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How Much Wet Food to Feed a Cat?

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Many cat owners struggle to decide how much wet food to feed a cat. They can’t figure out what quantity of canned food to feed a cat.

If this sounds like your problem, this article is just for you; it will guide you. It is important that you should know how much to feed a cat daily! Because overeating can lead to obesity, and obesity is the powerhouse of many diseases.

Therefore, it is necessary that you must prevent such hazardous conditions and keep the feline healthy by giving her the exact amount of protein, water, carbohydrates, vitamins, and nutrients!

how much wet food to feed a cat

How Much Wet Food to Feed a Cat?

How frequently do I feed my cat wet food?

Well, every kitty body has different calorie want. Her body will tell you how much food to feed a cat!

It is vital to detect a cat’s body condition according to its life stage. If a cat is skinny, she will have a different diet. If she is healthy and fat, she will need a different calorie count. A cat feeding chart is made according to various factors like body weight and lifestyle.

how much-wet food to feed a kitten

Cat’s age and activity levels tell more about how much food does a cat need! Because a newborn kitten will need high calories as compared to an adult cat. A healthy-weight cat who is active in her routine will seek more food. And a pregnant cat will want more calories to produce milk for her kitten.

So, basically, everybody type requires distinct energy!

If you want to determine calorie count for your cat, then start calculating how many calories does she need and make a cat food chart according to it.

For Kittens

  • A five-pound cat need 200 calories each day to maintain its weight.

For Skinny Pet Cats

  • A 10lbs cat with a thin body need 280 calories a day.
  • A 15lbs cat with a thin body need 360 calories a day.
  • A 20lbs cat with a thin body need 440 calories a day.

For Obese Pet Cats

  • A 5lbs overweight cat need 180 calories a day.
  • A 10lbs overweight cat need 240 calories a day.
  • A 15lbs overweight cat need 280 calories a day.
  • An overweight cat who weigh 20 pounds will need 310 calories a day.

For Pregnant Cats

  • A pregnant cat who weighs 5lbs will require around 336 number of calories each day
  • A pregnant cat who weighs 10lbs will require around 603 calories each day
  • A pregnant cat who weighs 15lbs will require around 851 calories each day
  • A pregnant cat who weighs 20lbs will require around 1,091 calories each day

How to Decide How Much Food My Cat Needs?

Feeding cats food is not simple as it may sound. Indoor cats burn low calories and get bored easily which lead to excessive eating habit. Therefore, a weight loss plan is mandatory!

cat wet food

So, initially, get it evaluated by a veterinarian first. He will check the cat’s weight, determine the cat’s ideal weight, and check the calorie count she should consume each day to reach the goal.

It’s essential to figure out the exact amount of food you give your feline because an overweight cat is more prone to suffer from various health problems like diabetes, heart attack, skin problems, etc.

So, a vet will take a feeding time test, analyze ingredients, and prescribe a weight control diet for her.

First, check the cat’s food label. Feeding wet food instruction can be a lengthy process, and remember each cat has a unique diet plan, so plan accordingly! So, give your cat wet food accordingly.

For instance, a good quality cat wet food brand offers 73 calories per 3 once a can. And, your vet has suggested giving your cat 240 calories. Then, divide 240 by 73 and calculate how many 3 once can of the basic pet food your cat should eat daily.

Let’s do the maths, and the answer will be 3.3.

So, now you know how much wet cat food should I feed my cat. Give her 3 1/3 cans of basic cat wet food each day. You can divide food into two meals but make sure you’re feeding her appropriately.

This is a general idea of calculating the portions, but you can ask your vet, too, if required!

Should Cats Eat Wet Food and Dry Food?

You have to first decide to feed your cat 100% wet cat food or add a few dry cat food. Ideally, a wet diet is good for kitty as compared to a dry diet. But dry food is much cheaper and budget-friendly.

how much cat food per day

The best way to calculate how much cat food per day is required is by looking at each type of food’s feeding recommendations and making half of it.

After fixing the amount of food (dry and wet), make sure it is qualified by the American Association of Feed Control Officials, AAFCO nutrient profiles.

The AAFCO uses two methods to determine the nutritional adequacy of kittens and adult cat foods. It includes formulation and feeding tests. It is an authentic and reliable source of information. So, you can know how much wet food to feed a cat easily.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

After reading this article, you will know how much wet food to feed a cat. It is important that you determine your pet animals’ diet so that they never get sick because of this, and you can keep them stay healthy for long.

Wet foods are much better than dry food, but you can use them both if you want. You plan a cat nutrition chart on your own or with veterinary help.

I hope you have understood it well if you have any doubt feel free to leave a comment.


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