How to Stop Cat from Scratching Door?

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You must be wondering why your cat is scratching doors, door frames, and furniture. Be it your living room door, bedroom door, your sofas or just anything. The main and the simplest reason is that Cats Just Love Scratching.

Cat scratching at door

So logically, you cannot change the habit and actually, you must not try to change it by force or otherwise. Then what could you do to stop her scratching your doors? Let us check a few ways.

Five Ways to Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Door

We know that you love your little feline mate but my friend, you need to follow the following methods to avoid your cat scratching your doors.

Ignore Your Cat

Most often, the cat scratches your doors because she wants your attention as she is getting bored. So whenever you leave her alone she wants you to notice her. Many a time when you would try to sleep at night, she might disturb your sleep by scratching the bedroom door or meowing. At last, she would convince you to play with her.

You might also get angry on her and beat or scold her(please do not do this). This again must be avoided as she realizes that by doing a particular activity she can get your attention.

So what you must do is ignore her completely. When she will not get any response from you she herself will stop scratching. If you punish or reward her, she will keep doing the same thing, again and again, to get your attentiveness.

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Feed Her

Cats tend to claw-up on your doors when they are too hungry. Therefore, in a need to convey this message to you they might scratch your bedroom doors at night when you are asleep. The solution is simple, feed your hungry little furballs. Give them meals just before bedtime to avoid any disturbances in your sleep. You can also put some extra food in your kitty’s room so she can have a late night dinner when you are fast asleep.

Play With Her

One of the best ways that will make you and your cat both happy is playing with her. Take some time out for her before your bedtime. Once she would be tired enough she will not disturb you by trying her claws on your door, rather will herself need a nap.

Buy an Alternative

cat scratching post

Purchase some scratch posts or cat trees. As mentioned earlier, cats just love to scratch. Place these trees near a window so she can climb up and watch the surroundings outside as well. You can put the scratch posts in front of doors or furniture where she mostly scratches. If she will get an alternative she will not damage your furniture and doors.

Use a Cat Deterrent

  • There are different deterrents available in the market, one of which comes with a sensor. Place it near your door so that when the cat comes near, it sprays a burst of odorless air, which scares the cat away. It is completely harmless for your kitty. You can also buy the best cat repellents for the same purpose.
  • Try using citrus oils or air fresheners on your doors. It is believed that cats hate citrus fragrances. To stay away from the fragrance she will stay away from the door too.

The Final Note

In total, you can try all the above-mentioned tricks to keep your cat’s claws away from the door. Never get her claws removed as it affects the cat negatively. Let her enjoy scratching on toys and scratch posts while keeping your doors safe.

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