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At What Age Can Cats Have Catnip? Let’s Find Out

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A cat’s love forever graces your heart!

Being a pet parent means getting ready for a roller coastal ride of lots of unsolved questions, which you have to solve with everyday experiences.

Like, catnip it’s a small word and we know it’s nontoxic to cats. But still before planting a catnip herb, or buying a catnip toy you have to think twice because when it comes to your kitty’s health you want to be extra careful.

At What Age Can Cats Have Catnip

Confused at what age can cats have catnip? Let’s find out.

Without wasting time let’s dig in more about catnip, reasons, why felines get attracted to catnip, is it safe for little munchkins, and other more related questions.

We have done good footwork, scroll down to get answers to your questions, we have tried covering major catnip topics. It will surely guide you and add fruitful knowledge for your future reference.

Why Do Cats Like Catnip?

Catnip herb is also known as perennial herb, and it belongs to the mint family. Also include trans-nepetalactone chemical, which triggers the receptor in your kitty’s brain, and the end results can be easily noticed in the cat’s behavior, and body language.[1]

The main reason behind felines liking catnip so much and especially in the case of a male cat is that it includes trans-nepetalactone chemical, which releases endorphins similar to female felines when they are in heat.

Why Do Cats Like Catnip

In addition, male cats get higher because of chemical trans-nepetalactone, and they try to impress female cats during such scenarios because they feel they are in heat.

Plus, catnip herbs make felines feel more relaxed and happy, it works well when they are under stress, we can say that it works like a stress buster for them.

So, these are the reason your kitty likes to play with catnip toys, rub their body with catnip herbs, and enjoy the natural essence to relax their body.

At What Age Kitty Can Have Catnip?

The best age to introduce your feline pal to catnip is between six months to a year old. In another word, once your feline turned a year old you can provide catnip herb and nothing to worry about because it is non-toxic to cats.

If we talk as per facts catnip will not work when she is younger because chemicals will not be able to trigger her mind. So, if you want to see your kitty enjoying the relaxation mode it’s better to provide her when she is a year older.

Once her gene developed completely all the senses are ready to work then if you provide her catnip herb she will be able to enjoy and relax her body, and you can see her pleasure state of mind.

Is Catnip Safe for Kittens?

Catnip is a non-toxic herb for cats, it will not harm them in any way, similarly, it applies to kittens, they are safe. If we talk from their health point of view, then no need to worry because these herbs will not trigger your kitten’s brain.

In another word, even if your little munchkin is around catnip herbs or ingested, chemicals will not trigger her brain. Like, there will be no change in her behavior, and she will act normal, you can give her a catnip toy to play.

Is Catnip Safe for Kittens

However, according to the survey, it has also been observed that chemicals do trigger kittens’ brains, but pet parents use this in a positive way and they try to make a strong bond with their little munchkin. This is because they are already in a hyperactive mode and playing with them increases their communication and bond which is good for their relationship.

We would like to request you, do not make your little munchkin addictive to catnip.

How Often Can Cats Have Catnip?

After knowing, that catnip is safe for cats. Now, the question arises, how often catnip should be given to cats?

Well, it is advisable not to give her catnip on a regular basis, like thrice a week is more than enough. Plus, make sure that without any issue you are not providing her catnip.

How Often Can Cats Have Catnip

For instance, she is feeling good and spending her time enjoying your company and everything is going smoothly. In such a situation, for no reason you are providing catnip to her on regular basis then you are making her addicted to that thing.

Moreover, it will not work effectively on your feline because she is used to the smell.

So, when she is not feeling good, suffering from anxiety, feeling dull and your company is not adding that spark then only provide catnip to change her dull mood.

If you want your feline to enjoy the relaxation zone, then make sure to provide catnip on an occasional basis.

How Much Catnip Is Too Much for Cats?

Well, ideally if we see felines are supposed to smell catnip and not ingest it. In fact, you cannot allow them to smell too much of catnip because that will also lead to health issues.

