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Siberian Cat Size Compared With Other Breeds (Pictures Compared)

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Did you know that Siberian cats are Russia’s national cat?

They belong to natives of Siberia and hence they got their name from that too. They are well known for their huge size. Do you want to know Siberian cat size compared with other cat breeds? Then read this blog.

We have collected multiple cat breeds and done a quick comparison between those cats with the Siberian cat breed.

It will help you to which cat is compatible with you and your family and are good with dealing with other pets or not. The British shorthair cat is larger than the Siberian cat. Bengal cats, on the other hand, are smaller.

siberian cat size compared with other breeds

Siberian Cat Size Comparison Table

Siberian Cats10 to12 inches12 to 15 pounds
Siamese Cats11 to 14 inches8 to 10 pounds
British Shorthair Cats22 to 25 inches7 to 17 pounds
Russian Blue9 to11 inches7 to 12 pounds
Ragdoll Cats9 to11 inches10 to 20 pounds
Norwegian Forest Cats9 to 12 inches12 to 16 pounds
Maine Coons Cats 10 to 16 inches8 to18 pounds
Bengal Cats8 to10 inches8 to15 pounds
Savannah Cats14 to17 inches12 to 25 pounds
Peterbald Cats8 to 12 inches7 to 14 pounds

Region of Russian (Siberia) which is known for heavy winters Siberian cats got their name from there. Their body is made of a triple coat, and they are intelligent cat breed.

They are loyal and love their hooman they belong to medium range size cat breed. Have naturally developed strong muscles built with a water repellent coat. They aren’t easy to groom, but they can be easily trained also they have a lifespan of 8-10 years.

Stats for a Siberian Cat (Pictures Compared)

Siberian Cat Breed Size Comparision Chart
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Are Siberian Cats Bigger Than

We have compared Siberian cats weight and length with multiple famous cat breed which can help you understand which cats are bulky and which isn’t it. We have also shared their looks and temperament too.

Cats like Siamese and American shorthair are quite affectionate they are also intelligent like Siberian cats. But cats like Devon REX are the same in size, but they are bulkier than Siberian.

Savannah Cat

These cats are tall, graceful, and refined, as well as energetic. They are actually a hybrid of Siamese cats and wild cats. Have large perked ear, have spots on their coat like African cats. They have slim and long legs and are a friendly cat breed.

savannah cat breed

A fully grown Savannah can reach up to 17 inches of height and 25 pounds of weight. They are extremely devoted and are an excellent choice for first-time cat owners.

If we take the average ratio of both of the cats they are somewhat moderately smaller than Siberian cats however if we compare it with F1 and F2 generation then they can be taller than Siberian cats.

savannah cat vs siberian cat comparison

Savannah cats are generally large cat breeds and can be trained and groomed easily. They are quite friendly towards their hooman and other pets too. And, are highly territorial cats who are also highly dependent on prey.

Siamese Cats

These cats have a pleasant disposition and are smart, intelligent, and attractive felines. Because of their strong affectionate tendency for their owner, they often have dog-like dispositions, which is uncommon in cats.

Their bodies are thin and slim, but they are muscular cats. Their limbs are long and narrow, and their bodies are covered in colorpoint patterns.

siamese cat breed

Siamese cats have angular faces and unique coats due to the fact that they do not shed and have short, light coats.

These cats are smaller than Siberian cats. The average length of these cat breeds ranges from 11 to 14 inches and the weight varies from 8 to 10 pounds.

siamese cat vs siberian cat comparison

These cats are found in small to medium size breeds and are deeply sensitive. You can easily train and groom them. They are more beautiful than Siberian cats.

British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthair felines are very popular cat breeds. They are friendly affectionate and have a thick and short coat on their body. They can be your great companion and can be trained easily.

You can leave them alone as long as they are good with it this is because they can enjoy their own company for long.

british shorthair cat breed

These domesticated cats are huge cat breeds but Siberian cats are not so tall in front of them. The length of the animal is between 22 and 25 inches, not including the tail. Isn’t it quite large?

british shorthair cat vs siberian cat comparison

They are the healthiest cats and come in a variety of sizes ranging from medium to huge. They are not so huge and bulky if we compare them with Siberian cats. And, they can weigh from 7 to 17 pounds which makes them longer yet less bulky than Siberian.

Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are a lovely cat breed gifted with a lot of patience and are quite calm and composed. They love playing and cuddling their hooman.

