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How To Reduce Cat Hair Shedding?

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Are you wondering how to decrease the amount of shedding from the loose hairs that come out of your cat? Whereas, a little hair shedding is common in all cats. But, if you have noticed unusual hair shedding in your cat then it is a matter of concern.

how to stop cat hair shedding

How do I Decrease Cat Hair Shedding?

Exactly like shedding hairs is normal for humans, so is it for our felines. Cat mostly shed their hairs seasonally called Summer Coat shedding and Winter Coat shedding. But sometimes cats shed because of medical problems such as anxiety, lack of nutrition, allergy, chemical reaction, fungal infection, or sunburn.

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As found in studies, many people are allergic to cat hairs. So if your cat is shedding an extra bunch of hairs then you have to find out the reason. Moreover, if you are noticing bald patches on her body you must think about what you are doing wrong nutritionally.

Give the Cat a Right Amount of Nutrition

The first big thing is her diet and making some specific changes in it. Most importantly you need to be feeding your cat high-quality digestible protein. It definitely has to be an animal protein as cats are obligate carnivores.

The other way is that the cat gets complete proteins from plant-based nutrition. These plant-based foods especially the carbohydrates must contain all the nutrients your cat needs to thrive.

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

You must add a good quality Canned Cat Food in your kitty’s diet along with the regular Kibbles. Kibbles is undoubtedly a good source of carbohydrates and proteins but they are dried form of the food. On the contrary, canned foods are appropriately hydrated and have better quality proteins.

A cat’s coat needs to stay hydrated in order to look healthy and shed fewer hairs. Therefore it is quite essential that you give her fresh water regularly. Do not forget to clean the water bowl at regular intervals. If the water stinks, your cat will not drink it.

Don’t Keep Your Cat Under Sun For Long

If you let your cat explore outdoors then be careful not to keep her out all day under the sun. A little sunshine is good but too much of it can dehydrate your cat’s skin leading to hair loss.

If you take her together on a beach or a park with you, always remember to give her water after you return. You can also carry along a water bottle for her.

Use a Good Quality De-shedding Tool

Sometimes only brushing or combing might not help remove the loose hairs. It is wise to use a good de-shedding tool to trim the extra hairs. These tools prevent hair shedding to a considerable extent and are quite affordable.

The de-shedding edge could reach beneath your cat’s long topcoat to gently remove the undercoat and the loose hairs. You can use it once a day to decrease a huge amount of hair that scatters around.

Increase the Essential Fatty Acids

Another important point you should note is to increase the amount of essential fatty acids in your cat’s diet. A correct amount of healthy fatty acids can help improve the quality of her coat.

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered the best ones for cats. Your cats can get it quite enough from the fishes. You may even consult a vet to find an omega-3 supplement available in capsule form.

Use a Moisturizing Spray

You can apply a moisturizing spray if you feel your cat’s hairs are too dry. Regular spraying shall help reduce the dryness of skin and coat both. However, you may also prepare a home-made moisturizer.

Take 2 cups of water in a spray bottle, add 2 tablespoon aloe vera juice and 2 drops of essential mint oil. Shake well and spray it as a moisturizer on to your cat’s coat. You may also choose to wipe your cat with this mixture with the help of a towel or soft cloth.

Reduce Her Stress

If your cat possibly has some stress then chances are more to lose hairs. She may form bald patches too by over-grooming. So try to find out if your cat is going through a stressful situation. Give her more attention and love. Pet her more often and play with her daily to keep her busy and happy.

Consult a Veterinarian

If none of the measures work well and you observe an abnormal cat behavior than you must take your cat to a vet. The veterinarian will examine the cat thoroughly and perform some tests. If the hair loss problem is something serious then the vet might prescribe a long term treatment for your kitty.

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