Like, if your feline has ingested catnip in a large amount then it will be a double-trouble for her. Firstly chemical will trigger the receptor in their brain, which will affect her behavior and body language. For instance, running, drooling, sleeping, playing continuously, etc.

On the other hand, while enjoying the smell of catnip if she ingests it in a large amount it will lead to health issues. Too much-eating catnip will lead to vomiting, and diarrhea issues, and will make her body weak.

Try to stop them from ingesting catnip, even if they don’t follow, simply switch to catnip spray. In this way, they can only sense the smell and won’t be able to eat.

Too much of anything is bad.

Behavioral Effect of Catnip

As discussed above catnip is not toxic to cats, and it does not get your pet high, it’s just that they might behave differently than the usual way.

Cats get attracted to catnip because of its smell, and it triggers receptor in their brain that makes them feel pleasant. It’s not necessary all felines will react in the same manner, some will get quiet, stare blankly at the surface, feel doozy, etc.

Behavioral Effect of Catnip

While on the other hand, those felines who are hyperactive in nature might act differently like flipping, drooling, running, exercising, etc.

In fact, as per the survey, it is also observed that male cats react differently than female ones like they are high on intimacy levels.

Mostly felines love grooming themselves, they purr and rub against the catnip because of the scent, it’s more like a pleasant time for them. Even felines like to lick and ingest catnip when they are in their enjoying state of mind.

Do Catnip Help With Anxiety?

According to zoology, it has been observed that catnip helps to reduce stress in cats. It produces hyperactivity in cats, which helps them to reduce stress.

For instance, many times felines do get cranky when they are not feeling well, out of scariness, or feeling bored, or many other related reasons. Sometimes, it becomes quite tough for pet parents to calm her down.

Do Catnip Help With Anxiety

If in such a scenario, you can keep dry catnip in front of your kitty and let her sense, you can also sprinkle dry catnip on bedding, scratching devices, and carpet where usually your kitty likes to spend the rest of its day.

It will give her some temporary relief, and it produces hyperactivity so she will be engaged in doing physical activities. Which will automatically bring down her stress level, and she will be fine.


Is catnip toxic to cats?

Catnip is not harmful to cats, and if taken in limit she will not get addicted also and seem to suffer no ill effect. You can allow your kitty to have catnip but in a limit.

How long does catnip last in cats?

Well, the catnip effect can last for a couple of hours in your feline pal’s body. The symptoms of its effects include excitement, rolling, drooling, flipping, rubbing, and eventually zoning out. After a few hours, once it is worn off, again she will be back to normal sense.

How to give catnip to a cat?

Catnip is also used to calm down your kitty when she is feeling restless. All you need to do is take dry catnip and sprinkle it on the floor, bedsheets, and scratching devices. Keep it in front of your cat, and let her sense it. You can also keep dry catnip on a plate, and place it in front of your cat.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

It seems like you enjoyed reading our blog on at what age can cats have catnip, and hopefully, we have done justice to this topic by sharing our research and views.

Now, if in the future you even encounter a doubt related to catnip our information will do them justice because now you have fruitful knowledge.

Catnip herbs are totally safe for your feline pal, of any age. You can provide them with catnip toys, and herbs to enjoy their pleasant time and relax their body. It’s a great treat for your feline pal, and the after-effects are also fun watching view for you once the chemical triggers her brain and results you know very well.

Behavior response will depend solely on your kitty’s nature most felines isolate themselves, like to stare blankly at the surface, invest their time in sleeping, and more like me time. Whereas in the rest of the feline cases it has been observed that once chemical triggers their brain. And body gets hyperactivated, they like to enjoy that time by playing, rolling, dooling, flipping, grooming themselves, etc.

Here’s some advice for you we know catnip herbs are safe for your feline but still keep an eye on them and these herbs are meant to enjoy their natural essence, so do not let your kitty ingest it in a large amounts. It will not harm her still it’s better to be careful.


  1. Grognet, J. (1990). Catnip: Its uses and effects, past and present. The Canadian Veterinary Journal31(6), 455.

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