Siberian cats are smaller than these breeds. They are 9–11 inches tall and 17–21 inches long on average.

ragdoll cat breed

Their weight ranges from 10 to 20 pounds and the male population of these cats are weighed than females. Females cats may weigh the same as Siberian.

ragdoll cat vs siberian cat comparison

Ragdolls are quite muscular and large in size they have a silky coat and long hair. They are known for low shedding as there is the absence of an undercoat. An adult Ragdoll can have 8-20 pounds of weight. They are widely known for their blueish eyes.

Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian forest cats are often nicknamed “Wegies” these are lovely and large-sized cats that are very popular among the native of Norway.

norwegian forest cat breed

They are very active and have good muscles their weight ranges from 12 to 16 pounds. The male population of these breeds is typically larger than females. Due to long and bushy tails, they appear bigger and larger in size.

In some conditions, they can even weigh 20 pounds also!

norwegian forest cat vs siberian cat comparison

Siberian cats, on the other hand, are often larger on average when compared to them. Norwegian cats are occasionally mistaken for little Siberian cats in terms of size.

The length of these cats is between 12 and 18 inches from head to tail.

Maine Coons

Maine coons are enormous. They are the most common domestic cat breed in North America. Their average weight is roughly 18 pounds, and while they may be the same size as Siberians, they are not identical in terms of average size.

maine coon cat breed
maine coon cat vs siberian cat comparison

As Siberian cat’s weight can be up to 17 pounds also their standard size is slightly smaller. Both the cats have lovely and quirky personalities they are quite social felines and won’t cause any trouble if you keep them with other pets.

Bengal Cat

Bengal felines are a breed of lively, these clever cats are recognized for their bold pattern markings. Their forefathers and mothers were Asian leopard cats.

bengal cat breed

These breeds are affectionate and gentle just like Savannah these cats are also categorized into generations like F1, F2, F3, and F4.

Do you know these breeds are ban in some areas like Hawaii and New York?

They are generally agile and have a bodyweight of 8-15 pounds. Whereas Siberian cats have 12-15 pounds of weight means they are quite similar in weight.

bengal cat vs siberian cat comparison

But the height of Bengal cats is 8-10 inches whereas Siberian cats are 10 to 12 inches. So, basically, Siberian cats are slightly bigger than Bengal cats in height.

Bengal cats have a thick and short coat, and they are covered with various color shades of brown. Their spotted and marbled coat is quite famous and beautiful.

They have ideally large in size have a strong muscular body and long legs which makes them a great jumper.


Russian origin hairless cat breed who are known for their bald look throughout the world is also a social and affectionate cat. Siberian cats and Peterbald both share the same region.

peterbald cat breed
Peterbald cat – the Petersburg Sphynx

Siberian and Peterbald both are good with other pets, kids and seniors. Their weight ranges from 7 to 14 pounds which is quite similar to Siberian cats. Their height range starts from 8 to 12 inches. If Siberian cat size compared with this breed they are quite similar in height and weight.

peterbald cat vs siberian cat comparison

This breed can be easily groomed and trained, and they are also friendly with other pets too. They are quite loyal towards their human and are great lap cats.

American Shorthair

American shorthair was bred to kill rodents and cats. They are highly affectionate and lovely cat pets. They have short ears and a round face built with compact yet athletic body features.

american shorthair cat breed

They are generally medium in size and do not require a lot of maintenance to keep their coat healthy and thick. They have powerful jaws and are the epitome of feline grace.

Their height ranges from 8 to 10 inches and their bodyweight range starts from 10 to 15 pounds. Basically, they are slightly smaller than Siberian cats in height and are quite similar in terms of body weight.

american shorthair cat vs siberian cat comparison

Just like Siberian cats, American shorthair is also an intelligent cat, and they are also good in activity level. You can train them easily and also groom them effortlessly. If you are trying to adopt a cat for the first time this breed is perfect for you.


Lykoi cats have got their look from the wolf family. They have a pretty warming nature and are quite a loving cat breed. They can be a great companion.

lykoi cat breed

These breeds are also known as “wolf cats” of course due to their physical appearance. They are a unique cat breed worldwide.

They are highly playful and get along well with their master. They are about 8 to 10 inches tall and weigh 6 to 12 pounds. So, Siberian cat size compared with this breed they are slightly smaller.

lykoi cat vs siberian cat comparison

Because these varieties are often completely hairless, they can be mistaken for Sphynx cats.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion to Siberian cat size compared with other cat breeds from our list British shorthair and Savannah Cats are bigger. Whereas Siamese cats are slightly bigger and Bengal cats are smaller.

Siberian cats are highly intelligent they can share a bond with children, seniors, and other pets too just like Peterbald and American short hair.

However, Siberian cats are high maintenance cats they shed hair a lot, they are easy to train but not easy to groom.

Want to know more about how big are Siberian cats? Then scroll above right now!


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