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15 Reasons Why Cats Blep? (Everything You Need to Know)

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I noticed my cat was blepping so much while on vacation at home. At first, I assumed she was attempting to create a charming expression in order to gain close attention. But, subsequently, I noticed that it was not a one-time occurrence; she did it for a long time.

Does this has happened to you also? Is this triggering you? Well, don’t worry most of the cat owners face such issues on daily basis and with CatLovesBest you will get to the more than 10 reasons why cats blep!

Cats do it because something might have lodged inside their mouth, or could be because she is suffering from hanging tongue syndrome.

reasons why cats blep

15 Reasons Why Do Cats Blep?

There are several reasons why cats blep, but generally, they may tend to do it more when they are trying new cat food or if she has a flatter face.

In severe cases, it can also be because of medical problems like dental disease, breathing problems, tongue hanging syndrome, or overheating.

1. Trigger Warning, Is She Poisoned?

In case the cat ingests anything toxic be it pesticides or your household cleaner’s item it can be poisonous for your cat. Because of that cat will keep the tip of the tongue out of her mouth.

trigger warning is she poisoned

Accompanied by that, if she shows the following sign then it could be threatening.

  • Drooling
  • Breathing problems
  • Nausea
  • Imbalance
  • Sickness

It is quite alarming therefore instantly call your vet for the treatment!

2. Feline Respiratory Problems

Respiratory health issues can be other reasons why cats bleps!

This is because the upper part of the lungs can get infected. It can impact your cat’s nose, throat which will trigger her to drool a lot and keep her tongue out.

feline respiratory problems

And, when your cat will face trouble in breathing you will see the tongue moving out of the cat’s mouth continuously as she will be trying to breathe there.

You can see other clinical symptoms like breathlessness, lack of coordination, and no interest in food too.

3. Suffering From Periodontal Problems

Dental problems are common in cats. Therefore, it is vital to keep their oral hygiene up to mark. The cat will move out their tongue more often there is the risk of periodontal disease.

suffering from periodontal problems

Cat bleps when there is inflammation in gums or, plaque, tartar inside her mouth.

4. Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis

Feline stomatitis can be due to oral problems, but it can also be due to the cat’s poor immune system. In this, her mouth will be filled with ulcers it can even reach her throat, tongue, and even to her lips too.

feline chronic gingivostomatitis

The quality of her fur will also degrade as they will find it hard to groom themselves. Your cat will deny eating eventually she will lose weight and will also have poor breathing. So, she will blep to soothe her pain and may also paw at her mouth.

It is a chronic problem so if you notice that your cat has any clinical signs immediately take her to a vet!

5. Is Your Feline Overheating?

Do you know during hot days your feline friend will release sweat and pant excessively to keep their body temperature cool?

Excessively panting and bleeping conditions can be because of heatstroke therefore, prevent it by giving her access to shade and by offering her water!

is your feline overheating

She will face a lot of issues if she is heat-stroked.

  • May collapse
  • Can drool excessively
  • May vomit
  • Start panting

If you see any of the signs immediately take her to the vet as it can be very serious, and it can cause organ failure in the long run.

6. Older Cats Have Dementia

Dementia is very common in cat senior cats. Your cat may blep because of that too! Wondering how?

older cats have dementia

Well, she will eventually get to keep her tongue inside because of aging. In dementia, the feline body stops processing cognitive functions.

Other than that you will notice the following signs.

  • Constant staring at the wall
  • Continuous crying
  • Decreased appetite
  • Forget to use the litter box appropriately

7. Travel Anxiety

When you take your cat out for a trip she may feel stress in the car this is generally a motion sickness.

travel anxiety cat blepping

And, to control anxiety cat’s tongue will be out all over the trip. It will end when she moves out of the car. But, still in case you see her doing the same then you must speak to your vet about it.

8. Hanging Tongue Syndrome

Although this is quite common in dogs, cats can also face this syndrome. This is typically due to dental illness.

hanging tongue syndrome

This syndrome can be caused by significant nerve injury to the lower jaw or head. Cats will blep due to this traumatic experience.

9. Feeling the Texture of the Food!

Not necessarily cats will only blep because of something serious issue sometimes they do that to taste new cuisine, or they may do it because they are feeling the texture.

your cat is feeling the texture of the food

If you have got a new brand of food for her which has a unique texture and flavor she will constantly move out her tongue.

10. Formation of the Tongue

Have you ever been licked by a cat? If yes, then you know already that it feels quite spiky and rough when they lick you as it is way distinct from our human tongue. Also, these rough points are covered with keratin, and it is called papillae.

formation of the cats tongue

So, the feline will generally blep since their tongue will feel tender with those pointy cells. Therefore, whenever she eats food her tongue will face problems to deliver inside her mouth. As a result, she will blep.

11. Food Lodged Between the Tooth

When you eat chicken wings and the meat gets stuck inside your teeth how irritating it is to get rid of it. You constantly use your tongue to remove the food right? Well, similarly cats do the same when food is loaded in the teeth.

food lodged between the tooth of cat

That’s the other reasons why cats bleps!

12. Trying to Sniff

Do you know what is Flehmen Response? Well, there is science behind the blep too!

trying to sniff

It is a kind of upper lip curling in cats that aids in the transfer of pheromones and other scents into the vomeronasal organ. So. basically, some cats use the roof of their mouth also to sniff around.

They easily detect pheromones used by other cats. If your cat pops up her tongue it can be due to this!

13. She Is Distracted

Your cat can sometimes be foolish! How?

your cat is disctracted

Well, even though they are counted under intelligent animals, but sometimes they can be silly. During their grooming session, they may get disturbed and may neglect to keep their tongue inside their mouth back!

Although while doing this she will look too adorable, and you can take advantage and catch a few pictures of your pet.

14. Maybe Feeling Relaxed

When your cat is sleeping she is in a relaxed mood. While sleeping, they will tend to drop off their jaws just like us humans. It is common in Persian cats.

your cat is feeling relaxed

So, basically, your cat is blepping during her sleeping hours. They also do this often if they have missing teeth.

15. They Have Developed Wrong Habit

Cats are intelligent they quickly learn and adapt things. And, if they get to know that their blepping face makes you happy then she will lead to doing it more often.

your cat has developed a wrong habit

In case you accidentally appreciate her by petting her or by giving her a treat then she will repeat this behavior again because you liked it.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion to reasons why cats bleps it can sometimes be very normal and general cat behavior, and sometimes it can be because of illness.

Well, if your cat is too old then it could possibly be because of dementia, or in case your cat has bad oral hygiene then it is majorly because of dental problems.

However, they try to put the tongue in place because teeth are missing. It is also common in flat-faced breeds as they have long hair which can lead to overheating.


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