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DIY Dog Proof Litter Box [Easy and Quick]

Head on to our super-cool guide of DIY dog-proof liter boxes!

Do you have cats and dogs? Do you face the problems of dogs sticking his head in the cat litter box?

Well, we did! So, we prepared a DIY dog-proof litter box project at home. We did a makeover of a table cabinet and plastic gallon storage crate to make a DIY dog-proof cat litter box!

If you buy dog-proof litter, it will cost you a lot. Therefore, to cut down the budget, why not make one at home?

This DIY project is safe and sturdy; your kitty can easily reach inside it but not your dog. With these ideas, you can have a clean room.

diy dog proof litter box

How to Build a Dog Proof Cat Litter Box [DIY]

Under this, we have listed out three amazing DIY dog-proof cat litter box ideas. The first one is DIY dog-proof litter box furniture, another one I have made with the plastic storage crate with the side entry, and the last one is the top entry DIY dog-proof cat litter box.

1. DIY Dog-Proof Litter Box Furniture

If you go buy a cat litter cabinet, it will cost you above $100, and if you want something fancy, then it will cost more than that.

diy dog-proof litter box furniture

So, if you have a cabinet table left unused in your house, you can do some cleaning and craftwork, can build a DIY dog-proof cat litter box easily at home. It can easily keep large dogs and small dogs away, plus covers bad odors too!

For this, you will need

  • Jigsaw to cut
  • Paint colors
  • Paintbrush
  • 4 scrap wood
  • 4 Wooden square blocks
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Black felt

1.1 Unscrew All Wood Screws

Unscrew and remove the back panel of the table cabinet.

Take all of the drawers unscrewing every screw that help that drawer in the place. Take out all the inner hardware too.

1.2 Unfold Everything

Next, take out the face of the drawer, which you attach back on the cabinet once you are done.

Then completely remove all the drawers and all attached hardware. Once everything is out, dent the cabinet and put the side up where we cut the hole.

Measure a few inches up from the bottom. Make sure that it is higher than the cat litter box. Measure the width of the cabinet and mark to the square.

1.3 It’s Time for Carpentry Work

Now, use a sharpie on a ruler to mark your square. Drill two holes in the middle of the square, then take a jigsaw to work out and follow the lines all the way around. Once you reach the corner for the jigsaw, curve it around to follow the next straight line. Follow the lines all the way around.

1.4 Color, Color and Color

Once the entire square was cut out, again use the jigsaw to make the lines even. And, once it is one, use polyurethane to fill in the color with a paintbrush dab off the extra stain.

To make it look nice, color the inner side of the cabinet with the same color. Cut four pieces of wood trim (less than 7″), get four wood corners of the set square, and paint all of them with the same color. And, let it sundry.

1.5 Fix the Back Side

Then stick it around the hole to secure the cabinet. For the back portion use, black felt and cut out as the same size. Use a staple gun and secure the top. Attach this work face on the front.

Now, you have a place to put your dog-proof cat litter box furniture that looks stunning. And, of course, you can change the litter.

2. DIY Dog-Proof Plastic Storage Litter Box

If your dog intertwining your cat litter box and eating her poop. Or your cat is messy; kick all the litter out of the pan want to stop the tracking issue. Then you can design a dog-proof cat box quickly at home. Make a box enclosure, it just takes the cat’s needs and consideration. And it will keep all dogs out of the box.

dog-proof plastic storage litter box

Things you will need

  • A cat litter tray
  • Plastic pet door
  • Drilling machine
  • Marker
  • Safety gloves and eyeglasses
  • Plastic crate

Before proceeding further, you have to make your cat get used to using the plastic pet door.

2.1 Mark the Template on the Crate

Place the litter box in the crate, then take the outer frame of the cat door to use it as a template. Then mark the screw holes with the help of a marker.

2.2 Drilling Time

Cut the door hole. Then using a drilling machine, make the holes which you marked earlier on the other side of the crate a few small holes for ventilation.

2.3 Cat Door Installation

Insert the door and screw the door into place. Then keeping the litter pan inside the crate. Scoop some litter into it and cover the lid. Yes, it is ready to use.

3. DIY Dog-Proof Litter Box With Top Entrance

This dog-proof litter box DIY is easy; you can make this in 45 minutes easily. This is safe and effective; your cat can easily move out of the box and can enjoy her privacy too. So, let us start this DIY litter box project.

diy dog-proof litter box with top entry

Things you will need

  • Anti-slip mat
  • Scissors or cutter
  • A pan cover lid
  • Some glue
  • A marker pen

3.1 Mark Circle

Take a large plastic container and use a pot cover to mark the circle. Now, mark the circumference of the pot cover from the backside of the lid.

3.2 Cut a Hole in the Top

Grab the cutter or razor-sharp scissors and remove the marked area that you traced in the earlier step (holes in the top)

3.3 File the Edges Perfectly

Then buff the edges with the help of a file, and if you don’t want to invest in a filer, then you can also get a sandpaper sheet to smoothen the edges.

3.4 Cut Out Anti-Slip Drawer Mat

Then take the piece of the anti-slip drawer mat and cut it long to cover the lid portion of the container. Then keep the pot cover as you used our guideline in the first step, then mark it with a marker at the non-slip drawer liner.

Cut the circle which you used in step 4. Remember not to cut the rim of the non-slip drawer liner.

3.5 Cover the Anti-Slip Drawer Mat

Be careful while aligning the non-slip drawer cover over the lid cover and then line both holes. Stick the non-slip material with glue onto the lid cover. It will be a time-consuming step if possible to try to take help from someone.

3.6 Stick Everything

First, you have to glue around the borders of the hole. Stick the other part of the non-skid material down.

Once you are done, then add some fresh litter to the tray and place a piece of carpet, and yay, it is done.

Give a glance look at

Summing It All Up!

If you also face cat litter problems like a dog eating cat poop or spreading the litter all around the house, then these DIY ideas are just for you.

We have made curated 3 awe-inspiring DIY dog-proof litter boxes ideas. It can easily keep small breeds and large breeds dogs away. It is easy to make, and you can also save a lot of money too.

Love it? Then make sure to share with other cat owners too. And, if you have amazing DIY dog-proof cat litter box ideas, then do share them with us.


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