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Why Does My Cat Drool? Is It Normal?

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Looking for an explanation for why does my cat drool more than usual? A drooling cat can be caused by something innocuous or something more serious.

Generally, cats aren’t heavy droolers. But, in case your kitty is drooling a lot these days then it can be due to mental illness, sunstroke, nausea, respiratory problems, or a foreign body stuck inside her throat.

However, not necessarily it can be because of only serious health problems. Sometimes it can be also due to very simple reasons like when she is extremely happy.

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Dr. Anthony Brooks

DVM, Veterinarian

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The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research.
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Anthony Brooks-DVM


Dr. Anthony Brooks

DVM, Veterinarian

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The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research.
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why does my cat drool

Why Does My Cat Drool?

Most cats drool when they have tooth decay, oral problems, infection in the upper portion of the respiratory tract. However, they can also do that because of sunstroke, anxiety, nausea, or something that is logged insider her throat and ironically sometimes when they are happy and contented.

So check the following health problems whether your cat is suffering from this or not.

Stress and Fear Can Mess to Drool Your Cat

Look for your cat’s mental condition because when a cat is under stress she can drool a lot. Generally, they will come under stress if there is a sudden change in their routine.

stressed cat drools

When you take them along for a long drive or for an appointment with a vet she will get fear. Even loud sounds can also make her scared and anxious.

Sunstroke Can Lead To Drooling

Drooling due to sunstroke is rare in animals like cats, but it is common in Persian cats. If a Persian cat is under heat for a long period and doesn’t consume water she will be dehydrated and can drool a lot due to this.

It is a dangerous condition so make sure that she never faces such a condition. Keep her in a cool place to wave off heat.

Reduce her physical activity and speak to the vet immediately if the condition is serious.

Neoplasia (Cancer)

If your pet has a malignant growth on the tongue or at the backside of the throat she can drool a lot. Along with drooling, she can also face trouble in eating food or swallowing water.

neoplasia cancer in cats

This can make her breath smell awful and can cause blood in her mouth. She will find it hard to open her mouth properly and thus keeps on drooling.

Oral Problems Can Be a Reason

Drooling in cats can be because of poor oral hygiene and dental disease. If she is suffering from tooth decay, or infections she will release excess saliva to soothe her pain.

Trauma in Brain

Trauma to the brain can also lead to excess saliva in cats. It can be caused by any reason for instance due to accident and mouth facture or falling down from a height, or due to chewing the electrical cord.

Even when they fight with other cats they may end up hurting themselves. You may not see it externally but there might be internal injuries too! So, trauma can be caused by a reason therefore, you have to be very careful.

Uneasiness and Nausea

Keep an eye on your cat if she feels uneasiness and nausea it can also become one of the reasons for excess painting.

This happens because her internal organs are not healthy, her stomach may be filled with parasites, or she could possibly be suffering gastrointestinal problems.

Respiratory Problem

As per Pet WebMD, “It’s caused by different viruses or bacteria, and it targets the upper airway — the nose, throat, and sinuses — rather than the lungs.[1]

Unfortunately, if your cat develops a virus that harms her respiratory tract. It can cause an ulcer in a cat’s mouth which can become the foremost reason for cats drooling.

respiratory problem make cat drools

You can check for the following symptoms if her upper portion of the respiratory tract is affected.

  • Watery nose
  • Sneezing
  • Difficulty in eating and drinking
  • Eye discharge

Not necessarily drooling could be because of physical sickness sometimes it can be due to other reasons too! Check it out now!

She Might Have Licked Toxins

If your cat has ingested sometime toxic or bitter things which can be anything food, plant flower, or chemical she will release saliva in a large amount.

Make sure to keep your feline friend away from plants like tulips, Dahlias, Lilies, or chrysanthemums as these are toxic for them.

Also while using flea repellent make sure your kitty doesn’t lick it. In case she licks it try vomiting.

Something Stuck Inside Her Mouth

If she has a chewed toy while playing or a bone stuck inside her throat it will create a problem for her. She will release saliva and won’t be able to swallow food and drink water.[2]

In critical cases, it can also damage her esophagus. Anything lodged inside her throat it can lead to excess drooling.

She Is Contented

Not necessarily it can because of medical problems sometimes when your cat is extremely happy and content she can also drool because of that too.

It is a type of happy behavior. Well, not all cats can have the same happy reaction but when you stroke her head, she feels happy, and out of excitement she will drool.

When to See a Veterinarian?

If your cat is drooling in moderation then it is fine and normal but in case she is drooling all day long, excessively then it could be a sign of illness. And, it is high time that you talk to your vet and ask for the right medicines.

God forbid but in case the cat licks things poisonous or ingest toys or blades of grass speak to vet for treatments immediately as this can be a fatal situation.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Health conditions like gum disease, trauma, ingested toxic things, poor respiratory health, sunstroke can cause a cat to drool, or it can also be because she is feeling extremely happy and excited.

If she is hit by heatstroke try to keep her inside, give her enough water to drink. Take her for regular oral check-ups, keep her mentally stimulated.


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