The 5 Best Cat Booties to Prevent Scratching in 2022

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Cat scratching is not a new problem, but we have got a classic solution for you; cat booties to prevent scratching & save your expensive furniture!

Cats are instinctual scratchers. Always were, and always will be. They may lash out and scratch people for no reason. However, you can always protect yourself and others before she goes bonkers.

Whether you are bathing your cat or taking her to the vet, you know she is a loose cannon. Though most kitties despise wearing anything on their paws, comfy cat booties to prevent scratching can come in handy when you need to protect yourself or others from your wild baby.

A Glance of Our Favorites in 2022

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Harfkoko Pet Heroic Anti-Slip Socks for Cats

best cat booties to prevent scratching
  • Comes in various size options
  • Soft fabric is used
  • Sole of booties features anti-silicone gel for smooth walking

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Asocea 4 Pcs Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes

asocea anti-scratch cat shoes
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Suitable for small and large cats
  • Cat shoes features Magic Sticker

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

Posch Anti-Slip Knit Cat Socks for Cats

posch anti-slip knit cat socks for cats
  • It can be worn daily
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Helps to stop scratching

The 5 Best Cat Booties to Prevent Scratching Reviews

Kitty cat boots incorporate soft, cat-friendly materials that your cat won’t turn down from putting on. When worn, they make your cat’s Wolverine-like claws harmless to people and objects around her.

Ahead are the 5 best cat booties to prevent scratching from your fussy mouser.

1. Harfkoko Pet Heroic Anti-Slip Socks for Cats

Your cat is active and full of fun, and you love her for it. Sometimes, however, you’d wish your furniture didn’t have so many claw marks. Curtains, sofa, and even your skin can be the main target for scratching — regardless of providing your cat with a scratch post or toys.

Best Cat Booties to Prevent Scratching

In this case, consider getting these cat booties to prevent scratching from Harfkoko. These pet cat shoes are relatively inexpensive than other cat shoe options. And with so many sizes to choose from, you can surely find the right size that fits your kitty’s paw.

You don’t have to worry about your cat scratching anything while wearing these fancy kitty cat booties. Made from soft knitted fabric, these cat socks are skin-friendly and pretty comfortable that your cat would accept them without any fuss.

Moreover, the anti-slip silicone gel on the booties sole provides more traction and the rubber reinforcement for better stability when walking on smooth surfaces. As a bonus, they come in four different color choices, so you can pick the one you like the most.


  • The soft fabric material of the booties makes it easier for our cat to accept.
  • These booties come in various size options.
  • The sole of these booties features anti-silicone gel that helps your feline to walk on slippery surfaces without any problem.
  • These cat paw shoes come at an inexpensive price.


  • These cat socks are designed for daily use, but they are not suitable to be used for bathing.

2. Asocea 4 Pcs Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes

If you want to bathe your cat and survive scratch-free, then a set of these cat pet shoes from Asocea are a great option to start with.

Asocea 4 Pcs Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes

These booties for cat paws come with a bottom hole that can easily let the water out when bathing. They are made from high-quality, safe, and durable silica gel material, offering a comfortable experience for your feline.

And if your fur baby is a wild child, then you can use these cat booties to stop scratching in other situations, when you are grooming your cat or giving her medicine or taking her to the veterinarian. These kitty cat boots are going to come in handy in preventing them from sticking their sharp claws in your face.

Furthermore, the top of the cat shoes features a Magic Sticker. They provide a secure and adjustable fit. And the bumpy design on the outer layer will ensure the shoes do not slip. Make sure you do not tie them too tightly, as cats may not like that.

Likewise, the manufacturer of these cat paw shoes suggests not using them on cats that are below four months of age. So, keep that in mind.


  • These cat booties are made up of environmentally-friendly, durable silica gel material.
  • They come with a Magic Sticker at the head of the shoes, providing a secure and adjustable fit to prevent cats from scratching.
  • They are suitable for small and large pets.


  • These cat booties are convenient for short-time usages, such as for bathing. However, they cannot be worn for longer periods as they are not designed to such a degree.

3. Posch Anti-Slip Knit Cat Socks for Cats

Available in five fancy colors, Posch Anti-Slip Knit cute cat socks will keep your feline’s paws comfy and warm while preventing her from “redecorating” your home.

Posch Anti-Slip Knit Cat Socks for Cats

Along with color options, they also come with various size choices from small, medium, and large to fit all the paw sizes. Made with cat-friendly and safe densely woven fabric, your furry pal won’t turn away from wearing these beautiful cat socks.

Further, these socks give extra friction as they have a unique anti-slip silicone gel print on the soles. This allows your kitty to walk around without any problem, even on slippery surfaces.

And unlike other alternatives, these cat booties to prevent scratching can be used daily use. They can be worn for longer periods without any problem.

Overall, these socks for cats to stop scratching are well-suited to all breeds. So, your feline won’t turn down from getting into these cute cat mittens.


  • These cat booties feature an excellent built with tightly woven fabric.
  • They come in adorable designs in five colors choices, and various size options as well.
  • These cat socks can be worn daily and for an extended period without any problem.
  • They are affordably priced compared to other cat booties.


  • These kitty cat booties may not be ideal while bathing your cat.

4. Ideaspark Cat Paw Shoes

Available in three different colors, Ideaspark Cat Paw Shoes protect your furniture and wooden floor from being victimized by those knife-like claws.

