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I do believe our curious cats can secretly find any way to run out of the home. They are always eager to wander and hunt. To satisfy this desire they could run out the door or even climb up the fences. Their escaping behavior is not limited to doors and fences. If you have a dog door in your house, your cat will definitely learn how to escape from there.

Generally, we allow our dogs the freedom to roam in the back yard. However, we do not want our cats to do so as they can easily climb up the fence and escape. Escaping can lead to many tragic consequences like accidents, injuries, infections or getting lost. So how to stop your cats from using the dog-door to escape?Stop Cat From Using Dog Door

5 Simple Hacks to Stop Cats Using the Dog Door.

To stop a cat using the dog-door, you have to trick your cat while allowing your dog to access it. Buying products like Magnetic and Spring dog-doors supports the intent of buying a cat-proof dog-door. There are a few products like Scat mat and Pet deterrent which will scare away your cats and dogs equally, thus they won’t accomplish the purpose completely.

Indeed, try one of the following simple hacks to keep your cat stop using the dog door:

Buy an Electronic Dog Door

The Electronic Dog Door automatically opens, when a pet wearing a trigger device on its collar, goes near the door. So to allow your dog to go out you are supposed to fit the receiver on your dog’s collar but not on your cat.

Now it will do exactly what you wanted. It will let the dog pass whenever he comes close to the door but won’t open when the cat comes. Sounds good, right? Now you think your cat will stay inside. Naah! Not so easy mate. Our little spooky cats hide and keep a watch on the dog. They patiently wait for the door to open and escape immediately after him.

Electronic Pet Door


Our furry friends are clever enough to trick this smart electronic device. Later it happens that dogs come back inside as they are wearing the receiver, but cats may not. Therefore, installing electronic door is not the safest way to stop your cats escaping. Let us see another option which I personally find more useful.

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Modify a Magnetic Dog Door

The flap of a magnetic dog door has magnets on its base. These doors stay closed when not used, hence they block wind and rain to enter in.

It is easy for our cats to squeeze out of these doors. So to avoid the situation, what we can do is add a few heavy magnets to the base and the side of the flaps. As dogs apply more force to open the flaps which cats cannot, our problem could be solved. This again depends on how big and strong your cat is.

For many pet-parents, this method works, as cats try to open the flap with their paws, and dogs mostly apply the force through their heads. In most cases, cats are unable to push the flap and so they stay safe inside.

Install a Spring Dog Door

The spring dog door works almost like a magnetic door. Springs are attached to the base of the flap which closes the flap immediately as the dog passes through. Because of the hard springs, the flaps become too hard for the cats to push and therefore the cats won’t be able to escape.

Use a Cat Deterrent Spray

For this device to work you need your cat to wear a detectable collar and place the device near the dog-door. Now, whenever your cat will try to reach the door this device will sense her and burst a harmless and odorless spray onto her. This will scare her away and she will slowly stop approaching the dog door.

Train Your Cat to Stay Away from the Dog Door

Make your home enjoyable for the cat. Bring in toys, scratch posts, and cat trees for her to stay busy with. Train her to stay at home by instructing her to sit when the dog goes out and reward her by tasty treats in return. You can also train her to use cat doors or flats.

Do Keep in Mind

We need to take care of both the physical and emotional aspects. We can stop a cat from going out by imposing tricks but it is again our responsibility to keep her happy indoor.

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