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Why Is Cat Food Bad For Dogs? Side Effects

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Know why is cat food bad for dogs and what can be the side effects!

Sharing is caring! But if you are a pet owner of a dog and cat, then sharing the same meal is not caring! It’s perilous and unhealthy.

It is okay for your dog and cat to share the same home, but it is extremely unhealthy to share the same food. You should know the difference between cat food and dog food, can dogs eat cat food, and why is cat food bad for dogs.

Dogs can have various side effects and health risks. Well, do you want to know more? Then do read this article.

why is cat food bad for dogs

Is Cat Food Bad for Dogs?

Yes! Feline food is bad for Canines!

Because cats and dogs have different body structures and distinct dietary requirements, both feline and canine require a varied diet.

If you ask can dogs eat cat food, the reply to this question is ‘no’! Cat food is high in nutrients like protein and fats, and also calories. This can give your dog medical problems as they will fail to digest high protein. Therefore, it is unhealthy to feed your dog-cats food.

Why Is Cat Food Bad for Dogs?

We know the fact cats are obligate carnivores animals. They eat meat more, and dogs are not; they are omnivores animals. Dogs need a balanced diet made with high carbs, low protein, and fats. It’s their biological necessity.

can dogs eat cat food

Whereas cat food is high in fat, contains arachidonic acid, calories, and high protein than dog food. A dog with a sensitive stomach can face gastric issues due to this.

The reason why does my dog eats cat food is because of the strong flavors and smell of the meat-based protein. But as a devoted pet owner, you should know the difference between cat food vs dog food. And must avoid giving your dog cat food.

Side Effects of Dogs Eating Cat Food

Don’t know what happens when dogs eat cat food? Then read the points listed below. There are severe health risks if you make your dog eat cat food.

dog eating cat food


Feeding a dog cat food can make him fall sick due to diarrhea. Cat’s food is full of oils and fats, which can make your dog’s stomach upset and can cause looses stool problems.

Abdominal pain

If dogs eat cat food, they can suffer from abdominal pain. It will become difficult for him to move. He will become lethargic, restless, and may start losing weight.

Appetite loss

Loss of appetite is also another side effect of dogs eating cat food. If your dog eats cat food more often, then it can suffer from a stomach illness. He can fall sick, and eventually, he will stop eating food.

Vomit Issue

As you know, when a dog eats cat food, he is likely to get affected by stomach problems, due to which he is affected by vomiting problems. If he by mistake eats cats food first thing to do is to calm down. Panicking in such a situation will only make things worse.

There are chances that it may get solved on its own, but if not, ask your veterinarian for help and take proper medications.

Inflammation in Pancreas

Inflammation in a dog’s pancreas will happen when dogs eat cat food. The main reason why pancreatitis happens is due to the high portion of fat in cat food.

Although initially, you will not find this as a serious problem. But absolutely, it is dangerous! If you notice symptoms like pain, vomiting, and diarrhea, then it is the case of pancreatitis. Therefore, it is important to prevent your dog from eating cat food.

Observe his routine, is there any change or not and speak to your vet regarding this.

Dog Obesity

Feline food is harmful to dogs. If you give him cat food daily, it can make him obese. As you know by now that cat food is high in protein and rich in fats. And, dogs will immediately gain weight due to this as they can’t bear high fats.

what happens when dogs eat cat food

Although dogs love cat food, they should not be fed because this will tend to obesity. And, obesity will lead to long-term medical problems like diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver issue.

It is advised to give your dog only dog food. It contains grains, carbohydrates, and a low-fat diet which makes it ideal for his body type.

Hang on! It is not over yet!


Is cat food bad for dogs?

A dog eating cat food on a regular basis is very harmful. Cat food nutrients are different. It is high in fats and rich in protein. Their meal is made according to carnivorous animals.

Whereas dogs have an omnivorous diet, they can’t digest high fats and protein. They can have an upset stomach and gastric issues due to that.

Cat food and dog foods are different. Therefore, every dog owner should avoid giving cat food to dogs even in the case of an emergency!

Can cats eat dog food?

The simple answer is no. Cats food is different from dogs food. Cats require amino acids, vitamin A and taurine. These are the most important elements for keeping cats healthy, and this lacks in dog food.

Dog food also has grain, rice, and corn, which is not ideal for a cat’s diet. Therefore, for good health, give your cat premium cat formulated food only.

Can dogs eat wet cat food?

No! Dogs can’t eat wet cat food.

This is because cat food is made according to their nutritional need, and cats have distinct body requirements compared to canines. Whether dry or wet food, it is not okay for a dog to eat cat food.
Because if your dog ate cat food, he is likely to suffer from abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.

Keep in mind if your dogs and cats can live peacefully in the same house, that doesn’t mean they can share their things.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

If you are bothered by several questions like can dogs eat cat food or why is cat food bad for dogs, then do read this article.

Kitty food is not safe for a dog’s health. If they eat cat food, they can have many complications. Cat’s food consists of high protein and fats, which can aid gastric issues for dogs. For the healthiest living of your cat and dog, keep their food, toys, treats, and snacks separate!

I hope you have understood can dogs eat cat food or not very well. If you have any queries, do leave a comment below!


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