Ideaspark Cat Paw Shoes

They come with an adjustable Velcro fit on the top, so they won’t slip off easily. Either way, they are comfortable enough that your cat would love to keep her paws in.

Similar to the three different color options, these cat booties are also available in small, medium, and large sizes. Each choice comes with an adorable design; you can choose which one fits the best on your cat.

Likewise, tackling your cat’s paws during her bath time can be very troublesome. With these cat booties, you do not have to worry about getting scratched while you bathe your bundle of joy, as they are completely waterproof.

The bottom of the booties is made from a durable and flexible rubber material. Likewise, the anti-skid design of the booties can prevent your cat from falling when she is treading through a slippery surface.

All in all, with these pet cat shoes, you can consider your house scratch-proof.


  • These cat boots are comfy for cats, and they are made up of flexible and durable rubber material.
  • They come with an adjustable fit that won’t easily slip off. Easy to wear and effective against preventing scratches all over your house.
  • The anti-skid design at the bottom of these booties prevents your cat from slipping on hardwood or tile flooring.


  • The booties are waterproof, though they are not best suited for bathing.

5. AblePet Kitty Cat Boots

Last but certainly not least are the AblePet Boots for Cats to stop scratching. These dainty booties for cats’ paws may remind you of traditional Christmas stockings.

AblePet Kitty Cat Boots

Along with the good looks, these boots are well effective for furniture-ripping cats. They are crafted out of soft and breathable fabrics, so your furry pal will feel comfortable when putting them on.

Furthermore, the appealing design is coupled with handy reflective strips. These strips shine at night, making it easier to find your kitty when she has these booties on. They also feature an adjustable elastic buckle design that should allow them to fit most cat paws.

Likewise, the cat boots come with a non-slip sole design featuring a soft rubber layer on the bottom that prevents your cat from sliding. Overall, for indoor and outdoor use, these cat boots for cats come at a reasonable price that is worth considering.


  • These cat booties come with a convenient elastic buckle design that makes them easier to put on.
  • They have a reflective strip attached to them that allows you to find your kitty in the dark.
  • These cat shoes are designed with soft and breathable fabric along with a non-slip rubber design at the bottom.


  • They are not waterproof.

How to Choose the Best Cat Booties to Prevent Scratching

All cat booties are not the same. Especially when you want boots for cats to stop scratching, there are a couple of factors you should bear in mind that will help you choose the best cat booties to prevent scratching for your specific situation.


If the cat booties are not comfortable for your cat, then they are ineffective. Your cat may tolerate being in booties made up of soft fabrics for a certain amount of time, particularly under specific circumstances.

Choose cat booties that are made up of cat-friendly and soft materials if you don’t want your cat to lash out at your vet during the visits. Your cat may find such booties comfy. Likewise, consider cat booties that are crafted with soft silicone material if you want to bathe your cat.

We know cats have a strong aversion to water. Protect yourself from the cat’s claws as she tries to escape; the soft silicone material, along with the effective waterproof design featured in Asocea Shoes for Cats, will safeguard you from the dreaded cat bat.


Whether you are taking your cat for a “nose to tail” vet examination or trying to squirt a liquid medication into her mouth, you know she is going to make it challenging. There is no guarantee that you will take a scratch or two.

While cat paw shoes are well-effective, they should also be easy to put on and not come off easily. Cat booties that feature elastic buckles or straps that can fasten the booties tightly yet comfortably to the cat’s toes. This will make sure the kitty cat boots do not come off during certain situations.


Cat booties that are designed to prevent your cat from scratching while bathing comes with material like silicone. They feature a hole in the bottom of the cat boots that let the water out freely. Likewise, these kinds of cat booties to prevent scratching are intended for short-term use only.

Water-resistant cat boots can work out great for cat baths, making your kitty’s paw harmless for the moment.

On the other hand, there are cat booties that are made out of cloth and soft fabrics. These materials do not possess water-resistant properties. When exposed to water, they will get wet and turn out to be ineffective.

FAQs About Cat Booties to Prevent Scratching

Which are the best cat booties to prevent scratching?

Considering comfort factors and long-term use, we selected the Harfkoko Cat Booties to be the best booties choice. They come in various size options, and the soft fabric keeps the paws comfortable.

Whereas if you want a waterproof alternative, then the cat booties from Asocea are the best. They feature a bottom-hole design that lets the water out freely when bathing your cat.

How much do cat booties to prevent scratching cost?

If you decide to buy standard cat booties, such as the Ideaspark Cat Paw Shoes, then you can expect to spend around $6 to $12. And for cat booties with more features, such as waterproofing design, it could cost around $13 to $30.

Generally speaking, investing in cat booties is inexpensive. Making a one-time investment can go a long way in keeping your feline’s surroundings scratch-free.

Do cats like wearing booties?

While cats wear normal booties in the times of winter, they feel comfortable with their paws covered. As for cat booties to prevent scratching, not all cats would love them until they start ignoring after wearing them for a few weeks.

However, as long as the cat booties are comfortable, most of the cats wouldn’t mind keeping them on, even when you are bathing them.


We know that felines are perpetual scratchers. While cat booties can be useful for the time being, they also prevent you from infections such as cat scratch fever. Or if you don’t want to put up with the embarrassment when your wild child lashes out at other people.

Cat booties to prevent scratching are tried and true and always there to help. And even though your vet is not likely to say no to them, it is a good idea if you consult him before you put those booties on those destructive paws.


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