and scoop the hard litter cakes from the top of the box without having to dig deep inside. Since it does not spread and crumble upon scooping, BoxiePro and BoxieCat forms less dust so you don’t have to clean dirt from around the box and your floors.

The granules are fairly large in size as compared to other clay cat pellets which makes it denser and does not allow it to spread in the air and outside the box.

Multi-Cat Use

Whether it is suitable for multi-cat use is a subject of controversy. While most Boxiecat Litter types claim that they are suitable for multi-cat use, only the extra strength formula performs a decent task of handling multiple cats. The clumping is not an issue in terms of multi-cat use.

However, if more cats are using the same box, there would be excessive litter usage. The litter should be capable of performing quick clumping action and should also be highly absorbent which is where Boxiecat Litter gives a setback.

The unscented and the mildly scented variants are not very effective in controlling odor and hence are not quite suitable for multi-cat use. The BoxiePro Premium Clumping Cat Litter has superior odor control strength and can be used for multiple cats.


Price may be one of the major setbacks of Boxiecat Litter but not when you consider the features that it offers. Boxiecat is a premium quality clumping clay litter and is available in 16 lb and 28 lb bags.

Boxiecat is cost effective

One 16 lb bag is sufficient for a single cat and lasts for about one month subject to usage. The 16 lb bag costs anywhere around $20-$25 and the 28 lb bag costs around $25-$30. It is heavily priced as compared to other premium cat litters like Dr. Elsey or the normal range of cat litters offered by Purina Tidy Cats.

However, if you consider the other features that we mentioned above, it is capable of outperforming other cat litter brands and hence the heavy pricing is justified.

How to Use Boxiecat Cat Litter?

Here are the steps you must follow in order to use Boxiecat Litter for your kitty’s litter box


Pour Boxiecat in your kitty’s litter box and fill up to 3 inches that are sufficient for cats to dig deep and hide their poop.


Once your kitty uses the box, BoxiePro starts forming solid and hard clumps. These are formed at the top of the box so you can spot and scoop them easily. Daily scooping is recommended to maintain the box and control odor.


Replace the entire litter once a month and clean the box thoroughly. Make sure to refill the litter to up to 3 inches level once it gets replenished in the box.

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Boxiecat Subscription Cat Litter

Boxiecat is available for purchase on an individual basis or can be availed through a subscription. Subscription offers are available on the product’s official website or on Chewy by choosing their auto-ship service.

The subscription service gives you the ease of receiving deliveries regularly at your convenience without having to order after every few days. You can set the schedule based on the usage in your house and you can order on a weekly or a monthly basis.

Set your home delivery schedule and you will continue to receive the packages at your doorstep with zero shipping charges. It also offers you the convenience of receiving timely deliveries without having to go to the store and lift heavy packages of cat litter.

The subscription plans fall cheaper and you can confirm the order details at the checkout section of the website. Autoship options on Chewy even come with discounts.

Other Products by Boxiecat Litter

Here are a few other products offered by Boxiecat:

1. BoxiePro Scoop and Spray Litter Extender

Use your cat litter for a litter longer and extend the life of any litter with the BoxiePro Scoop and Spray Litter Extender.

BoxiePro Scoop and Spray Litter Extender

It helps in removing litter box odors and also eliminates the contaminants from her box making it fresh and last longer than ever. Just a few sprays and you don’t have to spend much on purchasing cat litter packs every month.

2. Litter Cleanup Bags

The BoxiePro Litter Cleanup Bags helps in containing all the waste collected from the litter box for ease of disposal. All you have to do is scoop the litter into the cleanup bags, pick the bags from the handle, tie them up and dispose of in the trash.

Boxiecat Litter Cleanup Bags

They come with a tearing perforation for ease of disposal while clearing your kitty’s litter box. The bags are large enough to fit any scoop.

Stain and Odor Products

The Boxiecat Premium Stain and Odor Removal formulas are ultra-concentrated and offer a premium value. These are powdered formulas and are available in scented and unscented variants. Mix as much as needed with water and these formulas help in the effective breakdown of stain particles.

They also prevent your cat from resoiling in the area again. Apart from the stains, it also removes the odor associated with them without using any chemicals, enzymes, or additives.


Based on various features and user preferences, these are our ratings for the Boxiecat and BoxiePro Litter:

  • Absorbance: 4/5
  • Clumping Action: 5/5
  • Odor Control: 3/5
  • Low Tracking: 4/5
  • No-Dust Formula: 4/5
  • Multi-Cat Use: 3/5
  • Safety: 3/5
  • Price: 2/5
Boxiecat Cat Litter
Featured Image Boxiecat Cat Litter

This is the most preferred type and choice of product amongst feline households. The Extra Strength Premium Clumping Litter formula stops odor before it starts by using a probiotic formula. The extra strength is indicative of providing extra odor control and offers a 100% natural solution to foul smell from your feline’s box.

Product Brand: Boxiecat

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

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Is Boxiecat Litter safe for kittens?

Boxiecat Litter is safe for kittens above 3 months old. Small kittens should avoid using it as they can ingest the litter which can cause choking and blockage in their digestive tract.

You can use a pellet-based litter or litter alternative for a few months until your kitty grows up.

Is Boxiecat Cat Litter biodegradable?

No! Boxiecat Cat Litter is not biodegradable as it is made of clumping clay particles. It does not decompose upon combining with landfill waste, unlike natural types.

What are the ingredients used in Boxiecat Cat Litter?

Boxiecat Litter has only one basic ingredient, Pure Premium Clay. The extra strength and the BoxiePro formula have probiotics to kill the odor-causing bacteria.

The mildly scented variant has moisture-activated plant-based ingredients for odor control.

How much Boxiecat Litter do I need?

This depends upon the litter box use and the number of cats in your house. One 16lbs bag of Boxiecat lasts for up to 1 month for a single cat and one 28lbs bag will last for up to 60 days for a single cat.

If you have 2 cats, then the 28lbs bag will last for up to a month.

Where to buy Boxiecat Litter?

Boxiecat Litter can be purchased on the product’s official website, or through a local pet store. It is also available for purchase on Amazon and Chewy.

Final Verdict | Is Boxiecat Cat Litter Worth It?

After some intense research and based on user reviews, we think that Boxiecat Cat Litter is absolutely worth it!!

Boxiecat Litter

Most feline parents look for a product that is easy to manage and gives a hassle-free cleaning. Boxiecat fits in the criteria almost perfectly. We measure the pros and cons for you to make an ideal choice for your kitty.


  • Forms hard and firm clumps without crumbling
  • Flat-top clumps formed on the surface are easy to scoop
  • No overwhelming fragrances or artificial scents involved
  • Natural and plant-based soothing scent to control odor
  • Prevents odor due to a high protein diet
  • Low dust while sifting and pouring and no tracking
  • Easy to clean and manage


  • Not suitable for multi-cat households
  • Highly-priced
  • Not effective against strong ammonia smells

After measuring the advantages and disadvantages of the product, we think that this litter helps in forming hard clumps that are easy to scoop. The flat-top clumps make the cleaning process simpler and help in forming less dust, which makes it safe and hypoallergenic for your feline and household.

Ignoring the disadvantages like the high price and the strength to withhold odor from multiple cats, Boxiecat and BoxiePro offer some excellent features to look for which makes it worth the price.


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